Sasuke and Sakura have been partner assassins for years. When she is assigned to an undercover mission to murder the high school student Hyuuga Neji, Sasuke starts seeing her in a strange new light. A world of love, wits, and betrayal-- welcome to high school.

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By: Emperatris





They were in an art gallery at around eight in the evening-- Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. It was the very first one in Konohagakure and was owned by a wealthy businessman. Both of them looked lovely with their formal attire that night-- Sakura wore a cream colored, spaghetti-strapped, expensive-looking gown and Sasuke with his new tuxedo. They were gorgeous, a perfect young match. No body would suspect them.

"Make it quick. I don't want time to be wasted." Sasuke murmured to as they stood in front of a painting.

"Sure, Sasuke. Whatever you say." She answered back. He always wanted things to be done quickly. Sakura spotted one of their targets-- a brunette man in his late forties holding a half full wine glass nearby. Looking at Sasuke, she spoke almost like a whisper, "I'd better get moving now." Then in a louder voice, she continued, "That's it; we're through! I don't want to see you again!" She pushed him away and that caught the attention of some people, including their target. Her little acting was convincing.

Sasuke was taken aback, though he didn't show it. He didn't expect that that was the method she was going to use. He gave her one last look, walked away, and, with his peripheral vision, saw the target moving towards her, probably to console her. Then he headed to the parking lot.

"Are you okay?" The brunette man asked. "Allow me to get you a drink, beautiful lady." He was maniacally smiling at her. She hated it.

Trying to conceal her anger, she smiled and lightly laid her hand onto his shoulder, "I wish I could stay but I'm too depressed right now, mister. I'm so sorry." With a swift movement of her other hand, she initiated her silent attack on his chest. Her mission will soon be over. She left him standing there and made her way to the parking lot where her partner was waiting for her, his task probably done three and a half minutes ahead of hers.

She rode into the car; he started the engine and drove out of the place.

"What are we?" Sasuke asked, breaking the silence.

The pink haired girl stared at him, puzzled. Whatever he meant, she knew he was serious about it. He's always been serious about everything. She looked back at the road that seemed to go on forever. "We've been partner assassins for almost four years, if that's what you mean."

He glanced at her then concentrated back to his driving. "Exactly. You should probably start being like one and stop those cheap acting. It doesn't suit this... this job." He said coldly.

"But-- Okay, I'm sorry. I'll be more professional next time." She answered, concealing her disappointment. She had never done anything that pleased him. Ever since the day she met him, she was never right and she accepted it. He was always correct. She instilled in her mind that it would always be him before her. That's how much she--

"How did it go?" He emotionlessly asked. He never really cared about her. It was always about the mission.

"It went well." In all those years that they have been together, she tried mimicking his cold, aloof, emotionless lifestyle because after all, that was how an assassin's life should be. She was getting along with her being a copycat but was never good enough. "How about yours?"

Sasuke didn't answer as if he didn't hear her asking a question. She just let it be. It only meant that he wanted silence. Her life had always been like that ever since she met him.

The car sped up to their house.

Five minutes after they left the gallery, two dead bodies were found-- one in the male washroom and another man inside his car in a parking lot. A brunette man in the washroom died because of some sort of heart failure and the latter died because of suffocation of carbon monoxide. There were no signs of foul play therefore, the police declared the deaths as natural and an accident.

Mission complete.

That's what assassins are good at.

About a week after the mission in the art gallery, Sasuke came to the small living room where Sakura was reading a book.

"Good morning, Sasuke-kun. What brings you here?" He was usually alone in his room or spent the rest of his day somewhere outside the house. Her emerald eyes spotted the brown envelope he was holding and she immediately knew his purpose.

Sasuke sat on a couch across her and tossed the envelope onto the small coffee table. "That's the next mission." He began.

She eyed him, picking the envelope. "Well, this is great since this place is boring the hell out of me. So when are we going to start?" She asked as she cautiously opened the envelope and took its contents out. She studied the papers containing informations about the new prey.

"In this mission, you're going to work alone." Sasuke stated. "There is no need to hurry in this one, though. It will take place in a school. The client will pay for everything you will need. You have four months to gather information about the target then you'll have to kill him."

Sakura stared at him in disbelief. That mission was different from the others. "I don't get it. Why do I still have to know him for four months? Why can't I just assassinate him the first time I see him?"

"That was what our--your client requested. You are to make a weekly report about your next target and hand it to me so I could give it to our bridge then to the client." The dark haired boy explained.

Sakura slowly nodded. As hired killers, they were strictly forbidden to know their clients. They just do their task, get paid, and that's it. In some cases, she wondered why their client wanted a certain person be put to death even though he really didn't deserve it. It wasn't for her to know. Assassins like her are emotionless tools of death. She was about to put the papers back to the envelope when a picture fell on the floor. She picked it up and carefully studied every detail on the person's face.

"Sasuke, this is my target, right?" He nodded a little. "He's..." There was a flicker of sadness in her eyes and it was suddenly gone. "He looks weak."

His cold obsidian eyes stared at her intensely. He saw her shiver under that powerful, constricting gaze. "Sakura, you know the rule... our law."

She averted her gaze from him. Doing this job for years somehow numbed her. Another reason for her being like a lifeless creature was the boy sitting across her. She adored him so much but that would have to wait forever because of what they should believe in and follow. "An assassin should always set aside his emotions. The mission will always be above personal feelings." Sasuke will always be above myself.

Sasuke stood up and turned to leave the house. "Keep that in mind. Don't let it block your way." Then he was gone.

She whispered to herself, "Yes, Sasuke..." She held her necklace, looking at the silver ring in it. It had Sasuke's initials carved in the inside part of the silver band as if it was their wedding ring. Sasuke also had a necklace with the same ring, only her initials were carved in it. Their sensei gave it to them the day they became a pair, simbolizing their partnership. She let it rest on her chest. It held so many memories.

She was thoughtful for a while. She took out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down the things she needed for her undercover-assassination mission. She can't depend on Sasuke since she had to work alone for the first time since their partnership. It was a chance for her to prove to him that she was really something.

She wanted to please that dark haired Uchiha so bad that she was willing to do anything and everything for him.

Anything and everything for him.

This chance of a lifetime came to her in the form of a male high school student. She wouldn't lose this one shot.

Her mission will start soon and she was planning every single detail on how she would do it perfectly fine to please him.

Sakura's plan was a big gamble, but she was willing to take risks to have him for herself. And Hyuuga Neji will help me do that. She had a smirk on her lips while staring at his picture. "Right, Neji?"