Under the Mistletoe

By: RoxyRoo

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: You never know just who is behind that white beard or in that red suit... Christmas Oneshot

The snow came down from the sky, adding to what already laid on the ground. It gave the night a more Christmas-ey astphomere, as the Christmas lights shined from all the houses. Some were completely decked out, with fake deer in their yard that had moving heads. Some with an actual sleigh in their yard, while others had life like nativity scenes in their yards. Each yard trying to out do the other.

Rory Gilmore sighed, looking away from all the lights to concentrate on driving. She was on her way to her grandmother's annual Christmas party. Another night filled with answering the same questions that she usually received from her grandparents' friends. Rich snobs the lot of them were. She tried living in that world, and she did not like it. She was not happy.

She sighed as she pulled up to her grandparents. She was late, and she knew it. She was sure to get a tongue lashing from her grandmother, while her mother was snickering in the corner.

As Rory got out of her car and went to the front door, she rolled her eyes. Her grandmother had obviously gone all out in decorating. The Gilmore house had to be the most overly done house on the block with lights, however it was still elegant like, with the white lights and white icicles. They had both a sleigh and the reindeer in their yard. There was even a large dummy dressed as Santa sitting in the sleigh. It was mechanical, and waved his hand.

Rory shook her head, at how over done the yard was, before the maid answered letting her in. She took her coat off, handing it to the maid before taking her presents for her grandparents over to the large tree that her grandmother had set up, decorated in white lights with gold ornaments to match the outside of the house. Her grandmother always had a designer come in to decorate both outside and inside the house for the holidays.

She let out a sigh of relief when she noticed that it had not been noticed that she was late. Her grandmother was way to busy mingling with all her guest to notice. The party was a lot larger this year.

Rory smiled when she saw that her grandmother had hired someone to dress up as Santa Clause, for the few children that were present. He was down on his knees talking to two kids around 10 years old. He then stood up, as the kids scurried off. He turned around, seeing Rory watching him.

"Hohoho, and have you been a good little girl this year?" he asked Rory, in a jolly like voice.

Rory smiled. "Yes Santa, I think I have."

"Only think, Rory?" Santa asked, keeping the same tone to his voice.

Rory narrowed her eyes. "How do you know my name?"

He looked at her like it was obvious. "I'm Santa Clause, I know everyone's names, and whether they're bad or good. I can see you while you're sleeping."

"Ok, that's a little creepy," Rory said, uncomfortably. "Do I know you?"

He just winked at her before walking off.

Rory starred at him confused.

"Hey sweets," Lorelai said coming up beside Rory, and putting her arm around her. Her other hand held her drink.

"Hey mom," Rory said.

"Some party, huh?" Lorelai said with a roll to her eyes. "I can't believe my mom even got someone to come as Santa Clause."

"Yeah," Rory said. "Um, have you noticed anything familiar about him?"

"Other than the red suit and beard?" Lorelai asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I think I know him from somewhere..." Rory said trailing off. "He knew my name."

"Of course he did, he's 'ole Saint Nick after all. He can see you while you're sleeping."

"Okay, creepy again, that's what he said."

"It's in the song," Lorelai said, before walking off.

Rory frowned watching her. She couldn't shake the feeling that she had to know this man, whoever he was.


Rory sighed, as she waited in a doorway, while the maid fetched her coat for her to go. She had avoided Santa all night, but had felt his eyes on her, making her feel uneasy. She had spent her required amount of time at the party, and could now go.

"Do you know, where you're standing?"

Rory looked behind her to see Santa with his hands behind his back. He looked from her face to the top of the door way. Mistletoe with a ribbon around it was hanging from it.

Rory sighed, shaking her head. "Don't even think about it Santa."

"Oh but it's tradition," he said, with a wink. It was then that Rory noticed that he was talking in a normal voice instead of the Santa Clause one he was using earlier.

Rory licked her lips, before they both leaned in, him pulling his beard down so it would not tickle her face. It was a quick kiss, but it was sweet. As they pulled back from each other, Rory kept her eyes closed, before opening them slowly.

Santa had his beard back in place, and was smiling. His eyes had a bit of a twinkle to them. He then turned, leaving.

"Wait, who are you?" Rory called out to him.

He turned around and winked, before continuing to walk off.

Rory was just about to go after him, when the maid returned with her jacket.

"Here you go miss."

"Thank you," Rory said. She looked back in the direction Santa went one last time, not seeing him anywhere, before she left.


"So, what did you girls think of the party?" Emily asked the next week at dinner.

"It was great mom," Lorelai said, as Rory picked at her food. "You really out do yourself each year. Oh, and the Santa, nice touch."

Rory's head snapped up at that. It was all she could think of for the last week, the mystery man would not leave her head. She had not even mentioned it to Lorelai though, other than what she told her at the party.

"Wasn't it?" Emily asked proudly.

"Um, grandma," Rory said uncomfortably, fidgeting in her seat. Her mom shot her a look. "Who was Santa?"

"The Dugrey boy volunteered to do it all night," Emily answered. "Such a nice boy he is."

"Dugrey boy?" Rory questioned, her forehead wrinkling in recognition.

"Yes, Tristan Dugrey," Emily explained. "Your grandfather and I have been friends with his grandparents for so long."

A smile slowly started coming over Rory's face as realization came over her.

Tristan Dugrey.

"Grandma, do you happen to have Tristan's number?"

The End



AN: Just an idea that popped into my head last night... Stupid, yeah, but let me know what you think :)