A/N: Hi peeps! This is my second Star Wars serial fanfic. This fic deals with my own version of Leia's high school life. Yes, she's a princess, but who would have thought that cool and confident Ice Princess was once a klutz who's unsure of her self? (Think of Princess Mia in the "Princess Diaries".) It seems as if embarrassing and unwanted moments seem to follow her around, but she never expected this would help her become the person she is. Anyways, here it is. Have fun reading!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the character of Leia Organa, and everything Star Wars. Just using this for fun and inspiration. Oh yeah, I made up some characters of my own, so don't sue me.

Chronicles of a Schoolgirl Chapter 1- Mr. Gorgeous

In the vast Alderaanian fields, a schoolgirl dressed in a dark blue uniform could be spotted riding in a swoop bike. She seemed to be in a hurry, as this day was her first day of classes. My first day of classes as a high school junior, 14-year old Leia Organa thought to herself while she tried to make her swoop bike speed faster, as she was already getting late for class.

She felt her heart beat faster at the thought of getting late and being scolded by her would-be class adviser. She was never late for class, being the model student that she is. This only happened now. No thanks to that old lady whom I helped cross the street. Before that, Leia spotted an old lady who was trying to cross the busy streets of the city metropolis of Althera, the planet's main city. She hopped down her bike when she saw the old lady who wobbled along, and helped her get safely to the other side. After that, the old lady thanked her gratefully.

"Aw, no problem, ma'am," Leia replied with a smile.

"You're a kind girl. I can see it in your eyes," the old lady complimented her. She reached out for something in the pockets of her worn-out tattered dress and handed her something. "Here is something for you," she told her. Leia reached out for it, and to her delight, it was a pretty charm, with a shiny red-colored rose pendant.

"What is this for?" Leia asked the old lady curiously.

"This is a lucky charm, young lady," the lady explained to her. "It'll bring you luck." Without warning, the old lady turned her back and started to walk away.

"Ma'am, I cannot keep this! Its yours!" Leia called out to the old lady, as she secretly pitied her. This old beggar needs more luck than I do, she thought. But the old lady just looked back at her with a smile and said nothing, and soon got lost in the crowd of scurrying people. She had no choice but to keep the charm, and stuffed it in her skirt pocket.

Leia sighed, and remembered that she must be early for class today. She remembered the charm pendant, and thought, this is what you get for being such a nice girl. Because I helped her out, I'm gonna be late for class. She felt regretful for ever helping her out. And now, I have to take this shortcut, She thought again. The air smelled of lavender, and tall, purplish grasses of Althera greens surrounded her. If she weren't running late, she would have admired the view and biked along blissfully, while feeling the wind blow on her braided hair. But now's not the right time to do so.

Lost in her thoughts, Leia didn't notice that there was another swoop bike coming towards her. She lifted up her head and tried to swerve away, but it was too late. She and the other passenger collided against each other, and both fell to the ground in a heap, their bikes turned side wards in a lousy manner. Leia felt a bruise on her right knee. She tried to sit up and looked at it. "Ow", she mumbled. Now I'm really late for class, she thought angrily.

The other rider approached her and said, "Miss, are you all right?" It was a husky and deep male voice. She saw a hand reaching out to her, and was about to get back at him for toppling her down. "No thanks, I can get up by myself," she said snootily, as she got up to her feet. She could feel the wound in her knee stung, and when she looked down at it, her knee was covered in a large red scrape, add to that the run of her black silk stockings. Now Leia was really angry, and started shouting at the man.

"Aaarrghhhh!" she screamed in frustration. "Now I've got a cut on my right knee, and my stocking had a run on it, and it's all because of you, mister!" She cried out. "Now I'm going to be late for class and..." Her sentence was cut off when she saw the man remove his helmet. To her astonishment, the face behind it was gorgeous-looking. The man didn't look angry at her for what she did, and actually felt concerned with her. Leia's mouth dropped at the sight of a handsome looking man in front of her.

"Miss, if you want, I can mend your wound, and if I got your bike ruined, I'll pay for it," he said gently. She could feel his piercing-blue eyes bore towards her being, and his charming smile melted all of her insides. His wispy brown hair blew in the wind. Even though he looked older than her and he wore glasses, still, he reminded Leia of the leading men she read about in romantic pocket books. She tried to say something, but was lost for words. All she could come up with was a moronic-sounding "Okay" to the help he offered her. Leia then took off her stocking, a gesture that she allowed him to touch her wound.

Both sat on the street, on two large rocks nearby, as the man mended her wound with an ointment he carried around in his unusually large bag. "I'm glad I have this. You'll never know when you'll be needing it," he said smilingly as he gently dabbed it on Leia's wound. She winced and felt like screaming because the wound still stung, but prevented herself from doing so, out of shame. I shouted at him, and he was kind enough to help me out. Shame on me.

"Oh, sorry if it stung," the man said apologetically upon seeing her wrinkled face. "I'd be more gentle," he said, smiling that charming smile again.

"It's okay," Leia said, while she tried to sound cheerful. When it was over, the man now brought out a tiny sewing kit on his bag, and started sewing the run on her stocking. She just watched silently, thinking, is he gay? Too bad, he's so cute. She didn't minded whether she'd be late for class or not, as she wanted to be near the presence of this gorgeous man seated beside her on the dusty road.

"Here's your stocking," he said as he gave it to her. Leia put it on, and to her amazement, the sewing was pretty good, for someone who sew it in five minutes flat. It looked the same as it was before. Leia looked quizzically at the man. He kind of knew what was on her mind, and he said, "You must be thinking I'm gay, as I knew how to sew things." He chuckled good-naturedly and said, "I live alone, so I learned how to sew. And don't worry, I'm not gay."

"Sorry for my impression." She looked away, blushing, still ashamed of how she acted towards him.

"I understand you. By the way, you said you're running late, did you? Go now!" he exclaimed. He helped Leia to her feet and propped up her swoop bike. She hopped on her bike and the man told her, "Hurry!"

Leia looked at him blankly. "Thanks for the help," she mumbled. "But what about you?"

"I'll be fine. Hope to see you around." He smiled. Leia looked at him for the last time, and sped off, the man looking wistfully at her as she went off into the distance, thinking, She's so charming. I wonder who she is? I'm so stupid for not reading her name plate, he thought, remembering that schoolgirls have name plates attached to their uniforms. She reminded him of his little sister.

As she biked off hurriedly, Leia thought about the mysterious man she just met. His face was still vividly tattooed on her mind; the heavenly sound of his voice still rang in her ears. Oh, too bad I haven't introduced myself and asked for his name. I wonder when can I see him again?

Instead of being in a hurry, Leia thought about meeting her friends again and the chance to tell them about the cute guy she saw. Even if she felt the foreboding first day of classes have to offer, the thought of the man made her excited and cheerful. She didn't minded being late this time, as the bike zoomed more gently in the breeze, and Leia started humming to her self. Maybe the lucky charm would be so effective for me, after all. Guess it'll bring me luck this year, she thought happily.

Will the good-luck charm bring luck to Leia as she thought so? Who was that mysterious gorgeous man? Find out in the next chapter!