The final, abnormally long chapter is here. It was such a joy to write this story, I hope you all enjoy the ending:

(Next morning, no POV.)

Lisa spent the rest of the night with the wolves. She couldn't stand to tear herself away. She slept in snake form coiled up on the floor with the wolves. She just couldn't bare the thought of leaving them in a time like this. The others tried comforting her, but she just wanted to be with the wolves.

"You ready?" Jack asked stepping into the main room and starring at the giant snake. She shifted a little and yawned, barring her long sharp fangs, the slid out from under the wolves and transformed back into a human.

"Well…You gotta do what you gotta do." She said trying not to cry again. "Um anyway, we better make sure everyone is ready to, this involves all of us."

"It does?" Jack asked confused.

"Were you even listening when I read off the ingredients?" Lisa asked raising her voice.

"Yeah I was listening, but it didn't make sense!"

"Well, I need all of you. You each have a job. Wuya, being a witch and all, is going to be the castor. I am going to be the one who carries out the job. You know, Wuya uses the spell on me so I become powerful enough to banish them. Anyway, the spell requires a great amount of elemental power. I have some element powers of my own, but if I absorb the monks powers when it's at it highest power level, it'll be even better. Making sense?" Lisa explained.

"Yeah sort-of. So basically, Wuya is the one who does the first half of the spell, the part that makes you stronger, and then you do the rest?" Jack asked and Lisa nodded.

"Chase is going to be fighting off any spiders that come near. And you are going to make sure everything goes according to plan." Lisa told him.

"I see." Jack said and there was a silence. A pretty awkward silence.

"Hey Jack…" Lisa started.


"This may sound crazy and all, seeing as I've only known you for a few weeks, but…I think I love you…" She finished. Jack was taken by surprise. When he got after the shock he spoke,

"It doesn't sound that crazy. We've been through a lot…I think I love you too." He said and kissed her deeply.

"Well…" Lisa said pulling away and looking at the wolves. "We have a job to do."


Lisa explained everything and the group took their position outside of the fortress. It was a beautiful setting. The sun had just risen over the grassy fields. And off to the right was an ocean and the breeze coming from it was wonderful. A beautiful setting. And just the sight made the group temporally forget the task at hand. After all, who would think that on such a nice day a group of spiders was about to be banished forever? Sent to the deepest of the earth's core where nothing could ever escape. But still up on the surface, it was wonderful.

The group kinda stayed back as Lisa walked to the edge of the hill and looked down at the world below. (A/N: Okay, I know, Chase's fortress looks NOTHING, like that, but this whole ending was inspired by a dream so I'm just using those details.) She starred for a while, scanning the horizon for spiders before heading back to the group, and the wolves. She tried hard and was able to hold back tears. She cuddled them and told them how sorry she was and that she loved them while kissing their fur. It lasted for a few minutes, but it was finally time to get the whole nightmare over with.

"Alright guys…It's time. Jack, what's the first thing on the list?" Lisa asked. She had written down the "ingredients" in a more understandable manner.

"The first part is all the little ingredients mixed up. The first one it-" He started but Lisa cut him off,

"Wuya already memorized it." Wuya gathered up a large assortment of materials. Stuff ranging from something simple such as some dirt off the ground to things with names so unpronounceable and strange I couldn't even begin to describe it. But basically everything related all to one thing, they all had to do something with the fact that the spiders were about to rid of forever. Despite the fact that she was a witch she didn't mix it a cauldron. You see REAL witches mix things by combining them magically. As the stuff mixed it turned into a light purple cloud. The cloud started moving towards Wuya, since she mixed it, but she immediately reversed it and sent it towards Lisa who had agreed to be the one who carried out the "deed."

The cloud surrounded her and went into her body through her skin. She closed her eyes. It didn't hurt. It was just weird sensation. The cloud was what would make her stronger and give her the ability to cast the spell. It took a moment for the effects to start because first they had to be activated. Otherwise they were just an odd colored patch of air.

"Alright that's done." Jack said crossing off "combine ingredients" on the list. "Now to activate the effects you have to…you have to…you have to make the sacrifice…" He nearly whispered.

Lisa nodded silently. The others looked on with sadness. Some nearly about to tear up themselves. Because of the cloud, Lisa did gain some abilities. Not enough to banish a colony of spiders, but enough to kill at will.

She made her way back to the edge of the hill and the wolves followed. They stood at her side as if they knew. She extended her arms out and shakily turned her palms to the sky. She held them there for a moment and concentrated. Two figures appeared in each hand, hovering slightly above her palm. The figures were two red holograms of a heart. And not the cute little shape that girly-girls dot their "i's" with, but the blood pumping organ. That heart.

She held her arms out for a minute. Could she do it? Was it worth it? How could anyone do it? How could she kill them?

But she had to.

Not letter herself hesitate a moment longer, with a small silver tear rolling down her cheeks, and a quick whisper of "sorry," she quickly balled her hands into a fist, crushing the hearts. They were only holograms that looked like glass heart, but they acted like both. The hearts shattered into hundreds of piece and glass breaking noise was heard. The pieces bounced around for a moment before fading into the nothingness they were. And at the exact the moment the hearts were crushed two more red figures appeared. Just two lines. The lines pierced through the air and intersected the wolves' hearts. An instant kill.

Unable to hold back, she cried. No loud sobs. Just silent tears. But there was no time to feel sorry. From the fallen bodies on the floor another purple gas emitted. It surrounded her as the other and the effects were about to set in. But before they could she had to gain the four elements. And out on the horizon the spiders were approaching. Chase and Wuya (who was no longer needed.) ran down the hill and kept them back. Jack wasn't needed anymore, they all knew what to do.

"WUDAI ORION FORMATION!" Omi shouted and the monks took their place. In order for everything to work the elements had to be at the top of their powers. Lisa approached them growing stronger by the minute. She extended out a slender shaking finger and touched the middle dot on Omi's head. The monks were all over come by a feeling of weakness as their powers drained. Just like they did in wu fuse, the clear tubes came out and wrapped around Lisa. But not just her right arm. Both arms and legs. There were more than just three tubes as well. There were dozens of them. They were multi-colored and represented each element. As they changed with shen gong wu fusion, Lisa's eyes changed colors. They went to a deep dark black. Not black from extreme for anger, but from extreme power.

She let go and once again walked to the edge of the hill, the tubes however stayed with her instead of the usual disappearance. And all in complete silence, they swayed around in the breeze like Lisa's hair and when she reached the edge they went into her skin as they usually did. There were three of each tube color. The colors were blue, red, green, and white, the colors the monks turn in the formation. She held her arm out and opened her legs just a little. And soon everything started to change.

The elements began to take place in her. The white tubes that were around her right arm split open and water spilled out. But it didn't fall off. It wrapped around her arm until it was covered in water. As if just her arm was an ocean itself. Not a single drop fell it all clung to her. And it looked as if her arm was completely made of water.

And at the same time the blue tube began to change. It turned a clear-ish color and grew larger until the wind inside exploded out. And just as the water did, it twisted it's way around her, the only difference was that it was her left arm. And just as the other arm, this one seemed to be completely made of air. It was violent to. The wind didn't stay still. It kept moving around. The water was moving as well, but not as noticeably.

Again, at the same time as the others, the red tubes began to bond with the teen. The red tube was on her right leg and of course represented fire. The flames started at the top of the tube and wound it's way down her leg in a spiral motion. At first it was just the spiral that was on fire, but soon it spread over the rest of her leg. The flames licked at the top of her shorts but they didn't catch fire. Something to do with the magic.

All when that was happening the green tube, which was around her left leg, obviously began to change to. (A/N: There's a hidden meaning why the tubes are where I put them. Can you figure it out?) It went from a vibrant green to a light brown. Unlike the other tubes that twisted around her this one stayed at the top of her leg almost hidden by her short. The brown tube changed even more. It hardened and turned to rock. The rock crumbled and fell down her leg encasing it all in stone.

With a body all covered in the elements, another change simultaneously began. She began to grow taller. Much taller. And after just a minute she was a giant. That was they way the spell worked. That was why the original witch who cast it used a giant creature. It was just what the spell did, made magical beings huge. No one knows why but do they need an explanation? It is magic after all.

And the last part of the spell was the incantation. The words had to be said just right or it wouldn't work. (A/N: Don't give me that look, I know it's totally stereo typical but as I said before this all based on a dream. BLAME THE IMAGINATION!) Lisa began to speak, but it didn't quite sound like her. Echoing in the back was another voice. Slightly louder. A females. Sandy's. Her voice. Her spirit had bonded with Lisa's. Anyone who cast the spell would bond to the genius who invented the spell. And Lisa/Sandy began to speak:

"Rain drops to oceans." The water became violent and swirled around her arm very fast. It started controlling the water around them and the ocean's waves started crashing down upon the land.

"Stray winds it hurricanes." The wind swirled around a little faster and started to blow things around them. Pulling the spiders in.

"Ashes to blazes." The fire erupted and covered the land in smoke. The smoke was far enough away from everyone so that it didn't choke them. But it choked the spiders.

"And rocks to mountains." The stone grew in size and moved. It went out in all directions. It was tracking down the spiders so it could encase them in stone.

"The blood of the innocent is the key in activating it all. The death of two creatures to save another and banish an unwanted." A small rip appeared in both wolves stomachs. From the hole a trickle of blood started. Two little stream of crimson liquid traveled up to Lisa and set in her hands like two little orbs or blood.

" To the deepest of depths. Where the magma is created. To the center of all earth. SEND THEM TO THE EARTHS CORE!" Lisa no longer had control. Sandy had completely taken over her. The spiders would be tortured first. Encased in rock they couldn't move. And none could get away as they set on fire. The blaze didn't last long before the water put it out turning everything to black rubble. All that was left of the spider. Just ash. The mighty colony has fallen. And then the winds began. They blew the ashes around for a bit before burring them into the earths core. And that was the last of them. Just ashes millions of miles below us all.

And with the spell complete Lisa changed once again. The fire burned out. The water evaporated. The wind was blown astray. And the rocks crumbles away. And she began to shrink back to normal size. But she didn't just shrink down to her feet. She shrunk in the air, and being exhausted she couldn't fly, so she started to fall.

The others, even Chase and Wuya, all rushed over. Fortunately Jack caught her and was holding her up.

"Are you okay?" Everyone asked.

"I'm fine. Just a lil tired." She said and stood up with difficulty. She walked over to the wolves dead bodies and fell to her knees. And all the tears just came out. After a few minutes of weeping scavengers and all sorts of animals started to come over. The blood was attracting them. Bears and birds and little animals too all interest in one thing, a meal.

"NO!" Lisa screamed and jumped to her feet. The animals starred at her. "LEAVE THEM ALONE! I MAY COMMUNICATE MENTALY BUT I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND! YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING! YOU JUST DO! NOW GO AWAY! GO AWAY…" She kept repeating "go away" over and over the volume going down until it was a whisper. But it worked. The animals turned on their heels and left.

Sobbing like crazy, she got to another job. She started aiming powerful telekinetic blast at the ground making two deep holes. When the holes were deep enough she lowered the wolves into them and threw dirt on top. Still crying she was able to burry them.

The others just couldn't watch any more. They went over to comfort her.

"Hey, it's okay. You saved the world. It was a sacrifice, but I mean come on, you saved the world!" Jack said putting his arm around her.

"We all did…" She whispered. She wanted to, but she just couldn't take all the credit.

And they had a funeral for two animals that had helped them so much. They deserved it. And everyone shed a few tears at the funeral.


Lisa sat on the beach. She was near the edge with her head on her knees. She took off her boots and was letting the water come up to her feet. Her hair blew around in the gentle breeze and she was even covered in sand slightly. But she didn't care, there was just something she loved about beaches. She was alone. She was sad. She just starred into the ocean remembering everyone. Not just the wolves, everyone she had loved.

"Hey." Jack said coming over and sitting down with her.

"Hi." She said back and forced a smile.

"Watcha doin'" Jack asked.

"Just thinking about things. All these events. Its like…The wolves, like they were with us for a reason. Like two little angles sent down from heaven to help us." She said and turned, looking Jack in the eye.

"I…I didn't know you were spiritual." Jack said unsure of what to say.

"I'm not. It's just, don't you think this was all fate or something? I mean before I froze everything this thought just popped into my head. Wolves, wolves. It just kept repeating. So I called out mentally and sure enough they came. Its like something clicked in my mind, they were important. I knew they would help us so I didn't freeze them. Like all along I knew they had a purpose in our lives." She explained.

"I guess I kinda understand that. I mean without the whole sacrifice thing they would've been just two animals. But with it, they had a meaning in life. Even if it was a sad one." Jack said. Lisa nodded and laid down in the sand, Jack followed.

"Can I asked you something?" Jack said turning to her.

"What is it?"

"After all this, and saving the world and stuff…Can you still be heylin? I mean after saving the world, it kinda makes me think you might go xiaolin." Jack said.

Lisa thought for a moment then spoke, "Once a heylin always a heylin."

"Agreed." Jack said nodding. "But what about Chase?"

"Oh he's defiantly still heylin." Lisa said not getting the question.

"No, I mean what about you two?"

"It doesn't change anything, really. I'll still be your partner. We'll just be making a few more visits to the ole fortress." She said and smiled. He smiled back. They were silent for a minute just starring into each others eyes. And then Jack spoke,

"I was thinking about what you said…And I know its soon to be declaring such things… but after what we've been through…I just know that I do love you." Lisa rolled over so she was very close to him.

"Same here." She said and kissed him.


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