Chapter one: Arrival

Jenna's POV:

I just got out of my plane and I walked over and sat down on a bench waiting for my uncle to arrive. I opened up a Cosmo magazine and started reading an article about how Orlando Bloom's career skyrocketed after Lord Of The Rings.

"Jenna!" I heard my name being called and looked up to see my uncle Shane and his fiancée Claire.

"Hey." I replied while standing up.

"Let me help you with your luggage." He said while grabbing them. Then his fiancée walked up to me and introduced herself.

"Hello, Jenna I'm Claire."

"Nice to meet you." I said.

When we arrived at Shane's and Claire's house. I grabbed my luggage and followed Shane toward's his front door. Shane turned around and looked across the street and said.

"Hey Seth!" he called while waving his hand. I turned around to see whom he was waving to. The boy named Seth noticed this and smiled at me and I smiled back and quickly turned red while my cheeks were turning pink. Once we were in the house Shane led me up to the extra bedroom.

"It's not much, but you can fix it whatever way you would like." He said while setting my luggage against the wall. He was right it definitely wasn't much. It was plain white room and a twin sized bed with plain white sheets, with a bay window facing that house where the kid Seth lived. I smiled and turned around and said.

"It's ok, I'll fix it up." I said while looking at my next idea for this room. I mean I always was the creative one, at least that's what my mom told me. Shane smiled and said.

"Well it's Saturday, and every Saturday we have dinner with the plummers, that's the family in the house across the street from us. We usually get over there around 6:00 your welcome to come if you want."

I smiled and said. "Yeah, that'd be great." Shane smiled and then left and headed downstairs. I looked around the room and went straight to my luggage and grabbed my doodling notebook and started to draw some designs for this room. I was so into my designs that I hardly noticed the time. Then Claire came up and knocked on the door and asked.

You almost ready?" I nodded my head. Then she started to walk over to me and then she asked.

"What are you drawing?" I smiled and put my sketching pencil down and showed her. She took the notebook and flipped through the pages.

"These are great." She said while looking at them.

"Thanks." I said while looking at my black hands from the pencil. She then put my notebook down and said to me. "When you're ready we'll be downstairs waiting." She said and then headed downstairs. I walked out into the hall and saw her on the steps and asked.

"Uh, Claire, where's the bathroom?" She turned around and smiled and replied.

"Down the hall third door on your left." I smiled and nodded thanks. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. Then I looked in the mirror, I decided to put my short light brown hair in a ponytail. I then went downstairs and saw Shane and Claire sitting on the couch.

"Ready?" Shane asked. I nodded and followed them out the door and across the street.