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Molly Weasley didn't even jump as an explosion sounded upstairs from the direction of her twin sons' room. She was quite used to this by now. They had spent nearly all summer locked away in their room, and until a few weeks ago, Molly couldn't figure out why. Then she discovered stacks of price lists, all containing prices for joke items, pieces of useless rubbish if you asked her. She was already grumpy enough with 16-year-olds Fred and George for only receiving 3 O.W.L.s each. Both Bill and Percy had received 12! Charlie had received 9, but 3? That was genuinely unacceptable. Now they were throwing away the best years of their lives, trying to start up some stupid joke shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Molly just didn't know what she was going to do with them. But confronting them about any more "inventions" would have to come later.

"Fred! George! Ron! Ginny! Supper's ready!" She called upstairs. Ron and Ginny came bounding downstairs immediately.

"Is Dad home yet?" Ron asked.

"No, he's still at work." Molly answered, looking at her enchanted clock.

"Oh he has to get here!" Ron said excitedly. "The Quidditch World Cup is a week from tonight and he HAS to get the tickets!"

"England won't be there." Ginny pointed out.

"So? It's a once in a lifetime opportunity! And Viktor Krum will be playing!"

"Who?" Molly asked. She wasn't quite as up-to-date in the Quidditch world as her 14-year-old son.

"Victor Krum! The Bulgarian Seeker! One of the very best! He's really young too, but amazing!" Ron practically gushed.

"Thank you." Fred said as he and George clamored downstairs.

"What?" Ron asked eyeing him strangely.

"We just appreciate the fact that you think so much of us." George said.

"Whatever. I was talking about Krum." Ron told his older brothers.

"Oh yeah! Quidditch World Cup in a week!" George said grinning.

"Do you think Dad managed to get the tickets?" Fred asked.

"Oh he has to! We can't miss the Cup!" Ron said.

"Well, you can ask him in a few seconds." Molly said, serving them supper and pointing to the clock. Mr. Weasley's hand had moved from 'Work' to 'Traveling.' There was a CRACK from outside and Mr. Weasley walked in the door. There was an instant uproar.







"Children! Children! Please! Calm down." Arthur looked somewhat startled after being so heavily bombarded with questions. Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny just stared at their father waiting for him to tell them something, anything. They didn't even notice their older brother Percy coming through the door.

"What a day." Percy said with the air of someone incredibly important talking about another exhausting day at work. "Mr. Crouch wants the report on cauldron bottoms proofread, edited, and rewritten, then edited again by next week." No one, not even Molly, heard him as they were all still staring expectantly at Arthur.

"What?" He asked.

"You know perfectly well what Dad." Ron said.

"Did you get the tickets?" Fred asked. Mr. Weasley just smiled. Fred, George, and Ron immediately jumped up and started dancing around the room.




"Box seats as well. Ludo Bagman managed to arrange for us the best seats in the house!" Arthur said with a grin.

"I have to owl Harry and Hermione!" Ron said excitedly. "Box seats at the Quidditch World Cup! They'll never – wait." He looked at his father. "Harry and Hermione can come right?"

Mr. Weasley chuckled. "Of course, son, of course! I'm owling Bill and Charlie tonight as well. We can't have them miss this! Especially Charlie. He's wanted to see the Quidditch World Cup since the first time we put him on a broomstick!"

"Ok now everyone let's settle down." Molly said, mostly to Fred, George, and Ron who were still dancing around the small dining area.

"Mum, how on earth can you expect us to settle down?" Fred asked his mother.

"We're going to the Quidditch World Cup!"

"Yes, I believe that has been established George, but supper's getting cold." Molly said. The rest of supper was filled with excited chatter about the upcoming World Cup.

As soon as dinner was over, Ron rushed up to his room to write to Harry and Hermione. Fred and George walked up to their room as well, innocently as possible. Percy went to start working on his precious report. Ginny helped Molly clean up in the kitchen and Arthur wrote notes to his two eldest sons.

"Molly dear?"

"Yes Arthur?"

"I need your opinion. What do you think Errol's chances are of making it to Egypt?"

"Not good." She told him.

"Yes, that's what I thought." He thought for a second. "I suppose Percy could let me borrow Hermes."

"Hermes can make it to Egypt, no problem, but what about Romania? That owl cannot fly to Egypt and then all the way to Romania without having to come back." Molly said.

"If Ron hasn't sent his letters yet, maybe I can borrow his new owl, Piggy-Fidget or whatever its name is."

"Pigwidgeon." Ginny corrected from the kitchen.

"Ah yes. That one." Mr. Weasley walked up the stairs to his children's rooms. He stopped first at Percy's room. Percy agreed to let Arthur borrow Hermes as long as no one distracted him.

"Mr. Crouch is counting on me!" He said.

Convincing Ron was a bit harder.

"But Dad, I was going to send my letters tonight! I want Harry and Hermione to get here early! I haven't seen them all summer."

"I know son, but we haven't seen your brothers since last year when we all went down to Egypt and I think it would be nice if they could spend a few days with us." Arthur said. While Ron wanted to see Harry and Hermione more than anything, he also missed Bill and Charlie a lot.

"Ok. You can borrow Pig." Ron said.

"Thanks." Arthur turned to leave, but then stopped and turned back around. "I thought Ginny said it's name was-"

"It's a dumb name. He's Pig." Ron said.