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Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds Albert Einstein



"Would I let you die?" he asked me. I give him a look. TAKE THAT POTTER!!! "I would never let you die because a) your brothers would kill me, and b) you are the prettiest girl on the quidditch team."

I glared at him. Thank you Mister Suave. You sure know how to make a girl feel loved.

"I am the ONLY girl on the quidditch team, on ANY quidditch team, EVERYWHERE."

"Maybe, but you are still the prettiest."

Rather than letting the stupid cursed ball go, I held on to it. The force of being smashed in the ribs by bewitched… lead or metal or something hard drove me off course, as it would to any normal person. Breathing became harder and I hate to think about it but I would undoubtedly have to go to the hospital wing again. It wasn't like my bones were breakable or anything; it was just that I was put into situations that broke them for me.

Dogger and I were both coming in at the quaffle that at this point had reached the ground. It was like a game of chicken, see who would pull out first. He seemed determined to get it, and I could tell in his face that he was bracing for a crash. I blame this all on skill, and lapse of sanity, but at the last second I turned and released my captive bludger. It flew and clipped his broom. Not hurting him, just pushing him off course.

Both team members were chugging through their drinks, both drunk to begin with. At number 37, J. Potter began to miss his mouth, preferring to feed the burning liquid to his nostrils, eyeballs and yes, his shirt. Due to the missing of the most vital body function in a drinking contest, Potter had to go back and redo 10 of his shots.

Lily Evans, first female to ever play quidditch, won a drinking contest against THE James Potter who has never lost before?

Gryffindor Common Room – The Next Morning

There's the squigginess that belongs to a mattress then there's the squigginess that quite clearly does not belong to the soft thing upon which one sleeps. This squigginess was quite cold and clammy and not soft. Let me assure the reader that every attempt to fix the uncomfortable situation was made by yours truly, but wiggling around does not fix all situations.

Waking up to this unfamiliar and unwelcome squigginess is something completely undesirable. In fact, waking up at all is completely undesirable when it's the morning after a party held by the marauders. This is a fact that I have come to realise. And in typical yours truly style, I had to figure it out the hard way.






My abnormal squiggy mattress just groaned. It groaned I tell you all by itself! If this is a trick of those self-centered obnoxious brothers I will render them unfit to have children. Then I will hang them and cut them up and feed them to the giant squid for breakfast. I wonder if the giant squid is carnivorous?


It did it again! Why you little uncharacteristically moving mattress I'll get you…




I am going to mutilate those brothers so that not even dental records can identify them!

There is no two ways about it. A few more wriggles



why is the light shining so bright?

Each sound was amplified to 1 000 000 000 htz of the original volume. The morning after is always the worst.



Ok so every sound isn't really amplified to 1 000 000 000 X its normal sound and the sun isn't at nuclear burning point, but my mattress IS going to kill me and stalk me and kill me!

"Lily, snap out of it"

With cat-like ability and grace I gently stretched, NOT smashing my arm on a chair, NOT kicking my mattress in a soft place that made it howl. It was quite impressive really.

Blinking sleep out of my eyes, the fogginess cleared and my eyesight returned to 20/20 pinpoint accuracy. Hurrah for me!!!


Oh Merlin-ie! You should see this place. It looks like a mass murder scene… it's quite funny actually. Passed out people are wrapped all over every surface imaginable. Hee Hee Hee!!!

I casually look down at my 'matress'.


I SLEPT WITH POTTER! Ok so it's not like it sounds… really… I kinda actually slept ON Potter. So it's okay.



"Okay breakfast time!" James, Remus and Rosie all groaned and covered their heads, and Sez and Sirius snored and rolled over. Some friends they are.

"Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssss! I'm HHUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRYYYYY!!!"

Various 'Shut Up! Lily's' resounded through the room.

HUMPH. And they call themselves friends… seriously! What's a person to do when they're dieing of starvation?

"Oh well, I didn't teach the boys for nothing did I?" I said innocently. Immediately James and Remus ran up to their room, uttering excuses about showering, leaving Rose grumbling on the floor. I picked her up on pulled her up to our room to get ready for the day.

By the time we finally made it down to breakfast I'm pretty sure my stomach was eating itself. No matter how much I nagged Rose she didn't hurry up, instead, she seemed to slow down… as if on purpose. Why! I will get my revenge!!!

Hee Hee Hee!!!

There's like 20 Gryffindor's down here; The firsties and second years, and a couple of older people looking completely hung over. Ha Ha suckers!

We plopped down on seats, me next to Potter, who was pushing porridge around in a bowl as though the spoon was a drugged niffler seeking the golden goodness of porridge, and Rosie across from me and beside her lover-to-be. The said lover was resting his head on his arms.

"Good morning Laddies."

THEY EVIL GLARED ME! HOW DARE THEY! I say, is this what you get for being nice and cheery?

As if to further the universes attempts to kill me, Metin my owl dropped a smelly envelope straight into my lap. I mean honestly, what are they trying to do? Suffocate the entire great hall? Because let me tell you, its working very effectively. Nobody, I mean NOBODY wants to smell the scratchy pollen sent that is characteristic of the Evans women stationary set at 9 o'clock in the bloody morning. Nobody.

Thus, gagging is a perfectly normal reflex, despite the roll of the eyes from my so called friends, effectively expressing their views of my ability to be a drama queen through the silent but ancient language of the eyes.

By the way, when I say that itchy and scratchy pollen stationary paper is characteristic of the Evans women, I mean Evans women born more than 16 years ago. You see, I actually have a brain inside the thing attached to my neck, which is attached to my chest and has two long sticks growing from it. Similarly, my chest is attached to my abdomen and my waist which is attached to my hips which is attached to two but equally important thighs, that connect to knees and then to calves and ankles and feet and toes… and I think you get the point. Hence, pollen paper is not really my style, I'm not into the whole gas chamber idea.

And now I have to touch it and then finally disinfect my hands so that I don't accidentally consume some of the sent while I'm eating… mmmm food.

After performing a series of Lily charms, the letter pasted below is no longer scented, pink or patterned with flowers… as you can see.

It should be safe to read now…


I thought it would be nice for you to know that your mother is recovering peacefully at home. She has been released from hospital, but hospital doctors have found an unknown substance in a full work up of her blood. Mother dearest wishes to continue discussing your future career. I believe it would be best if you put up absolutely no resistance to her wishes, especially while she is in this fragile state of mind.

Please inform to twins of her release from hospital and steady recovery at home.


Ooh when I get my hands on her I'm going to rip each and every fake blonde hair from her head… not that it will make much difference. She's as ugly with straw on top as she is bald.

And I should know. Charlie, Teddy and I didn't try out a hair removal potion for no reason…

Anyways, back on topic.

Put up little resistance?

Put up little resistance?


She means don't have a personality, brain or opinion.

Become a Barbie. We're plastic on the outside, hollow on the inside.

I apologise, I shouldn't speak crudely of Petunia's role model…

Evil Grin

Out of utmost contempt for all things plastic and hollow, I took out my anger by macerating my bacon, and desecrating my eggs.

So Long Suckers!

A large and powerful hand slammed down on top of my hands holding the knife and fork, unceremoniously pushing them into the swampland concoction of baby chicken and dead pig.

I think I may just be ill.

I followed the arm up to see – REMUS?!?

Remus of all people condemned my hands to this gooey fate on this sunny morning…


"Why aren't you hung over? I think you drank more than the rest of the house put together. For that matter why are you awake?"

I changed my gaze to Potter. His bloodshot eyes seemed to complement his shadowy skin and the black bags under his eyes. He had this in common with Remus who once again had his head in his arms, snoring this time, and Rosie who was trying to spread honey on a piece of toast with the handle of a fork. Potter himself had dribbled the sticky substance all down his shirt, and I couldn't help but grin at the picture they all made.

"Simple" I replied, idly taking my time to reply, enjoying their current situation too much. "I'm simply having too much fun watching you losers."

The relaxed and casual way I said it meant it took Potter and Rosie some time to comprehend what I had just said.

After like 20 hours – or seconds, it's hard to tell sometimes – Potter's gaze snapped back to me, from his porridge, so fast that he went slightly green, and Rosie threw her honey toast at me.

Me, being the wonderful, talented, incredible, miraculous quidditch player that I was, ducked the toast, only to watch it land on the side of a second years face.

I couldn't help the following snigger.

I turned quickly to make a comment to Potter, seeing as Remus was asleep, and Rosie was in La La land.


I swear I couldn't help my eyes nearly popping out of my head. Potter's face was barely half and inch from mine.

I couldn't help myself, I looked into those gorgeous hazel eyes. Intelligent and warm.

Once again, I am experiencing something similar to last time in the common room after my first day of classes.

Merlin they sure are something wondrous to look at.

...even if they are all bloodshot. Poor sucker...

"You have honey on your cheek."

And sure enough a particularly rebellious drop flew from the rest of it's honey clan on the roasted bread to land on my cheek.

Potter reached out with a serviette, and incredibly gently wiped the drop away.

"Thank you…"

It was a whisper, but easily audible with the close proximity of their faces.


Sirius had slammed open the great halls doors with much gusto, and was currently racing up to us, quite perfectly ruining the glorious honey moment. Plonking his butt in the very narrow space between his best friend, and his so called 'muffin', Sirius excitedly chattered to us about the days up coming Ravenclaw Vs. Slytherin match.

"… and of course Slytherin will cheat…"

I sniggered at James behind Sirius's back, as he dutifully rubbed his temples in a natural-Chinese-medicine way to keep his pounding headache at bay.

Oh well that maturity for you. He poked his tongue out at me, glaring.

Meh, his glare has nothing on mine.


Still, should maybe assist him out of his predicament… especially seeing as he is quidditch captain, and needs to study the opposing teams for the decider match next week end…

Ok fine.

Stupid conscience always making decisions that cease entertainment…

I handed Potter a small vial behind Sirius's back. The latter-mentioned boy was continuing to talk happily away to friends who were clearly NOT listening to a single word he was saying…

Ahhhh, the happy world of the delusional.

Potter took the hangover potion in one swallow, without even checking or asking what the contents were. That boy just opened himself up to a whole new range of pranking possibilities.


Anyways, the flush of life in Potter's cheeks, and the stampede of Ravenclaw's, Hufflepuff's and Slytherin's to the quidditch pitch can only mean one thing.

It's Game time!!!


Astronomy Tower – Sunday, dusk






I mean sure, I looooooooove star gazing with a passion that may be borderline creepy, but the subject is as monotone as a painted image of the moon itself.


Stars and planets move and cross and it means things. Isn't that just all glory?

NO! it's as boring as mother's sense of adventure. The thrill is simply non-existent.

However, our competition for the team playing in the Quidditch league is decided.

The mightly Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin.


Reading back through entries, and reminiscing about good times – I really am a master of procrastination - I realize that I have failed to state that only one team will be playing in the tournament. That is why Hogwarts has been having inter-house games to decide which team will be in the league and take the cup home.

Bloody Hell!

The door to the tower is opening. If this is some more horny romance seekers, I'm going to show them a 'good time' by giving them a good kick up the-


"Oh hey Bunny-boo, Potter."

It's just the boys. Well, you never know. They could be romance seekers…

Hee Hee Hee!!!

Entertaining idea though! I can just imagine their reaction to my question of their masculinity!

"Wotcha doin'?"

They settled like body guards, one sitting on either side of me.

"It's so simple" Sirius was saying, looking over my work. "You've nearly got it done"

Yeah after 4 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds I had better have the bloody thing nearly done.

I rolled my eyes. How can someone so smart be so... not?

..yes i am refering to Sirius

"We really need to keep going with your transfiguration... as good as your getting, you still suck."


is that a compliment or an insult? I would like to point out that with the assistance of the master-of-masculinity-and-transfiguration, I have exceeded the score of Troll on our latest assignment. I am not as hopeless as he would like to think I am... stupid Potter.

Actually the truth is, I got an E. Proud of me or what?

Anyways, his not-so-subtle hint about my transfiguration leads to him to start tutoring me right then and there... leaving my lover-boy to finish my star chart. I really do love that boy.

It was only after Sirius finished my star chart, and my head was 30 seconds from having a skull shattering anurism from all of this transfiguration hogwash, that I decided my poor stomach couldnt take it anymore. It was crying out in pure angst for some food.

Dinner started 20 minutes ago, and if it wasnt strange enough that I wasn't there, Hogwarts 2 biggest pigs were abscentalso.

Whats a girl to do?

I oh so casually stretched, and let out a feral yawn.

"Anyways boys, this has been really fun and all, but my stomach is about to commit mutiny, so if you lads don't mind, I'll be off to dinner. Ciao."

However, before I could get up and run away Siri-poo just had to open his trap.

"Good idea Lils. Let us join you."

Oh, so it wasn't a terrible plot to keep me working through the glorious dinner waiting down stairs, and his agreement automatically vetoed anything James had to say. Without waiting for the other boy to follow, Sirius and I linked arms and all but ran down the stairs to food, glorious food, Hot Chocolate and mustard.

... so that wasnt actually how the oliver twist song went but I always liked to think that it did...

It's a Lily thing, leave me alone.

Bursting through the great hall doors, Sirius and I didn't pay any mind too the people that we desturbed, instead running as fast as we could to our table. We sat across from each other and filled our dishes with anything we could get our hands on.

Mmmmm, I love Hogwarts.

I was about to take my first bite, when I looked over my mountain, over Sirius's equally as large mouontain, and at Sirius. He looked into my eyes, and I into his.

"You are so on"

And with that the eating competition started.

Sez cheered me on, as James, having just arrived, did for Sirius. Remus looked as though he was about to be sick, and Rosie just laughed her head off.

Gryffindor Common Room

Man I so won that eating competition. I ROCK!! and Pooh-Pooh-head Sucks!!!


'You so didn't. I Won.'

'Now, now, hunny. We all saw those two pieces of rice left on your plate. Just because i'm two up on you, theres no need to be sore or anything...'

Ha Ha sickly sweet. Yes, go Lily, bring up the charms incident!

'Don't take that tone with me... I WON!'

'um, baba, I didn't take a tone with you because we're WRITING this down... and you didn't, I WON'

'Liar! I won!, damnitt'

'Siri-bubs, what are you doing writing in this anyway? It's ment to be personal...'

AND STOP LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER. That still counts you know...

Sirus and I walked back to the common room, top button of his trousers, and of my skirt undone, after our little escapade in the great hall. People came up to me and congratulated me on my great success over THE Sirius Black. The school is at my fingertips...


Now, our group is sitting infront of the fire, chatting. Sam and Valentine joined us, along with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, and Dan the Man.

It was fun and relaxing, joking and laughing with the gang. It's nice to feel loved and appreciated here. And I know that i've got the best of friends. This is something that I have been dreaming about for a long time...

Girls Dorm Room


the last couple of days have been really, really, REALLY weird. James and Sirius have not left my side once. They escort me to breakfast, to classes, to lunch, to classes, to dinner, to homework. They even tried to come with me to the bathroom. To the bathroom!

It is always Sirius on the left, and James on the right. Always. They have taken to sitting next to me in every class, leaving me without the ability to talk to Rosie and Sez during History of Magic.

Are they trying to committ me to death via boredom?

So right now I am escaping the presence of Black and Potter

And yes, I am saying their last names out of despise and annoyance now. Why can't they leave me alone?


Away from buffoon men...

mmmm, drool. So attractive.

Hmmm, maybe I should cast the bubblehead charm, and set of a dungbomb in my robes...

that could keep them away. Losers!

On the other hand, I dont think I can because I cant move a freaking muscel.

I'm on fire. Every morsel of cell is rebelling against me.


Because of freaking James Potter, that's why.

I am going to kill him.

I am going to rip his gigantic head of hiss shoulders and use it as a bludger to whack into the rest of his stupid body. I shall then continue to tie him to a broomstick made of cement and throw him into the great lake, with a sign saying, "Hi Giant Squid, Please Eat Me."

He can swim with the fishes!




evil laughing is way to strenuous.

What, you may ask has the giant assheaded buffoon done now? Other than follow my every move.

Well he has taken it upon himself to train me into the ground so that I die, and do not get to even face slytherin on the weekend... in two days.

Well, at least I've been able to play one match. A pioneer female quidditch player.

Who is about to die for her art and prove to all the other female quidditch player-wannabees that the pitch is no place for a women. Whoop-dee-doo.

Kill their hopes and dreams.

Oh My Merlin!

I am a hopes and dreams killer. That's like snatching candy from a baby, but worse because babies do not understand whats happening and will get over it. But people whose hopes and dreams have been killed will have deep psychological issues for the rest of their lives.


and it's entirely Potter's fault.


"Lily? Lily? Are you up here... Lily! There you are. Potter says-"

Does she honestly think that I give a crap what Potter says?

"I don't care what that asshead has to say. Tell him to bugger off... please."

"But he-"

"Tell him to bugger off!... please."

"But he wants you to-"

"Rosie, I don't care what he wants me to do. Do you want to know why? Because I can't move a single muscle in my entire body. Do you understand?"

"Come now, Lils. A hot shower will make you feel much better."

And with that she promptly heaved me up and shoved me straight into the hot shower, quidditch gear on and all.

Quidditch gear on?


it'll be ruined, forever.

... I couldnt help the little scream that followed this realiseation.

Hastily I jumped out of the shower, trying to pull off elbow, knee and wrist guards, my special gaitor boots and gloves.

I am going to KILL Rosie when I get out.

... maybe not but I WILL kill that Potter-ape.


mmmm hot shower. Be back later!

7th Year Boys Dorms

Okay, so I was hiding. Boo-hoo.

You would two if you had two incessantly stupid apes attached to either side of you, and slimy slytherin's shouting insults at you every 3 and a half seconds. Argh! So annoying.

Hence, out of my annoyance I have been forced to seek refuge with my best friend in his dorm. We were lieing on his bed, eating chocolate frogs, and berttie bots and a variety of other things. We were lieing on our stomachs, facing the end of the bed, watching the entertainment for the evening. My brother's wrestling.

As annoying as they can be, I cant imaging life without them. They're so hilarious to be around. Daniel, me, and the other 3 seventh years were cheering them on, occaisonally throwing a berttie bot at them whenever one pulled a dirty move.

So much fun!!!

That is, until the door burst open.

And there, standing in the doorway, in all the grandeur of an incredibly good looking pain in the ass, stood one James Potter.

"Have you guys seen Li- Lily what are you doing up here? You had me so worried. Come downstairs right now. I want you to be where I can see you at all times. I-"

Perhaps it was the wrestling that had ceased when the door burst open, or the fact that I had had enough, but I cannot blame my following action on myself.

"Restrain me" I muttered to Daniel.

He looked at me shocked.

"Restrain me" I said louder this time.

He still didnt move, looking at me as though I was completely nuts.

"RESTRAIN ME" I yelped at I lept of the bed and lunged at the bur that had been stuck in my side all week.

I tackled him to the floor. I landed on super awesome punch to the side of the face, before I felt myself being picked up off the ape-man.

Potter stood up rubbing his jaw. HURRAH! Another victory to the super awesome Lily-flower!!! oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Insert victory dance here.

"What the heck was that for?"

His eyes are ablaze now. Flashing in a way that looks sooooo enticing.

But what does he mean what was that for? He's the one thats been glued to my body all week, demanding that he be with me constantly. He's the one that just ORDERED me to follow him downstairs and obey his commands.

I am not a dog. I have a mind of my own, thank you.

"Nice punch Lils! Man we're the best teachers ever!"

Teddy and Charles high-fived.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Potter.

"We need to talk."

And thats how we ended up alone in his dorm room.

"What's up with you?" I asked as soon as the door had closed behind us.

"Me? What's up with me? May I remind you that you were the one that just launched themselves at me, and punched me?"

"You ordered me like a dog! What's gotten into you? Why have you been so annoying? You haven't left my side all week. You've just forced yourself onto me. You've been stressed the entire time and have barely laughed at anything.
You haven't cracked jokes or played pranks..."

Just spit it out like a good girl Lils. Get every annoyance and confusion off your chest.

"You honestly don't know?"

His sudden change from his yelling and blazing eyes, to the soft spoken words was quite startling. Was he pmsing or something?

He wont even look at me.


"Think who we're up against in 2 days, Lily. 2 days. The Slytherin's and they will stop at nothing to make sure they win. Don't you understand? Cheating is not below them..."

Okay, yes, we knew that. They're Slytherin's. But I still didn't quite understand what he was getting at. Unless...


Not possible.

"We thought that if we we're with you then they wouldn't have the opportunity to try something. You're the obvious target. You're the girl that they greatly underestimate."

"You we're trying to protect me."

There was something much warmer than summer in the Sahara Desert that hit me with this statement. Suddenly the annoying invasion of my privacy seemed sweet, and I could easily feel the blush that was taking my cheeks.

This ape-man had been trying to save me from the evil, prejudiced, sexist maniacs, and here I had just slammed a whammy on his face.

Oh my sweet merlin.

Does guilt always feel this way?

Bagh! Stupid emotions.

I am a teenage girl, with feelings and emotions, and I couldn't help my actions following.

I gently reached out and carefully grabbed Jame's face, turning it ever so gently so that I could see the inflicted injury.

Man, the bruise that I gave him has already turned out to be an impressive blend of blues, blacks, purples and yellows. It was an artists happy dream. I had broken the skin, and the wound was leaking the dark red substance of blood down his jaw and was trickling ever so slowly down his neck.

"Oh boy, I really knocked you a nice one, didn't I?"

He chuckled mildly in reply.

"Seriously – Don't you dare say it – you have to have a look." I ushered him into the bathroom so he could have a look in the mirror.

I am soooo going to remember this for ever! The day I punched James Potter and made him bleed.


Yup, you feel that?

That's the guilt.

I grabbed the washer that was sitting on the basin and wet it. Reclaiming the ape-man's face, I began to wipe the blood away, starting with the trail and then working my way towards the glorious bruise.

When I rewetted the cloth and touched it back to the bruise, James jerked away and let out a low hiss.

"That hurts you know."

"Aw don't be such a chicken shit." Insert gladiator warrior voice here. "Your meant to be the mighty captain of the gryffindor quidditch team. You have no fear! You face more pain than a punch from a girl, every day!"

argh! The ratbag! Stuck his tongue out at me, he did.


And now ladies and gentleman, for Miss Lily's revenge!

I touched the cloth back to the wound.

Potter released another hiss, but this time did not jump away.

Once my guilt was satisfied that I had in fact cleaned the wound properly, I was oh so inclined to conjure up some ice. Wrapping that up in the cloth I touched it to his bruise.

I looked upwards to gage a reaction from the niceness of my action. Immediately his intense gaze swamped my own.

Ergh! Don't remind me how stupidly cliched it was, and how my stupid heart just had to race. In case you don't know, when your heart rate speeds up, your breathing become heavier and deeper.

But still, it happened. As did what followed.


Wait? Was that my guilt again?

"Did you Find her – Whoa! What am I interrupting here? My apologies, I'll be downstairs when you finish."

Only just noticing the very limited distance between our bodies, I couldn't help it.

I laughed.

I rested my head on James' shoulder and laughed to my hearts content. What Sirius must think...

I could feel the deep rumble as Potter started to laugh also, leaving and absolutely bewildered Sirius in the door.

"RRIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTT. Okay, leaving the world of the nutters and entering Hogwarts. Ciao"

I was much to distracted to get angry at him for stealing my thing.

I was laughing so hard that Potter was basically holding me up. We walked cough stumbled cough to the nearest bed and collapsed on it.

Still lying on his bed, I said, "I really am sorry for punching you though. You we're just soo annoying."

James laughed.

"and I'm sorry for turning into a tyrant. I promise to be a nicer protector from now on."

I laughed at his reply. What a pair we make.

"You realize that this means you have to go easier on me at quidditch training right?"

"Not a snowball's chance in hell" he replied letting out a yawn.

Damn well, a girl was allowed to try wasn't she?

Why did he have to yawn. Everybody know's that yawning is contaigous.


Damn James.

I sat straight up.





I just called him James.





I just reread some of this, I did it subconsciously... MORE THAN ONCE!

Oh my gosh what's happening.

NOTE to self:


Self explanatory.

"alright there Lilykins?"

I groaned and lied back down.

Soo tired...

I hate him you know that.

I really really hate him.

He drives me into the ground.

And I die of tiredness.

And I'm missing dinner.

This is my last thought as I fall asleep.

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