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Chapter 7: The Anti-Climatic Climax

Dib woke to the sound of someone roaming around in their living room. Figuring that it was either Gaz or dad heading to the kitchen, he fell back asleep for another half hour until he felt someone shake him. He slowly stirred and rolled over to see his very haggered and sleepy sister with an irritated expression.

"You're stupid green friend is out in the living room ranting about destroying you, you should get rid of him." she muttered

"Why can't you-what!" Dib cried as he shot up and threw off his covers. He hopped off the bed and pointed an accusing finger at Gaz. "Why didn't you tell me earlier!"

Gaz rolled her eyes. "Because I was asleep, stupid!"

Dib groaned in anger as he marched towards the door and threw it open only to find Zim in his human form standing on the coffee table and laughing manically.

"Oh Jesus," he muttered as he stared at the ugly sight and went to summon the police. He then heard Zim hiss and lunge at him in an attempt to pull him down, but Dib was quicker and slid into the kitchen, grabbing the side of the doorway for balance. He then grabbed the phone and dialed quickly as he suddenly heard Zim rise from the floor with a grunt.

"Hello, is the Sacramento police department , how may we help you?"

"Hello, I'd like to report a break in at 25th and Lane." Dib reported quickly without stopping to breathe.

"We'll be right over."

Dib hung up and looked around for something to weaken Zim with in order for the police to arrest him. He then remembered that he was allergic to earth food! He then threw open the gritty fridge door and grabbed a slab of meat. Then, with a wailing battle cry, Dib raced into the living room and slapped the steak onto Zim's sickly green skin.

"GAHHHHHHHHHH! You stupid earth monkey! My plan is ruined!" the alien screeched as Dib grinned triumphantly at an angry Gaz and his father who looked extremely puzzled.

"Hah! Zim can't escape em now!" Dib laughed, his momentary joy quickly after he saw his family's reaction. He then cleared his throat and stared at the floor, trying to look casual for the cops.

In the end, the police came a few minutes later and dragged a passed out Zim into the paddy wagon as Dib's dazed family watched it zoom into the night. They were tired, apathetic, but grateful that the terror was over. Or was it?