Title: An old "Friend"

Author: Python is good

Disclaimer: Invader Zim belongs to Jhonen Vasquez..naturally

Premise: Dib's eighteen and is read to move away from the paranormal nonsense of his middle school days, a certain being from his past, however, has other plans


"And so, Agent DarkBooty, it is with a rather heavy heart that I resign from the Swollen Eyeball society, I hope you understand the circumstances." The bi-spectacled boy with jet-black, pointed hair declared as he stared at the shadowed, red-eyed figure on his computer screen.

"Indeed I do, Agent Mothman, I do hope that you'll keep in contact with us at least? We would like to know how your science career works out." The figure replied in a raspy, yet soft voice

"I certainly will sir, and thank you for your hospitality and friendly guidance during the years while I was a member"

"You're welcome, Mothman, and good luck"

"You too, sir" and with that, the screen turned morphed into the common image of buzzing television "snow". Dib rose from his chair and stretched his sore body and sighed as he peered under his bed at his old paranormal memorabilia: the dark suitcase, the various pictures of "mysterious creatures" scattered about, and the headphones he used to listen to any "feed-back" from the galaxy; ahhh, the days of when he was a paranoid schoolboy. He had just turned eighteen the other day and couldn't wait to be taken under his father's wing. He smiled as he thought of the possibilities of discovering new elements, creating new chemicals, and even finding cures for diseases! He couldn't wait!

Goodbye Paranormal, Hello real science!

End note: sorry if it's brief.. the astrix at the end represents Dib's thoughts.. yup.. the next chapter will feature what exactly happned to Darkbooty after the conversation, thus setting this exciting crime (well, sort of) thriller in motion! Huzzah!