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Hogwarts Express – First entry.

I am THE Lily Evans! and this is my diary. The idea started when Daniel claimed me to be insane on the holidays. I mean honestly! Me? Insane? Never.

Daniel is a different story all together.

He is my excentric ENGLISH best friend. Yes, that's right he's English. I am too but up until now I went to a school in France called Beauxbatons. What a wonderful school it is.



It was so unbelievably fake. There were fake prisses, with fake hair, fake accents and fake boobs! They're as fake as my lie to the potions teacher that one time.

Bloody hell, that was a great lie.

I was late arriving potions – not my fault that I hate potions so much I want to skive it and never have to brew one again, let alone a fat loosing one – (trust me, I am a little runt) so I told the teacher that I had been late leaving potions… needless to say she feed me a truth potion and I got a detention…. Good times.

Anyway, back to Daniel. He is a year older than me but we don't care. We're neighbours coz while I go to school in France, I live in England. Yes, I live in the land of the drizzling rain, constant clouds and if God is in a happy mood, a small amount of sunshine.

There is one reason why Daniel and I are such good friends. We are both haters of the SSCM. And what exactly is the SSCM? The SSCM is our downfall. The reason why I am a scarred little girl… well I'm not really a girl – I'm a WOMAN – but I am little.

Yes, the SSCM is the reason why I am cynical and negative… but that works for me. The last time I was positive I tripped and fell down the stairs and broke my ankle.

Yes, being cynical and negative is much easier and WHOLE lot less painful.

Reading this, I realise that I have forgotten to say what the SSCM stands for.

SSCM – my downfall – stands for: Stupid Social Climbing Mothers.

I am the daughter to a SSCM, and I hate it.

Mother is continually trying to get me go out with this person's son, or make friends with that person's daughter. They're all boring old idiots with no brains.

Just like my mother.

Luckily I am not the only one for her to focus on. Rather I have two brothers and a sister. I'd like to say that I am the normal one out of the bunch… but I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that.

You see, my mother LOVES my sister, Petunia. I swear she worships the ground that horse walks on. Petunia will succumb to my mothers every request cough demand cough.

You see how sad my family is?

There is however light.

My fabulous brothers almost make me have faith in humanity…

Keyword: almost.

They're a bunch of prat's who know how to pull a good prank and love to have a good time. They disapprove of my mothers need to be "Socially acceptable" almost as much I do.


They are wizards, just as I am a witch. However, they go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I would have loved to go to that school with them but nooooo. That evil bat of a mother forced me to go to Beauxbatons in order to teach me how to be a lady.


Like that'll ever happen.

I think the evil bat has finally realised that – or my dad has amazing persuasion skills, which I know he does, as he is a lawyer – coz I am finally allowed to go to Hogwarts with my brothers.

So now I am sitting on the completely empty – except for yours truly and the driver – Hogwarts express.

Why is it empty?

First term started a week ago.

I'm arriving a week late, but at least I'm arriving.

Speaking of the train driver, I might go and have a little talk to him.


Hogwarts Express – Night Time

I'm back!

I went and talked to Mr. Trainman and he is AWSOME!

He just sent me back to my compartment coz we're arriving soon. I'm so excited! I haven't seen Charles and Henry for 1 week.

That's one week too long.

The evil bat-face even named us with posh social climbing names.

Our names are: (in order of age)

Petunia Marge, age: 21

Petunia is getting married soon, to a fat-wale-type-beast-with-no-neck-and-too-much-fat. Of course when I told her that, Mother was around the corner and I got grounded for a week.

I know reality is harsh, but that's no reason to go into denial about it.

Charles William and Henry Edward are a year older than me. They were 17 in August.

And then comes little old me.

Lilieanne Marie.

Was mother on crack when she named me? Lilieanne isn't even a real name.

Haha! I love that word. Crack.




HAHA! Wonderful word.

Oooh! Yay! The train is slowing down! Time to start a new school. If its anything like Beauxbatons, I'm going to quit and become a bum. But Charles and Henry have survived it for six years so it can't be that bad, right?


According to Mr. Trainman – Aka: Bob – I am to leave my junk on the train and it'll be taken to my room for me.

I love magic.

My trunk is HEAVY and by the look of the slope leading up to the castle, I wouldn't live to get to see my brothers.

Aw! There's a horseless carriage waiting for me.

I shivered. It's quite cold out here so without any hesitation I tried jumped into the carriage. I didn't think that my actions could be dangerous. I mean its possible to jump into a carriage.

Not for me.

I slipped and hit my head.


Yay! Injury number one for Hogwarts! I am so proud. So being a bit daintier I climbed up and sat in the carriage.

I can feel the cold seat through the hole in the back of my favourite pair of jeans. There is a hole in the back of them, just underneath my bum. The twins swear that when I walk you can see the bottom of my well… bottom.

I laugh at them.

The carriage stopped.

Note to self: Leather can become FREEZING! Wear a bigger pair of underwear next year – or not a G-string – or even a different pair of pants.

Oh look, a professor has come to greet me. She looks fairly strict. I had better see what she wants.


Hogwarts – Common Room





Hogwarts is the COOLEST place.

I'll tell you what happened.

After I had cough graciously cough descended from the carriage – grace is not something I have been blessed with, you will find this out with the number of hospital trips I report – the strict teacher looked at me with… amusement.



I don't find anything amusing. I hit my leg and got another bruise. WHAT is so AMUSING?


People these days, I tell you. They laugh at nothing.

The professor introduced herself as Prof. McGonagall, deputy headmistress.

I am secretly pleased to note that Prof. McGonagall is a headmistress meaning that she is a SHE. I'm glad to see a woman in a position of power.

She led me through the entry hallway to two HUGE doors where blabbering was herd coming from.

The professor explained to me how I was to be sorted – sitting on a chair and placing a hat on my head – and opened the doors. I thought that I had gone deaf with the noise.

If the girls at Beauxbatons had of heard this they would have lifted their noses into the air.


The noise soon died as everyone noticed my presence. Way to make an entrance. I started to walk past the long tables, when to heads of read caught my eye. Their red hair was not like mine.

I love my hair and am proud to announce that it is a crimson colour – the colour of oxygenated blood, meaning that it is darker than deoxygenated blood and YES there IS a difference.

The twin's hair is more like brown with a red hinge in it in the sunlight. Its absolutely divine and I love it.

I yelled their name, and don't they look surprised. I don't think that they knew I was coming. hmmmm… Their shock is replaced by identical looks of pleasure.

"Lillers" they hollered and both rushed up and squeezed the living daylights out of me. I am proud to announce that I survived their hugs.

By the looks on the faces of everyone else, their curiosity isn't going to survive.

I looked at the boy who was sitting next to them…


"What are you doing here?" we asked in unison, laughing. He stood up and I hugged him too.

"Ahem." Dumbledore cleared his throat. "May we continue?"

"Yes sir" I saluted him, promised my comrades that I would meet up with them later, and continued the walk to the stool.

Did I ever say that I HATE being the centre of attention?

Well I do.

I usually always make a fool out of myself. I however, didn't stack it. Trust me, I am as shocked at Charles, Henry and Daniel look.

"Good work, Lillers" they called out at me.

I turned and gave them a Lily glare and did something not so nice with my hand. They only laughed.

I think that they may have become immune to my glares. I thought that that was impossible? How could they! I am the Queen of glaring!

Note to self: work on new glare as stupid Comrades have become immune. That cannot happen, or I will not be able to keep them in line.

While I was walking to the stupid three-legged stool, I could feel everyone's eyes on me, and many sets on the… hole.





I sat down and put a shiny black hat on my head.

"hmmmm" it whispered in my ear. "The first thing you have to learn is where the hospital wing is."

It's okay for my brothers and best friend to make jokes about my unco-ness but this hat, cannot!


How rude.

"Why you little!" I grumbled, and waved my wand. The shiny black hat was now…


Laughter erupted throughout the hall.

The hat sounded thoughtful. "Not really your colour is it?"

It seemed to have said this aloud because more laughter rang through the hall.

I imitated its thoughtful look… well what I imagine it would look like if it had a face.

"No I suppose not."

I changed its colour to multi-coloured.

The hat chuckled along with everyone else in the hall.

"I don't like this, either."

What a picky hat. Man, I should just leave it like this.

"What would you like?"

It placed an image in my head. It was dusty, black and battered.

I was incredulous.

"You want to look like this?" I waved my wand, and the hat turned dusty, black and battered.


I was just as incredulous as the rest of the population. "Why?"

I'm not shallow or anything, but seriously, who in their right mind would want to look like that?

Just goes to show. You never know with strange hats.

"Looks can be deceiving, Miss Evans."

I couldn't resist I made a face at it.

"Now hold still so I can sort you."

A minute later, and it called out, "Gryffindor."

I went to the cheering table and sat down next to Daniel.

Looking at the table, I realised that there is a seating order… from what it looks like, it goes, 1st years at the front, 7th years at the back.

I am so observant! I should be a detective.

Sherlock Holmes in female. Daniel had made me read one of those books once. Speaking of that little devil, how could he not have told me?

I put a fake angry look on my face, and turned to him. "You!"

He looked at me, amusement playing on his face.

What is it with these people! They're all mad, I tell you. Everyone finds me amusing. Well ha ha, I'm bloody hilarious.

"Me?" he asks innocently.

"Yes you! How come you didn't tell me? What am I? A SSCM?" I ranted. Well that's a good point actually. That's a huge secret, one you wouldn't tell a SSCM.

"You didn't tell me either" he pointed out.

DAMITT! Stupid smart people. I huffed at him, before I filled my plate and turned the girl who was sitting on my other side.

"Hey" I greeted. She smiled at me, and then I realised that I had the attention of all her friends as well.

See? I am observant!

I am the Queen of observantness.

She was very pretty… as a matter of fact, so was her friend. I looked across the table. Her MALE friends were HOT!


There isn't anything this good in Paris!

I looked back at the first girl. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She introduced herself as Sara Twaddle.

The girl sitting next to her had strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was Rose McGellan.

"And those," she said to me, "Are the Marauders. The biggest womanising prats in the history of Hogwarts." Each male objected

"I'm Remus Lupin," the first one, with sandy blond hair said. "This is Peter Pettigrew," he pointed to a rat boy who looked too nervous to speak. "And this is-"

He was cut off. "I can introduce myself, Moony. I am THE Sirius Black, Woman enchanter extraordinaire!"

I laughed at him, as did everyone else.

"And, I am the best Marauder there is. I am James Potter."

Well at least they weren't cocky.


"Hi, I'm Lily Evans."

The Marauders got incredulous looks on their faces. "You mean, Charles and Henry Evans sister? THE Lily Evans?" I looked warily at them.

I mean who wouldn't. People don't just know of you as soon as you say your name.


"I'm sorry, I just have to do this." Sirius got up and shook my hand. I was still confused.

Maybe they're all insane and I'm the only normal one. Yes, that's what it is. They're insane. Unless…

"Henry and Charles are our hero's and mentors. They of course said that they'd be nothing with out you."

Yes it had happened. My stupid brothers had been telling people about all the 'accidents' cough pranks cough that I had pulled. I was kind of honoured at being recognised.

But I hate attention, so I changed the subject.

"Is this all the people in sixth year?" hey I was curious. There didn't seem to be many people.

"Well, no. There's the Hufflepuffs, the Ravenclaws, the-"

I laughed again. Wow. I had only been there for five minutes and already I had laughed more than my entire time at Beauxbatons.

"No, I mean in this house."

Realisation clicked on Rose's face. "No, there're a couple of others, but you can meet them when we go to the common room."

We laughed and joked all through dinner, until we got to dessert when James asked, "Do you like Quidditch?"

What to say to this? Should I tell them that the girls at Beauxbatons were too prissy to play a sport? Or that the only quidditch I played was with my brothers.

I settled for the truth. "I don't really know. I've never seen a real game." Everyone stared dumbstruck at me. I glared at them.

"I can't believe you actually told them," a voice said from my side.

I turned around and using my fabulous detective skills I determined that it came from Henry. He was laughing and high-fiving with his twin and my so-called best friend. I amazed me. I remembered that my glare wasn't working on them, so I gave it more heat.

They looked at me and immediately quietened. I was shocked. No, shocked was an understatement. It was AMAZING! They actually did what I wanted. I exchanged high fives with Amy and Alice, two girls from seventh year.

Dumbledore stood up and said something – I wasn't listening. Shmeh, I rarely do. But I could have had a little warning before being hauled out of my seat and push out of the great hall.

My new friends were pointing things out to me but it was all going woosh straight over my head.

Another thing that you should know. I have absolutely NO sense of direction whatsoever.

I would just have to stick to my friends like that burr stuck to my saddle cloth that time… needless to say my horse didn't like it very much and after about a minute of non-stop angry aggression (aka, bucking and rearing) I fell and snapped my arm.

I have suffered through a lot of pain.

Eventually we reached a portrait with a fat lady in a pink dress. James said the passwords – carpe diem – and we headed through into the cutest little room ever… well it wasn't really little. But there were/are all these little armchairs.

And that is where I am currently residing, writing this and waiting for Sirius to beat James at wizard chess.





He just lost. There goes 10 sickles.

Oh well. Time for bed now. I hope I meet the other people in my year and in my house tomorrow.

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