A/N: Sorry for the long wait T.T… This first part is when Ginny comes back to London with Draco and he offers for her to stay with him until the wedding (or until things even out with her parents)

Chapter 11 (Epilogue)

Ginny stumbled into his apartment in the dark. Behind her she saw him flick on lights while she stood surprised in his doorway. It was small, and cluttered. Small. Malfoy actually lived in something small. The only difference from her own apartment seemed to be the fact that his had more rooms. Upon closer inspection however she noticed that all his things were designer, something she could never acquire in such large amounts.

Coming up behind her he put his hands on her waist and brought her close to his warm body. She smiled warmly and shivered against his heat. "I was expecting more…" She teased.

"Sorry to disappoint you Weasley… the mansion was too big." He whispered softly in her ear.

Draco began caressing her ears and neck as she stood there motionless, face turning red. "Too big? Too big! You of all people. I was looking forward to playing hide and go seek…"

"Hide and go Seek? What are you, 5?" He laughed.

Appalled, she laughed, "No, but I've always wanted to play hide and go seek in a house with more than 10 rooms."

Slowly they were making their way to his bed, plush green and black. He was defiantly a Slytherin guy. Everything was green. Then she fell on top of the now pulled back green satin sheets. Kissing feverently they still found time for conversation.

"Maybe we'll visit it later on…" He mumbled wrapping her closer, forcing her to sigh at inhaling his sweet smell.

"When will that be?" She whined.

Taking a moment to figure it out he pulled away and looked into her eyes, "After we're married."

"Malfoy… it's only been what? Two weeks? I'm just not ready to fall head over heels this time.. even if it's for real this time. Besides i'd rather focus on my brother's wedding in a week." Climbing off the bed she half-smiled, "The guest room's this way right?" she asked pointing down the hall.


She leaned against the door frame still facing the opposite way, "Malfoy this thing we have.. I need time before marriage starts coming up.."

"Ginny?" He pleaded.

She glanced back at him, "What?"

"Just promise me it will happen.."

"I can't go bare feet! Their going to think I was born in a barn, but I wasn't, I was brought up in the Burrow! There's a difference…. I need those heels… All I see is flip flops. What good are flip flops? I'm not in Cali. anymore!… MALFOY where are my shoes!"

Ginny had taken the past week and avoided the whole hustle and bustle of the wizarding scene. Instead she just played around with the feeling of being around it again, getting that sense of home. Malfoy had been shooting herexpecting looks for discussions that she didn't want to talk about.

So here she was, the morning of her brothers wedding and she couldn't find her heels. "Have you tried using your wand dear?" He answered annoyed.

Aparating her shoes she walked by smiling and patted him on the chest, "Aren't you the smart one."

He could tell she was nervous. She covered it well but it was there, 6 years and here she was, all jittery, about seeing family and old friends. He had insisted she wear the necklace to help her feel more secure and to his surprise she had actually walked out of the guest room, with thebeauty around her neck. He regretted it somewhere between leaving the apartment and aparating to the church, she just wouldn't keep quiet.

They made their way up the numerous steps and up into the looming church doorway. Ginny gasped at all the people she knew. For six years she would go to many places and not see any friends, much less any regocnisable faces.Yet here was a room full. A room full of people she knew. And she knew a good number of them too.

"I get the point Weasley, you know the people." She scowled up at him.

"Malfoy, look it's Finnigan!" She exclaimed excitedly.. 'Isn't he looking cute?'

Malfoy gave her a warning look and in a grave tone, "Ginevra you have a date, and this very sexy date of yours can hear you thoughts, so please keep the 'cute' comments to yourself in less they are describing me."

Rolling her eyes she grinned, "Whatever you want."

Walking up to the crowd she almost dropped dead. There in front of her chatting to what looked like Neville was Kaitlynne. Her American pal from her 6th and 7th years. She hadn't changed much still as charming as ever! Her silky blonde/brown hair and hazel eyes. She wore the perfect slim dress and pearl accessories.

'That's Kaitlynne Waythers, very popular American wizard. Forget what she does but she's always got everybody's attention. She certainly had mine.' Draco mused in her head.

Feeling out of place Ginny sneered, 'I know who she bloody well is, we were tight friends in America...' She paused for a second to register what he had said,'Wait. She had your attention!' ..'Same rules apply, I may be dorky but keep the complements for me!' She snapped.

'Had my attention, HAD! Besides, you took off for six years without a trace… It's hard to compliment you when there is hardly anythingworth complimenting!..Still, it's hard to believe you were friends with her.' He fought back.

Ginny sighed, 'I have many complimentable (A/N: dunno if that's a word but oh well) qualities. And yes I very well was her friend, we were planning on coming to Britain together after graduation, until Harry died... Anyway, wow, here she is.'

"GINNY! Oh My God! How have you been? You're here, like wow!" The blonde exclaimed at the site of her long-lost friend.

Ginny flashed a warm smile, "Hey, Kaitlynne."

The whole room quieted down at the sound of Ginny. She had left, disappeared, no one had heard a thing. Looking at her they recognized the mysterious women from the daily prophet, standing beside Malfoy. Kaitlynne grabbed her in a tight embrace before pulling away. "It's so great to see you. Every time I try and mention your name around here it's as if you're dead. They snap, it's intense. It's so great to actually see you though. I saw you in the paper a while back… it got me laughing for the longest time. Everybody caught on Malfoys new hook, but I knew better, I knew the girl, and that girl doesn't do 'hooks'…" Ginny put her finger to Kaitlynne's lips in her midst of smiling.

Looking past Kaitlynne Ginny noticed two very familiar people step into view. Draco had taken off towards his old friends as Kaitlynne took his place at her side. Standing there was her own Mum and Dad. Ginny's breath caught in her throat while her heart soared and ached at the same time. 'I don't think I can do this..' she whined.

'Sure you can Weasley. Just don't freak out. Anyway, they don't look mad.. they look..' Draco paused his thought inside her head.

"Happy." Ginny finished for him, accidentally saying it out loud.

"Ginny, don't worry. Your parents just need reassurance that you still love them, and that you haven't changed." Kaitlynne whispered comfortably to her friend.

Ginny creased her brows, "Really?"

"And you just want to know that they haven't given up on you." The blonde finished.

Ginny smiled and took the few steps towards her parents, but she couldn't take the pounding of her heart any longer. She closed her eyes and ran up to give them a big hug. It was a weird sight to see, a 24 year old hugging her parents like that, but inside she felt like a kid. A kid who had been away at a Summer Camp for two weeks, and was overjoyed to see her parents again.

It was a happily ever after since this is of course a fictional tale. The wedding was wonderful. Both; Hermione/Ron's & Draco/Ginny's. Yep, they did get married, 2 years later. It had taken awhile for Ron to get on better terms with Draco and Ginny was slow on piecing her life back together. Her parents were happy and wouldn't let her out of their site for some while. They didn't want to lose their girl again.

Ginevra and Kaitlynne became such close friends that Dracohad gotteninsanely jealous numerous times. It all worked out in the end though. Ginny is a master with spells with her private tutors help. She also seems to be doing an excellent job over at the ministry, keeping everyone in order and all. She gets help a lot from Malfoy when she wears the necklace; she doesn't have to feel alone anymore.

This morning Ginny let out that she was 2 months pregnant, which brought glee around for everyone. Of course she's still klutzy so now she'll have to be careful. So is there anything else missing? If so, it was a happily ever after and I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Thanks to evryone who reviewed this story.. i was expecting worse comments. And thanks too my pal KK who did all the critical judgement. Hope you guys check out the one shot and the next story i'm writing... now that i've got more experience .!