Sunday, 11 December, 2005

Chapter 12

No! Trip dont go over there i'm not ready to visit Amina ! I shouted...

Too Late Trip said Running back where he left me standing.. I turned my back towards the cementry ..Trip gets in

front me as if i wanted to run away from all this ...i wanted to run but i did'nt want Trip To Think I dont love Our Child anymore.

So What Are you Waiting for ? Said Trip Don't Ya Wanna read my story? he contuined to get on my ass

bout it...Ok fine Lets go get your story.. .We started walkin back over there and across street to the Entrace of the Cementry

..Trip was Behind ..I turned around and Trip stop at the Entrance I Went Alone.I gave Trip This Mad Look.He Tells

me Look Down China... I Look down and there it was it Was Amina's Stone with some scratches that Trip Left When he was

Trying to leave a note for Amina ...My Mind went Blank ...then into memory Think of my baby that was in heaven

watching over me and Uncle Simon,Trip,Eboni even she though was too lttle and young and God took her away

from me...I Fell to My Knees and cried. my eyes.. Trip runs and gets on the ground with me and Holds me in his

arms Close to him and i can hear his heartbeat..He Tells China let it out

baby i know you miss her ..We both miss Her He Said Kissing my Forehead...

Amina! my baby! I cried ..Trip was still holiding and comforting me...

China dont worry she is in a better place ..there are no germs and mean people Trip said

He Contuined come on my dark sister get up..i laughed a little..wiping my tears away.. and walked out and went back home

Then Trip stop at a park...China... you know what ..? what Trip? i said ...He contuined i know we are still young and what not ..

let's leave! ...Leave for where ? i said anywhere but here with clothes on our back withthe money we have ...Trip get's

down on one knee i was in shock

!..Oh Trip! i said ...

Trip continued

.China Cup Cameron will take my hand in marriage and me be my wifey to have and to hold

Yes ! I will i said as he got up...