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Chapter One

She layed stiffly on her cold bed. Her brightly painted walls seemed grey and she was shivering in the cold air of her apartment. There were traces of tears in her eyes from crying over her desperate heart. This was the tenth time she followed the cheap words of an idiot and look where it got her. It had been a while since she'd last slept in her own bed. For the last few months she had been staying with Paul. But Paul was gone now, forever.

What Ginny Weasley hated most was sleeping alone. She needed a warm body beside her hugging her when she was torn. Her needs were becoming harder to accomplish and the next guy was always worse than the last.

Her hair had darkened over the years, to a light brown and mahogany and her eyes were a pale brown. Sometimes if the lighting was right her eyes but appear to be a midnight blue. She was average height and had some cute curves. Her pale skin was tanned from the Californian sun as her body was thin from all the activity in Los Angeles.

Ginny had transferred to an American witchcraft school for her 6th and 7th years in order to distance herself from the war. She had received many letters from her family and friends. Especially Harry and Hermione telling her they were fine and hoping she was doing okay. After some time letters were scarce and she seemed to have been forgotten. Her subscription to The Daily Prophet kept her up-to-date on Britain's events. The latest article had been about the discovery of new evidence to the death of Voldemort. Oh I forgot to mention that Voldemort was defeated.

It was the Summer of her 7th year, while packing to go home, that she learnt of Harry's death. He had always promised he would come back and they would live happily ever after. It was childish of her to stay in America for the last 4 years after her graduation instead of going home because of his death, but she did, and no one seemed to make such a big deal. She was happy. Well her everyday life was happy, her love life was disastrous.

Ginevra worked as a Muggle. She lived amongst them and worked with them. Sure she used magic to keep in touch with her friends but other than that her wand was tucked safely away. The stiffened girl glanced at her clock anticipating the alarm. When it rang into the silenced air the graceful girl gave a quick start and smiled at herself.

An hour later she was showered, dressed, pampered, fed, and out the door. She wore a pleated grey skirt and a faded black blouse underneath a matching grey blazer to her skirt. Her hair was in waves fumbling by her head. She left her apartment and began to walk down the sun-filled streets of L.A. She wasn't wearing her usual smile or bouncing on her toes excitedly like normally. She took the twenty-minute walk to rethink her heart.

She thought about the loneliness that filled her spirit and the big blank that sat in her heart. She decided the minute Paul broke it off that she would try relying on herself for awhile. She would take care of her own heart before dropping it in the hands of another jerk again. This time she wasn't going to let go so easily.

As Ginny walked into the hotel, She took her name tag and pinned it to her blazer while taking her place behind the desk. Even now Ginny thought this place was magnificent. It had a huge chandelier hanging down from the ceiling into the lobby. The walls were all a deep red and all the accents were gold. Just standing there she was intimidated by all the rich men.

"Weasley!" A blonde yelled from the elevator.

Ginny's groaned at the sight of her boss. She wore a bright red suit, blending the blonde in with the walls. She resembled a cartoon, too pretty, blonde, and perfect to ever be allowed in reality.

"Danielle! What a lovely surprise." The red head yawned.

Danielle rolled her eyes then proceeded to look at Ginny's outfit. "I thought I told you to wear the best thing from your closet not the worst. Have you forgotten about today?"

Ginny mentally kicked herself, of course she'd forgotten. Today one of the wealthiest men from Britain would be coming to the hotel and she was in charge of giving him a tour. Her cheeks began turning red as she hastiily tried thinking up an excuse, "I ..uh broke up with Paul last night and well I was out of place this morning."

Danielle scowled and stamped off leaving the words "You better make up for this with your life!"

Ginny laughed. If she had it her way she would hex Danielle into the next universe. But her magic was useless these days. Her lack of practice gave her poor result in anything she tried to do with her wand.

"Well you don't look so bad." Drawled a British accent.

Surprised, Ginny glanced up to see a young blonde haired man not much older than her. She raised and eyebrow. "What do you mean?" she asked. Last year was when she had finally dropped her accent. There wasn't a trace of it left accept for the occasional slip of the word 'loo' or ' mate'.

"I over heard the last part of your conversation. Personally if the relationship meant anything at all, you wouldn't have showed up for work today, nor would you look so good." he smirked.

She knew that smirk. And that led to her knowledge of a filthy rich British man. If she hadn't been at work and he had known who she was, she probably would have dropped dead. Instead she just stared at him open mouthed before coming back to her senses.

" Mr. Malfoy, I'm at work. In order for you rich boy charms to work I'd have to be able to let them. It's against the policy to date the customers." She smiled.

He looked at her shocked. "How did you know my name?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

Ginny pointed the credit card in his left hand and to the words Draco Malfoy were printed neatly on the plastic.

"Right. But what tells you I'm single? I could have a girlfriend, or for all you know I could be married."

"If you are married it must not be a very happy marriage if you don't bother to wear your ring. And I know for a fact that you don't have a girlfriend." As soon as the last sentence left her lips she regretted it. She couldn't just go out and tell him she read so in The Daily Prophet.

"There's only one way to know me well enough to know for a fact that I'm not in a relationship,"

Ginny gulped,

"you're a witch."

Hastily she changed the subject, "Would you like your tour now or later?"

Malfoy shook his head, "Not now, instead I wanna take a walk, I want you to show me the city."

Ginevra just glared at him, stunned. Surely he was joking. He probably wanted to talk about the Wizarding World and she hadn't talk about that for awhile. Worst of all he was from Britain, that country she'd avoided since Harry's death. She glanced at her watch. "Well it's only 11 am."

"That's no excuse. You're being payed to show me around, are you not?" He winked. I sighed and nodded. Grudgingly She called Taylor to take over and walked around the desk towards Malfoy. She handed his Butler the key to his suite so he could take up the luggage as she dreadfully walked out the door with Malfoy.

Once they were outside he slipped his right arm around her shoulder. Ginny sighed heavily, grabbed his arm and shoved it back at him. He gave her a weird look but settled to walk beside her. They walked about a mile in silence until they stepped into a well kept park. The grass was crayon green and the trees were mud brown. The flowers were upright and colourful and the birds chirped loudly. He loved it. He was so busy looking at the surroundings that he hadn't noticed that she had sat down on a bench. Just as he was about to walk right past her she stuck out her foot and he fell flat on his face. Wrinkling his black suit and dirtying his tye.

"What's your problem. You seem to really have a grudge on me and I don't even know you. You're an American witch and I'm a British wizard." He grunted.

Ginny shook her head, "I wouldn't be too sure ferret boy. I may have left that rotten country but I still remember every evil little thing that happened to me there."

Malfoy took a seat beside her. "So you attended Hogwarts? That means you were born and raised in Britain," He nodded admiringly. "You also have the nerve to call me ferret so you must have been in Gryffindor to take such pride in saying the name."

"Ginevra at your service." and she stuck out her hand.

"Don't have a last name?" he played.

"Sure I do. But what does it matter, unless you still like to rant about purebloods..." She rolled her eyes.

"No. No I don't. What's the matter. Afraid I'll hex you?" he smirked.

" Look Malfoy, I have a job to do and you've already ruined my day as it is. It's been a year since I last talked to a wizard or even used my wand. Last night I had my heart broken, and now here you are asking me about everything I hate most and flirting with me. I can't do this." Ginny glared. She began to walk away, before she was out of earshot she yelled a name that he recognized all too well. Weasley.