Hi there! I know I promised my self I would wait longer before starting another story, but I couldn't help myself! Anyway on to the story:

(At the lair of Jack Spicer. No POV)

"Alright, Lisa, tell me why you should be my apprentice." Jack said while shifting through some papers. Ever since Wuya left him things hadn't been going so great. Even thought he had they Wu detector it seemed to be react slower than Dojo and Wuya's wu sense. Which meant he always showed up last at when a wu revealed itself. If that weren't enough, He had to admit that he wasn't the best at a showdown, or just getting to the wu in general. So he was taking on an apprentice. It had been a long tiring day, interviewing freak after freak. But finally he came to Lisa.

"Well I have tons of powers. I could demonstrate a few, if you want." She spoke. She had long, shiny, jet black hair that fell almost to her knees. Her skin was pale, but not nearly as much as Jack's. Her eyes were a dark cold green. She had long slender hands and leg. And was slightly taller than Jack. She wore a bright red tank-top and dark blue jeans. She didn't smile either. Her expression was completely stoic, and yet sad and angry at the same time.

"What kind of powers?" Jack asked interested. So far no one that he had interviewed had powers. And she was the last person he interviewed.

"It varies. Mostly telekinetic powers, but also lighting, fire, ice, ect. I have a lot, and considering you wu detector is about to go off we really don't have time to discuss my powers." She said with confidence.

"What do you mean it's about to go off?" Jack asked puzzled.

"Didn't I tell you? I sense Shen Gong Wu. My senses are very apt, where else your machine is, well…Anyway, trust me, It will probably go off in, five, four, three, two, one, and go." She said pointing to the detector, and as if on cue, it started beeping.

"Wow. You're good. Okay let's make a deal, if you can get this wu then you have the job, okay?" Jack asked.

"Okay! This will give me a chance to prove just how great an apprentice I shall make. Although really I would rather be considered you partner, not you apprentice."

"Fine, partner, what ever. Just get the wu and you're in." Jack replied.

"Well what are we waiting for? Lets go!" Lisa said standing up, and then hovering in the air.

"You can fly? What else can you do?" Jack asked surprised.

"I stopped counting around eighty. So I guess I have hundreds of powers." She said it as if it were no big deal. Jack nearly fainted; Hundreds of powers! They would be unstoppable!

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