A/N: Oh wow. I didn't think I would ever write non hetero. I'm not homophobic or anything, but it still is weird to me sometimes. I've decided that I would give other stuff a try. Just because I'm straight doesn't mean everyone else has to be.

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Sweat glistened off of her body. She moved her hips, moved her arms to the music. Blond hair, previously in a bun, began to fall to her shoulders. Her strand of bangs was sticking to her cheek. Her lips didn't utter a sound, but they mouthed the words of the words of the song.

Pink hair swayed as slender fingers traced the other girl's waist. Their bodies moved together, their breaths mingled as they stood close. No one was there to watch them; the way they wanted it.

The blond turned around, and they danced front to back. The cherry blossom let one hand mover over the other girl's small hump. She gave a light squeeze, causing her to squeal. Sakura was shocked to admit she liked it. Ino turned back around and gave her a playful push.

The song faded away into a slow song. Ino gave a sly smile and pulled Sakura close. Ino was shorter, so her hands rested on Sakura's hips. Sakura let her hands fall on Ino's shoulder. They swayed back and forth, both silent. Ino hugged Sakura close and rested her head on her shoulder. Sakura played with Ino's soft hair.

The song came to a stop, and so did their holding back.

"Sakura…I…" Ino was cut off by soft lips on hers. They stayed like that for what seemed like an hour. Ino moaned and licked Sakura's lips. Sakura's mouth opened and their tongues fought for dominance. Sakura, being the stronger of the two, won. Ino submitted.

The two kunoichi were tangled under the covers. Sakura's bed matched her personality perfectly. They were both sweet and mistakenly innocent, and both had dual meaning. Ino gave a soft kiss on her sleeping lover's bruised lips. She cuddled against her.

"Aishiteru," Ino mumbled. Just seeing Sakura made everything seem ok. It made it seem like the trials weren't real and that no one would care. It didn't matter at the moment that they would face hate and ridicule. Ino knew in her heart that their friends couldn't care either way; it didn't matter to them. All that mattered to Ino was that they were all still friends even if there were signs of a rocky future.