Title: In Memory: Celebrían 1/3

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Rating: T

Summary: A ceremony of remembrance for Celebrían causes a lot of changes in the Peredhil's house. Elrond faces his pain, Estel is being lonely. Need I add more?

Spoiler: AU.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: Mention of sailor character. OOC in case. Angst. Prepare the tissues.

Note: Estel's age is 8.

Princeling Legolas's age is 10.

Visitors from Lothlórien and Mirkwood appear in the story.

In Memory: Celebrían



Noises, loud noises woke Estel from his deep sleep.

He opened his eyes to see his Adar, the twins and Arwen talking to each other.

He did not see their tears at first, but then Estel requested, because he was still tired: "Ada, I want to sleep… you woke me…"

"He is awake," Elrond said and left the room.

The twins and Arwen first looked at Estel and Arwen said softly: "You can sleep as long as you want, we will not wake you again."

Estel stared at them as they left the room without a word or tucking him back to sleep.

Something was wrong, but he did not dare say it aloud and let his head fall softly on his pillow.

Later that day…

Estel left his room and walked to the garden.

He noticed the large number of the elves that were there. First he thought of his birthday; that they might arrange a birthday surprise for him, but then, when he walked closer, he noticed flowers, many flowers in different colors - colors that he had never seen in Imladris.

He walked up to the crowd and was surprised to see Legolas.

He noticed that Legolas was crying and next to him the King stood, crying as well. Estel was curious, he did not know what had happened and what his friend and the king were crying for.

Curious, Estel asked his friend: "Legolas, mellon-nin, why are you crying?"

"There has been a ceremony to remember Celebrían," Legolas said in broken sobs, but was cut off by Estel.

"But why are you crying?" Estel asked, interrupting Legolas's words.

"I knew her, because she knew my nana. She was pretty like my nana, she was like a second nana for me. She told me stories of what happened outside of Mirkwood, and I miss her."

A cough was heard and Estel noticed the look that Legolas's father gave him and his elfling.

Legolas leant over hto is adar and whispered some words that Estel did not understand and then he left the crowd, Estel following him.

Legolas stopped walking before he entered the house, asking Estel to wait for him.

"Where are you going? Can I come with you?" Estel asked Legolas before he entered.

Legolas turned to him, fresh tears in his eyes, and answered. "No, but wait for me, I will be back in a few minutes."

Estel nodded and then turned around when he heard soft noises.

The elves were singing a lullaby for Celebrían and Estel began to hum, because he was bored, trying to keep himself busy until Legolas came back.

Estel called out to Elrohir when he saw him, causing the gathered elves to shoot him angry glances.

"What?" Estel asked. He did not know what he had done, because no one had told him what was going on.

"Shh… you must be quiet," Elrohir hushed him and took him aside.

Elrohir knelt next to the boy and hugged him when Estel asked: "What did I do wrong? I only hummed."

"Do you know what is going on now?" Elrohir asked, still holding his brother.

"Something about some lady, that Legolas prefers her as a second nana or something," Estel mumbled, because truly he did not know anything about it.

"You talked to Legolas? Has he been here? I did not see him!" Elrohir exclaimed as he pulled away from the hug and stood, looking for Legolas.

"He is not outside," Estel answered and then added, because he wished his brother would stay with him and tell him what was going on: "He has gone into the house and asked me to wait, but I do not know what is he crying for?"

Elrohir looked at him and answered: "He was crying for my nana, who sailed from Middle Earth…"

Elrohir was interrupted by his father's cough, who stared at him.

"Forgive me adar, but Estel did not know," Elrohir was cut off by his father who glared at him. When Elrohir joined his father, his twin and Arwen gave him the same look Elrond had bestowed upon him.

Again, Estel found himself alone and still confused, puzzled from what he had heard.

Glorfindel noticed the boy humming and when he saw Elrohir walk over his mind flew back to the memory of Celebrían, knowing her pain and why she had left Middle-Earth.

A few minutes later he turned to Estel and noticed he was alone. He watched him tap his foot angrily, probably because the boy was frustrated not knowing what was going on.

He walked over to him, knelt, and pulled Estel into warm embrace.

"I saw Legolas, find him and play with him," Glorfindel suggested.

"I know, I already saw him, but he told me to wait till he comes back. He went inside, but did not come out again," Estel said trembling.

Glorfindel noticed the shivering, saw the new tears forming and knew that any minute Estel would cry.

"I will go and check what takes him so much time," Glorfindel suggested and without waiting for Estel's answer he entered the house.

Estel watched him as he left, his mouth half-open, because he had wanted to say something.

Less than a minute later he noticed Legolas leaving the house led by Glorfindel and still crying.

As they came to stand next to Estel Glorfindel said softly to the princeling: "He has been waiting for you, he missed you… and he needs someone to play with… especially this day."

Legolas looked at Glorfindel, saw the smirk and the sparkle in his eyes and then he sighed and swallowed the tears.

Glorfindel left them and rejoined the other elves.

"What took you so long?" Estel asked angrily.

"I… I looked for Celebrían's picture to show you how she looked like," Legolas answered and then he opened his hands and handed Estel the item and added, "This is Celebrían, wife of Lord Elrond and mother of the twins and Arwen."

Estel took the image and stared at it for a long time. He seemed stunned by her beauty and then tried to find his brothers in the crowd for comparison, but he could not find them, or Elrond or Arwen in the crowd.

"My nana was murdered by evil creatures, by orcs. I never thought that I would lose her so soon, because I knew elves cannot die, but my ada explained to me that elves can die in war," Legolas broke off, swallowing his tears, because he missed his mother.

"Your nana was murdered?" Estel asked in wonder.

He did not remember Legolas ever telling him that, only that she was away with her parents, but nothing like that.

Legolas nodded, thinking it was the right time to tell his friend the truth that he had kept to himself until now.

"Why did you lie to me? I thought I was your friend!" Estel exclaimed, angry.

Estel had thought their friendship was based on trust and faith, but now he had to learn that he had been lied to.

Legolas took several steps away from Estel and answered, "I did not lie, just I could not say that my nana is dead, I could not face the truth. I could not even believe that she died."

Estel stared at his friend and said nothing more, but walked over to him and laid his hand on Legolas's arm for support, hoping that he was not hurting his friend's feelings.

Legolas turned around and thanked Estel for not ending their friendship, because he had lied to him.

"I… I know that you are human, your name is well known in all other elven kingdoms," Legolas said, breaking the silence that stretched between them, even though the lullaby for Celebrían still continued in the background.

"Am I famous?" Estel asked with smile on his face.

Legolas nodded and answered. "Only among elves, mellon-nin. Anyway, I wanted to tell you more, for I am not aware if you know that or not…"

Legolas swallowed the tears still rolling down his cheeks and added. "We have feelings too, just like humans and dwarves. Did you know that elves are immortal?"

"Yes, my Lord Elrond mentioned it in my bed-time story when he spoke about your father. He told me stories of himself and your father."

"I know… father told me the same things. How Elrond healed him when he was hurt and then Elrond took my ada's advice to become a healer," Legolas added.

Legolas turned his head, looking over to his Adar and then the Peredhils.

"What is it, mellon-nin?" Estel asked, noticing Legolas's distraction.

"Now, my ada told me on the way here that after all the songs the Peredhils and all those who knew Celebrían would take the road she had taken with her parents when she was captured by orcs," Legolas answered a bit disappointed, because he wished to go as well.

End of Chapter 1.