Characters not mine…unfortunately… oh the possibilities if they were! I have decided that this will be the last chapter of this fic, as I can't think of anything else that would tie in correctly... I'm actually turning this into a series so there will be more, I promise.

Chapter 15:

The trache tube was removed the next day, the first thing Sara did was pull Greg into a kiss. "I love you, too." She whispered her voice still hoarse.

Elicia smiled from her place in the doorway, Catherine had offered to take Elicia home with her for the night and had swept the girl out the door before Greg could even protest the previous night and she'd just gotten back.

"Daddy!" she smiled, launching herself into her fathers awaiting arms.

He smiled, pulling her up to sit beside himself and Sara on the hospital bed. "Hey, sweetie."

Elicia smiled, turning to Sara. "Are you feeling better?"

Sara nodded, pulling the little girl against her uninjured side and tickling her until the were both laughing and out of breath.

Greg smiled watching the two of them together. Right now, everything was perfect, aside from them sitting in a hospital, it was all perfect. He had Elicia and Sara and he had no intention of letting them go.

Yeah, that was short, but I was trying to finish it out. I dunno when or what part of the series I'll work on next so… Yeah. But it will be called 'A New Day's Dawn' Series. Review!