"Is There a Reason?"

Disclaimer: I am not Maxwell Atoms.

(Billy's POV.)

Sometimes I see you stare at me. I don't know why...There are so many questions that never have answers anymore. Like: why do you keep me around? You have everything your ever going to get anymore. You rule the earth now, you are immortal. I don't know why you keep me around anymore. . I am just an idiot. You keep on telling me that Mandy.

Are not idiots useless? You said so your-self. Many times over. I don't do what you say without question anymore. Sorry can't do all your dirty work for ya. Besides don't you have Grim for that? I know you can force him to do anything anymore. Of course is it only because I don't do what you say anymore? If it were up to me I would have granted him his freedom by now. Long before you got this powerful. You keep him around for power that much I do know.

Why do you keep me here? I don't know any of your secrets, and I pledged my loyalty to you. So I can't and won't join the rebellion. (Of course it's no use to join a rebellion. You'll win just like you always do.) I am no use to you anymore. Yet you won't grant me my freedom. There are many times that I asked the same question. Why? You never answer me Mandy. You just stare at me with your sapphire blue eyes and say...No reason. That's no answer. Is it perhaps that you grew accustom to me?

Or maybe you have developed some-sort of liking to me. Of course I never would accuse you of such things.

"Billy." You call to me again. I wonder what it is this time. "What is it?" I answered rather harshly. You stare at me yet again, with a glazed look on your face. "Come here." I reluctantly go near. I never suspected what just had happened.. a kiss, even after you let go of me it still lingers. Now I am the one staring. I broke from my stare and, held my eyes shut I just know what's going to happen next. There's a new purpose now isn't there?

A/N: I found this one-shot on my computer. I know Billy and Mandy seem OOC. But you have to realize this takes place many years in the future and times change and people too, and also take into account that is a AU. When Mandy rules the earth she is not that bug thing, I couldn't make her like that in this story. Anyways feed-back is always welcome.

-The Night Writer.