His silhouette against the sunset is blue and calming in the heat of fire. (Some fires can't be calmed, remember.) He is not old, but at the same time, not young. He never cries, because that is not what a Rhonso does. ('Rhonso will deal with Rhonso problems,' he says, low and grumbling and safe.) He is rain when there is drought. He is still there when the world is falling through the dark places from children's dreams.

He is hornless in the face of Sin, but he is not afraid.

And she loves him, because he is her father, her brother, her friend.

('Hornless,' they taunt. 'He is hornless and small.') They do not know that he is blue and calming and not old and never young. They do not know that he does not cry. They do not care that he cannot smile.

Which, of course, is the saddest thing of all.

He wants to make that girl happy, more than anything—he does not want his friends to worry, you see—but he can't smile for her. He'll try and will fail, (and 'Poor Kimahri,' they say, 'Poor unsmiling, hornless, small, calming Kimahri. He can't smile.') But he smiles inside, and he finds that it isn't as horrible as they think. It isn't as horrible as he sometimes thinks.

Because with them—his friends, his responsibilities—he is happy. And that is enough.

A great blue mass standing tall when the world is falling down all around him. (The spiral twirls downward.) He stands against the sunset and they look at him and he is not smiling. He is just there. He is hornless and small. But he has belonging here.

He is hornless in the face of the downward spiral.

But he is not afraid.

&: a/n: Yep... so... this is Guardian. ...So yep. It's when I get real bored and I'll just do a little thing for each of the guardians of that one Yuna person, and then I shall be happy. Or something. I did Kimahri first because I think he deserves some kind of fic. Because... he's all... aaaaaw... And sadness and stuff. So he gets a special thing with stuff. I really need to learn to speak. That's alright. I can't believe I just wrote a drabble about Kimahri. ...Whatever. This section was in need of Kimahri sympathizers. ...This'll 6 chapters. Yep.