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"Shit!" Amara muttered as she put down her pen and searched in her desk for some white out. She had been writing a paper for her AP English course when the sound of a plate smashing against a wall had startled her and made her scribble over the work she had spent the last two hours on.

Her parents were fighting again. They had always fought, but lately it had escalated from shouting when they thought the kids were asleep to all but physically harming each other. Tonight they chose to throw the new china.

As the yelling got louder Amara gave up the futile task of trying to get any work done and turned on her radio, turning it up as loud as it would go, trying to drown out the fighting so that she could sleep. As she lay there in her bed with her eyes closed it was obvious that the music did nothing to drown the yelling. It was loud enough though that she missed the sound of her cell phone ringing and consequently let her answering machine pick up.

She lay there for over three hours waiting for the yelling to stop when suddenly the house phone rang, and the yelling quieted. Amara got up, turned the radio down and sat back down at her desk. The silence was short lived however as a scream broke through. Her parents yelled but never had she heard her mother scream so loudly and sound so full of pain, not even when she had gone into labor with Amara's little sister Vega.

Vega was the light in Amara's life, when her parents fought rather than coming to Amara for comfort she came to Amara to give her comfort, she would reassure her that everything would be fine, and somehow when Vega said it it all seemed true. She had wished that night that Vega had been there to do that, but Vega had been at a party, it was her friend Eric's birthday and Vega had gone downtown to spend it with him.

Fearing for what had happened to her mother Amara jumped from her chair, knocking it over in the process , and sprinted down the stairs. When she reached the bottom she saw her mother an her hands and knees sobbing, the phone clutched at her heart, her father was sitting on a chair looking into nothing. She slowly walked to her mother.

"Mom?" she asked kneeling and putting a hand on her shoulder. Her mother launched herself onto her daughter sobbing and muttering incoherent phrases, the most prominent of them was "no not her".

When her mother launched at Amara she had dropped the phone. Comforting her mother with one arm she picked up the phone with the other, hoping to get some answers from the other end. She listened into the phone and the only voice she heard was and automated one asking her to please hang up and try again. Placing the phone back down she looked at her sobbing mother and then to her silent father, begging with her eyes to understand. Her father glanced her way and caught her eyes, noting there confusion he spoke, " It was the police, Vega, she- she's dead, she was walking around downtown alone, she was mugged, the muggers shot her." As her father finished his shortened version of the story her mother sobbed louder. Amara was stunned she said nothing, her eyes had widened and her mouth had opened slightly. She sat there and stared at her father for a few moments before he got up got his coat and left. Amara looked around for a moment before going back to holding her mother.

Hours had passed before her mother had cried herself to sleep. Her father hadn't come back now and she doubted he'd be back anytime soon, if he came back at all. She put a blanket over her sleeping mother and made her way up to her room. Once in her room she sat on the edge of her bed, it had yet to sink in that her younger sister, the light in her life, was gone. Vega had been far from perfect, she wasn't a very good student, and she had been addicted to drugs before, but she made up for it with her bright personality and athletic skill.. Amara noticed her cellphone had one unheard message, not knowing what else to do she mechanically dialed her voice mail and listened as the message played, the first thing she heard was her sister's crying.

"Ama, Ama please pick up-it's me Vega, Eric and I got in a big fight at dinner, I need you to come pick me up. Please hurry Ama, I'm scared." The message ended and Amara closed her phone. She held it for a moment before dropping the phone and falling to her knees sobbing into her hands.

"…ashes to ashes, dust to dust…" the priest finished his speech and people walked up to the grave and throwing small handfuls of dirt in. It had been a beautiful funeral, no one had said an ill word, all of Vega's friends had shown up, even Eric and his family. Every one had been invited back to the family's home afterwards.

"You've been very quiet today Amara." Her mother said coming to stand beside her at the window in Vega's room, where Amara had hidden herself from the nilling guests.

Turning from the window Amara looked up at her mother and answered, " How would you expect me to be, my sister is dead."

"She wouldn't want you to be sad Ama." Her mother said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Amara shrugged her hand off, " Don't call me that.- You don't know anything about what she would have wanted." Amara looked directly into her mother's eyes, the spark of insanity in her daughter's otherwise dead eyes scared her, " You never took the time to get to know her, or me, you were to busy working long hours or fighting with dad to notice either of us, to notice when we hid from you when dad came home, knowing the two of you would fight, when she was crying out for attention with her damned drugs.I was the one who helped her! I was the one who held her as she shook during her withdrawls, I was the one she came to when she had her heart broken, when she was afraid she might be pregnant after a night with David! You knew nothing about her and you know nothing about me!" With that Amara ran out of the room and down the stairs. She grabbed a coat from the banister and ran out to the car, deaf to the shouts and pleas from her mother. She grabbed a set of keys out of the coat pocket and opened the car door. Throwing the coat in the passenger seat, she slammed thedoor and sped off into the darkening night.

Tears were clouding her vision as she road along through her town. Wiping the tears from her eyes in hopes to see better Amara missed the small sign announcing that the light up ahead wasn't working. In her state of grief she gave little thought to the broken light and proceeded through, however she also didn't notice the car coming from the driver side. The car went through the light at the same time Amara did and ended up colliding right into the driver side of the car. Amara saw the car's bright headlights and the all was gone.

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