Will and Elizabeth hurried back to their where Jack sat waiting fot them. Once he saw the worried exressions on tehir faces, he immediatly ran over to see what happened.

"How did it go?" He asked imaptiently. Will looked down at Elizabeth who was concentrating on the ground. She looked up at Jack with teary eyes.

"He is very upset. He's mad that we went off with with you. I knew he didn't trust me." Jack looked at her astounded and walked onto his ship. Will looked at Elizabeth with a confused expression on his face.

"Wait, Jack. Where are you going? You can't just leave." Elizabeth called after him. Jack stopped and turned around to face her.

"If i am not back in a month, come and find me. Other than that, there is nothing more i can say, but stay here and do not follow me." Jack nodded at Will and walked onto his ship without another word. Elizabeth looked at Will, worried as ever that Jack was going to do something very very stupid.

A few weeks had passed buy with no sign of Jack. Elizabeth had suggested to Will that he go and find him, but he refused.

"Will, you really should go and find him What if he's hurt? What if Norrington's fouind him?" Will looked at her. He understood why she was scared. He was scared, as well.

"Fine. I'll go find him. But promise me something?" Elizabeth gazed up at him. "Promise me you will not come. Go to your father's until i return." Elizabeth gaped at him. She couldn't believe what he was asking of her, but she promised any way. Will kissed her goodbye and sent her to her father's to stay until he got back.

Governer Swann was not at all pleased to here what is son-in-law was up to, but took his daughter in. After all, it was only for a while. Elizabeth waited for three weeks for will to return. Her father could see that was worried, but did not say anything. She pased the house thinking bout his return, but thought it better if she went looking for him. She got her things togeth, and headed for the front door.

"Elizabeth, where are you going?" Her father asked as she opened the door. HE saw her bag was packed and looked at her questioningly.

"I'm going to find Will. He could be hurt, or stranded. I have to go find him." Elizabeth looed at her father, and she looked back.

"You can't go! I won't allow it!" He shouted. Elizabeth smiled at him.

"Father, i'm going. Please don't try to stop me. I've made up my mind." She walked out the door. The governer stared at the now closed door before going out after her. She was already loaded onto a boat and getting ready to leave.

"Elizabeth! I'm going with you!" Elizabeth smiled at her father. He jumped on the boat. The captain started sail and they were off. Elizabeth leaned over of the ship, staring at the ocean. I hope we find them in time. She thought.

After a few hours of sailing, their ship came up to another one, the Dauntless.

"Father! Father, look! It's the Dauntless! It's Norrington's ship!" Her father raced over to see the large ship, but their was no sign of the commodore.

Jack walked out of the captain's chamber. He was smiling in an insane way, like he had just done something wrong.

"Jack...where is Norrington?" Elizabeth asked. Jack looked at her and smiled in that weird way again.

"He'se safe on an island." He replied still smiling. Elizabeth and the governor looked at him panicked. He looked back at them, but the smile faded from his face.

"An island! You stranded him on an island?" Elizabeth screamed. Jack took a step back looking scared. "How could you leave him on an ISLAND!" Elizabeth shouted across the water to the oposite ship.

"Elizabeth...please stop shouting..." Governer Swann said. Elizabeth drew in a deep breath, then let it out. She looked up at Jack. Jack hesitated before answering,

"Listen, we'll go get him. Then we'll go find Will. Okay?" Elizabeth's father looked at Jack with utmost surprise at the compramise. He walked forward leaning on the edge of the ship.

"Take us to him, sir." Jack nodded and led them towards the island. Half an hour of sailing, they finally reached a small speck of land. Elizabeth could see someone sitting on the beach.

"Commodore!" Shouted the governor. Norrington looked up and lept to his feet, drawing his pistol.

"You!" he screached at Jack who smiled broadly. Norrington looked like a mad man who would attack at any moment. That prediction ended up happening. Norrington pointed the pistol strait at Jack who froze in terror. Elizabeth let out a small scream which turned into a groan.

"NO!" Shouted the governer, leaping in front of Jack. Norrington stared at him with bloodshot eyes. A shot was heard and the governer collapsed to the ground, a large bloody whole in his chest.

"FATHER!" Screached Elizabeth. She ran and nelt next to the dieing man. He looked up at her and smiled.Elizabeth nelt crying over her father untill Jack came and lifted her up to her feet. Norrington stood gaping even more like a madman than before. Elzabeth glared at him then nelt back down next to her father.

"I'm so sorry, father," She whispered. " I must leave you here." With a shuddering breath, she stood up and turned to jack who nodded and led her back to the ship. She cast one last sadenned glance at her father and sank onto the floor of the ship.

"How could anyone do a thing like that? It's just so...so...i don't know.." She burst with a loud sob. Jack looked at her sympathetically, and nodded. "Well," She continued wipeing her eyes, "We better find Will." With a cough, she stood back up and leaned over the edge of boat, looking at the water.

"Elizabeth, what are you doing?" Jack asked. She came back up and silent tears were streaming down her face.

"Er...nothing. I was just looking, it makes me feel better - sorta." She wiped her eyes and went to sit down next to Jack. Hopeing that they would find Will in time, Elizabeth was very slient. Jack tried to talk to her, but she didn't pay attention, occasionally answering with 'Yeah' or 'uh huh'.

"Gibbs, i'm a little worried. She's very quiet." Gibbs raised his eyebrows.

"She just lost her father, and she's scared she's going to lose Will as well. Give the girl some time..." Jack nodded and stared absently out to see.

A few hours of sailing gave Elizabeth some time to get herself together. She thought for a while about Will and her father. Every once in a while, she would get up and pace the length of the ship,but only to sit down again right in the middle of a step.

Jack saw her paceing, so he walked over to her and said. '' Elizabeth, I don't think your father would want to see you this depressed, and it kills me to see you like this, I know it would kill Will to." He thought this would help, but aparently it didn't. '' Jack, I get help it! My Father is dead!" Elizabeth started sobbing again, Jack tried calming her but it didn't work so all he called Gibbs over and told him to take the helm. He tried all that he could to get her to calm down, but nothing seemed to be working. Elizabeth wept over the loss of her father, and Will.

Elizabeth knew that she would never see her father again, or so she thought. That night, as Elizabeth lay sleeping, she had a vision of her father. He came to her in her dream and told her that Will was safe. He was back in Port Royal, waiting for her return. She woke aburptly the next morning to find Jack standing over her, looking scared.

"What? Whats wrong?" She asked sitting up and rubbing her head. It hurt a little bit, she guessed from her dream.

"Are - are you ok? You were thrashing around in your sleep and muttering...are you alright?" Jack stood and stared at her for a moment before she asnwered.

"Yes, yes i'm fine. it was...it was...nothing...nothing..i'm fine." She studdered. Jack looked at her in disbalief, but let it slip. She had just remember what her fatehr had told her. That Will was in Port Royal.

"Jack!" She said urgently. He spun around to face her. "Jack, we have to get back to Port Royal. Will is there!" Jack looked at her, obviously thinking she hit her head while thrashing around last night, but he respected her and did what she asked. Jack noticed how jumpy Elizabeth had become since the death of her father, every small bump, she would jump two feet into the air and whimper. Half way through their trip back to Port Royal, they passed by the small island where Elizabeth's father was murdered. Jack could tell she couldn't bring herself to look at it, and made the ship go faster.

After they arrived back in Port Royal, Elizabeth ran all the way back to her house without a backward glance.

Once Elizabeth got to her house, she sprinted up the steps to look for Will. She didn't need to look very far, because he was sitting at the dining room table. She made her way past the chairs and over to him.

"Elizabeth," Will whispered relieved. "Elizabeth, i thought you were gone. Where did you go?" Elizabeth smiled.

"Will, father and i went looking for you. We thought maybe you were hurt or something. Jack trapped Norrington on and island. Once we got there, he killed father." Elizabeth started cry.

"I'm so sorry." Will replied trying to confort her. "Where is Jack? Is he ok? Are you hurt?" Elizabeth put a finger to her lips.

"I'm fine. Jack is on the ship. I'm sure he'd be very happy to see you." Elizabeth replied between sobs. She led him out to Jack's ship, but it wasn't there any longer.

"Jack?" Elizabeth called. No answer. "Where did he go now?" She asked panicked. Will looked down at her and grinned. "What...what are you smiling at? This is not funny. This is bad. Where did Jack go?" Will continued grinning, then replied.

"I don't know. But wherever he is, he's enjoying himself. He'll turn up at some point.

Don't worry."

Chapter 5

Jack stood staring out at the Horizen Thinking of Will and Elizabeth. He thought about the night he arrived. Gibbs went to stand next to him. He looked up into Jack's face which was completely consentrated on the ocean ahead.

"We didn't have to leave you know, cap'n." Gibbs said suddenly. Jack didn't answer or look up. He kept his concentration on the ocean. Gibbs nodded and walked away without another word about it. Jack stared at the ocean for a few more minutes before looking away. He didn't hear what Gibbs had said, nor did he really care. He just wanted to apologize to Will for leaving so abruptly. He steared the Black Pearl towords Tortuga, singing his favorite song, A Pirate's Life for Me, sadly. He couldn't get his friends off of his mind for the longest time.

"Cap'n, isn't that commodor Norrington?" Gibbs asked. Jack looked over at a small speck of land a little ways away. There, sitting at the edge, almost in the water, was Norrington. Jack smiled, happy to see that he was slowly loseing it.

"Well, at least we know he won't be bothering Will anymore." Jack said happily. Gibbs nodded. Jack shifted his attention back to the ocean.

it took them two long hours to finally arive in Tortuga. Anamaria was waiting there for them.

"Jack! Thank you so much for the boat. It's beautiful." She looked up at him and grinned. Jack looked astounded.

"But i - Oh...oh yes. Your welcome." She hugged him briskly and walked off. Jack's jaw dropped. "I never gave her a - Will..." He laughed, admiring his friend, and walked off. He glanced over at Anamaria, who looked like she was getting onto the Interceptor. It was the Interceptor. He laughed again, and walked off, feeling happier than he had before.

The End.