She Likes

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She likes making love to the sound of the rain falling, but that never stopped her from making love any other time of the day. She had a knack of craving sex, when he was always not just in the mood yet. And when she got him in the mood it was the best feeling on earth. He knew just how she liked it, not even gentle or caring, she liked it rough and so did he.

Sometimes she'd try and rope him into having sex more than once a day, sometimes it worked. He once told her teasingly that sometimes she was too sexual for him, but she knew that he liked it just as much as she did. What hurt her the most was that his time was limited. That never stopped her from loving him or trying to make love to him. She cherished every moment with him and wanted him more every day…even when they had their ups and downs.

No one would believe that she was in love with him. They never got along…but things changed. She got pregnant with his baby after a drunken escapade and one thing lead to another. Although, somehow, through their loneliness they bonded and started a romantic relationship. He brought out a sweeter, caring and even more loving side of her that many didn't know existed. She believed he made her glow and become a better person.

She likes sitting in the sun in the fall, letting the crisp air caress her skin, but likes the spring more. Somehow she became gentler and more honest loving him; she knew that she wouldn't cheat on him like she did everyone else. She always had a thing for him and wouldn't have told him if the circumstances were different.

She likes laying in his arms, even if they weren't having sex, she liked the feeling of his arms around her…it made her feel like she was something special. She was in love with him, pure, honest and simply. And she likes it more than making love when it rained.

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