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This chapter is based on a real situation that I experienced.


Yami opened his eyes a little and moaned as he shifted his position on the chair. He shook his head and looked around. Everything was dark. Finally his gaze lay upon the tomb robber whose eyes were inches away from the television.

Yami rolled his eyes

"Bakura your still up watching that silly show?" he asked looking at the white haired demon not even blinking.

There was no reply

Yami shook his head as he looked over the seat to see his sleeping lights cuddled up into blankets and snoozing away.

/Nawwww/ Yami thought looking at his cute light.

He sat back down and sighed again looking at the tomb robber…who still hadn't blinked.

"Bakura, being that close to the TV is bad for you…gives you square eyes" Yami said shaking Bakura trying to snap him out of whatever land he was in.

Bakura shook his head and looked at the Pharaoh.

"The salt water crocodile are found in fresh rivers, billabongs, and swamps. Adult males can reach up to 7 metres in length (20 to 23 feet) and sheilas are only 2.5. CRIKEY!" Bakura yelled at the Pharaoh who was blinking stupidly.

"Bakura did you just say something smart!"

Bakura shook his head

"Wow that was weird." Bakura moaned

"Bakura say something else!" Yami said intrigued of what he had just said

"Why would I do anything for you? Mother fucker pharaoh!" Bakura yelled pushing him

Yami shrugged

"Knew that was comming"


The air hostess stood in front of the sleepy Americans and smiled, as the plane was beginning to land. Bakura and Yami were again screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Australia! It is approximately 35 degrease outside. You are in New South Wales, home to the majority population of Australia. Please remain seated as the plane has fully reached to a stop"

Yami put his head back and Bakura laughed.

"You look funny when you throw up" he said smiling

Yami gave him a glare

"Bakura, we managed to last 24 hours on a plane together we can last a few weeks" he said moaning as he felt his breakfast coming up.

Bakura shook his head

"What? Sorry missed that" as he began to clean the dagger he had brought back form the shadow realm, after Ryou said he wasn't allowed to bring any sharp items.

Yami shook his head.

"Never mind."


"FUCK ITS HOT!" Bakura screamed chucking his jumper off and putting it on the floor.

Yugi looked at Ryou who was looking around.

"We should get our bags" he said trying to look past the many people walk past him

Ryou looked at Bakura

"Bakura NO wondering off ok? Were not in America any more"

Yugi looked at Yami who nodded. No words had to be sed.

Bakura looked at Ryou

"What? Going to throw a salt water crock at me?" he asked annoyed

Ryou looked around

"OK bags, bags!" he said getting a little frustrated with all the noise.

Yugi sighed as he tapped a man who was walking past, blue eyes and brown hair, and wearing a funny looking hat, turned around.

"What can I do for ya mate?" he asked smiling

"Excuse me would you know where we could get our bags?" Yugi asked, his face looked lost.

"Ahhh your Yanks aren't ya!" he said smiling

"Yanks?" asked Yami a little concerned, and walked next to Yugi.

"Yeah Yanks!...UH Americans!" he said cheerfully.

A/N: We call Americans Yanks just like u call us Aussie's

"Oh! Yes, yes we are, we just got here" Yugi said politely

"Ere, come with me, me flight don't leave for another 2 hours, got delayed!" he said walking off

Bakura tugged Ryou's shoulder

"I'm gunna go look around"

Ryou wasn't really listening and nodded

"Ok, Bakura yeah whatever" and began to walk after the man with a cobra hat with Yami and Yugi.

"Don't go any where without me" Bakura said seriously

"Yeah yeah whatever."

Yami looked at the appearance of the man and shrugged,

"So what are you?" Yami asked confused

The man looked at the spiky haired boy as they walked past the many people

"What do ya mean what am I mate?" the man looked just as confused as Yami was.

"I am a Yank? What are you?" Yami asked smiling

"ME? Oh I'm an Aussie!"

"Aussie?" Yami repeated

"Yeah I'm a local. Live at uhhh Bondi." He said smiling

He stoped and pointed to a spot where people were coming and going with there bags.

"Just there mates, good luck trying to find em." He said smiling

Ryou smiled and shook the mans hand

"Thankyou very much uhhhh" he stumbled on the name part.

"The names Fred! Fair dinkum mate! You look like you could use a schooner!"

A/N: Schooner: Beer.

Ryou looked at him confused

"I beg your pardon?"

Fred smiled

"Don't worry mate, get your bags" he said pointing to the machine that held all the bags on it.


After the tired boys had to fight for their bags Ryou realised as Fred had offered to get them a cab, that Bakura was gone.

"Yugi where is Bakura?" Ryou asked holding his heart in shock

Yugi shrugged

"I thought he was with Yami?" Yugi shrugged

Ryou began to frantically worry because he knew that he would rather die than walk with the Pharoah.


Fred turned around

"Mate you look like you've seen a ghost everything ok?" he asked adjusting his hat.

"No! my uhhh BROTHER! His not here I..I told him not to MOVE!"

"Wait you lost your brother the guy who looks like a double of you?" he said frantically

Ryou nodded tears beginning to come out

"Well lets have a look, couldn't have gotten far!"

"HEY RYOU! HOW MUCH IS UHHH 5 BUKS?" Bakura yelled carrying a plastic croc in his hands from the souvenir store.

A/N: 5 buks over here is about $2.50 in American dollars…And in pounds, uh ill ask my mum hang on…. 2 Pounds.

But there was no Ryou

"Ryou?" he asked holding the croc innocently.

He watched the people rush past all talking, some leaving and some just arriving.

"I told him no to go off!" Bakura said stomping his foot "Children these days!"

Ryou began to run with Fred yelling the tomb robber's name, bumping into people and tripping over things.

"BAKURA!" yelled Fred in the Australian accent

"BAKURA PLEASE WHERE ARE YOU?" Ryou yelled looking in al the rest rooms and fast food restaurants.

Bakura looked around to see no sigh of Ryou.

/WHERE ARE YOU BAKURA/ A scream came through mind link

/RYOU! My Ra where the fuck have you been! I said not to..


/I TOLD you that was I going to look around/ he yelled back.


Bakura sighed

/Hang on ill look for you/

He walked to the nearest seat and stood on it

"Well at least there is ONE advantage having Yami's hair….If you get lost you know its going to stick out"

As Bakura's eyes peered over the airport he saw the famous pointy hair.


/Found Yami/ Bakura mind linked

There was a tug at his shirt and Bakura looked down to see that Australian man.

"Silly little bugga! Running off like that! Got your brother worried sick you did" he said smiling and helping Bakura down

"Oh uh well I was perfectly capable on finding Yami and my way back" Bakura said walking away being a snob.

"Oh I know that guy's hair sticks out like dogs balls" he laughed a bit

Bakura froze

"You insulted the Pharaoh!" he said smiling

Fred nodded

"I mean leather? His going to boil out in that heat"

Bakura found tears in his eyes

"I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship"


After Fred reunited Ryou with his brother, and some quick food, and lots of laughs between Fred and Bakura, before they could say "Kangaroo" they were all standing waiting for a cab.

"Thanks Fred for everything" Ryou said shaking the Aussies hand

"No probs bob, glad to help!" he said looking down at Bakura who was in tears

"PPPLLEEASE! PLEASE DON'T GO!" Bakura yelled hanging onto the boots of the Australian.

"Uh Bakura, I haveta go. The Mrs is in the USA, I can't just…

"BUT! You were the only one who made fun of Yami!"

Yami's eyes narrowed as he crossed his arms with a huff.

The Australian crouched next to Bakura and smiled.

"Ill be back in a week mate, and then you and your mates can all stay with me. Look..

Fred reached to his head and took off his hat, then put it on Bakura's head.

"You keep that for the time being ey? Never saw the day where an American could get into so much trouble in so little time"

"AWW say thankyou Bakura" Ryou said smiling

Bakura looked at the hat and smiled

"Ta…mate!" he said standing up and looking at himself in the window.

A cab pulled up and Yugi opened the door while the taxi driver put the luggage in the boot.

"Ok let's go!" Yugi said cheerfully.

Yami got in, soon followed by his light and then Ryou.

Bakura smiled as he looked at the Australian

"Hoo roo Mate!" Fred said smiling

"Hoo Roo?" Bakura asked confused

"Yeah we say it down here. It means uhh c ya later dude! But not goodbye" he said trying to do an American accent.

Bakura smiled as he got into the cab and put the window down

"HOO ROO!" he yelled smiling.

Fred waved as he began to walk into the air port.

"OK, first stop uhhh hmm" Yugi said confused

Ryou taped the cab man on the shoulder

"Uh, could you please take us to that place with that funny bridge…I'm not sure what its called

"Sydney!" came the cheery reply

"Sydney pff what a gay name" Bakura mumbled

"You Yanks been here before?" came the voice from the front

"No this is our first time" Ryou said quietly

"Oh so we got 3 Yanks and a Pommy!" the Australian smiled

"Pommy?" asked Ryou

"Brit, you know England?"

He laughed

"Well how about I show you ALL of Sydney. Youse must be tired" he said smiling

They all nodded

"Well, if you're from that "City that never sleeps" you'll have no trouble fitting in here!"

Bakura wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"I want to see the Crock hunter" Bakura said looking forward

"Eh oh Steve Erwin? His doing a live show in a few days if you're interested…" he said smiling

Bakura nodded

"Well just for the long run I'm Gazza" the taxi man said smiling

Ryou looked at Bakura and held his hand

"I think were going to like Australia very much"

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