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It was the day of the play Jenna was behind the stage with Carmen.

"Aren't you excited?" Carmen asked as she put on the leather jacket with black pants.

"Not really." Jenna said as she put on her shoes.


"1 This poodle skirt is really starting to bug me. 2. Jack, Morgan and my parents are out there watching. 3. I'm in an even bigger fight with Seth right now."

"Oh, yeah Chris told me about that." Carmen stated.

"Jenna! Brad your on!" Jenna sighed and walked over onto the stage with Brad. Brad was playing the jock and they were sitting at a booth.

"Want some music?" Jenna asked as she played her part.


"I need some money." Replied Jenna. Brad hands her some money. "Thanks." Jenna stood up and walked over to the jukebox to see Seth talking with Emma one of the school preps who was playing the preppy girl. Finally Seth came over and leaned against the jukebox.

"Hi Sandy."

"Oh, hi." Jenna replied as she looked through the songs.

"How are you?"

"Fine thanks."

"That's good. Sandy I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time now." Jenna looked up at Seth and she could see the hurt in his eyes and she knew that what he said just wasn't a line he really meant it too.

"What about?"

"Well about the night at the bonfire."


After the play everyone had to go stand up in front and bow. Jenna smiled seeing Jack and Morgan stand up giving a standing ovation.

She walked up with Seth on her right and Carmen on her left. She felt Seth grab her hand. She smiled when he did. Carmen smiled seeing them together she was still upset a little about Joe missing the play and never talking to her she remembered the note he left on her door. He needed to go see his parents since his parents never cared for him, he's adopted now.

Carmen leaned over and whispered. "Seth can never stay mad at you." Jenna smiled to herself and looked over at Jack who was whistling. They all bowed and Carmen and Jenna bumped heads and they came back up, they were glad no one saw. Carmen looked around the crowd and smiled seeing everyone clapping she was still upset though. Just as they turned to walk away she heard.

"OW! OW!" Carmen stopped remembering that yell, she turned around and Saw Joe standing in the back smiling and clapping. Carmen jumped off the stage and ran over to Joe.


Seth was sitting behind the stage on a crate and Jenna was receiving hugs from Jack, Morgan and her parents. They told her they would wait outside for her. But she stopped and tugged on Jack's jacket.

"You did great! You're going to become a great actress some day!" Jack stated.

"Thanks, listen can we talk?" Jack looked back behind Jenna and said.

"Go for it."


"I'm not hurt. I know you care about Seth a lot, Go makeup." Jenna smiled and hugged Jack.

"Thank you so much."

"You're my ex but you're still my girl, and my best friend. I just want to be you happy." Jack said as he gave her a kiss on the head.

"You're my best friend too Jack." Jack smiled as he watched her pull away and walk over to Seth. Then Jack walked outside.

"Seth I'm sorry."

"Look Jenna, I don't want to fight with you anymore. I hate it when we fight. I can't stand not talking to you or seeing you smile."

"Seth, that kiss with Jack was just a friendly kiss. It's nothing compared to yours. I want to be with you, not by you, with you."

Seth smiled and remembered he grabbed the bag and handed her the necklace he bought for her.


"What? I can't take it."

"Take it." Seth said as he put it around her neck. Jenna smiled as Seth faced her and bent down to kiss her.

"Ow! Ow! Go Jenna Go Jenna!" Jenna and Seth broke apart seeing Carmen and Joe and standing they're smiling with big grins on the faces.

"Uh, guys A little privacy?" Joe and Carmen just stood there smiling and not moving.

"Ice cream man, Let's get some ice cream." Seth smiled and Jenna laughed and they both walked off the stage and in the aisle.

Carmen grabbed Jenna's arm and they skipped down the hall singing.

"WE ARE FAMILY!" Joe was about to skip and follow them until Seth grabbed his arm and said.

"Dude, no, never." Joe watched them and stood up straight and said. 'Nah man, I wouldn't be caught dead sining that song." Seth laughed knowing that Joe was lying through his teeth.


Seth and Jenna were sitting by the fire with Joe and Carmen across from them and Jack and Morgan on their left.

"You know what this is crazy!" Joe stated.

"What do you mean?" Carmen asked.

"I mean the first day I saw you two, I'd never picture you together." Carmen smiled.

"Yeah I mean, You two are totally opposite. Who Knew? Ha." Carmen stated.

Seth smiled and wrapped his arm around Jenna was roasting a marshmallow and he said.

"Yeah, Who Knew?"

Author's note: I may or may not continue this story, it depends. Well I hope you all enjoyed this story. I know I enjoyed writing it.