**Author's Note: Hi, this is my first ever Ronnin Warrior Fiction. I hate Mary Sue's and romance fics so I'll tell you that this is not one of those. It may sound like one cause there's a girl, but it's not about a relationship... and no she does not possess an armor or is a warlordess! And the story centers more around the Ronnin Warriors and their bonds together. Thank you for reading, please review!**

A Touch of Silver


"And this mother, is my dear friend... He shall be the one to help you, to heal you," the girl spoke softly stroking the pale thin woman lying on the hospital bed's hand. The girl sighed and frowned as she eyed all the machinery and tubes going in and out of her mother, "It won't be long, until you'll be free of this hell, and we'll go on with our lives as we always have." The girl stood rising to her full height, which was tall for a girl in this particular country, Japan. Why had they come to Japan? To find him... he could save her.... but at the expense of himself, and best of all, he would never know. The girl smiled to herself smoothing a silvery blond strand of hair behind her ear. She turned to look down at her mother, "I shall be back shortly Momma, and when I come back, I will have him with me... Then we can begin, and then you will be well again and we can leave this place." She felt a slight pain in her hand and realized she had been clenching her fists. The fist that ached was the one that held the picture... she slowly unfolded her hand and straightened out the crinkled photograph showing her a picture of a fine looking teenage male specimen, her prey... her sacrifice. It would be her first one.. She did not look forward to them,but in her future she saw that there would be many more. She shook her head and closed her eyes getting a fix on the person she would be seeking. She smiled as she felt his familiar aura, he was by no means anywhere near her, but she could sense him across long distances... His energy drew her to this place, and now his energy would take them out of this place too. She almost felt sorry for the boy..almost, "I can't be late for school now can I?" She chuckled to herself, tucking the picture away in her pocket and straightening her school clothes. She gave her mother a swift kiss and quickly exited the room.