Title: In Memory: Celebrían 3/3

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Rating: T

Summary: A ceremony of remembrance for Celebrían causes a lot of changes in the Peredhil's house. Elrond faces his pain, Estel is being lonely. Need I add more?

Spoiler: AU.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: Mention of sailor character. OOC in case. Angst. Prepare the tissues.

Note: Estel's age is 8.

Princeling Legolas's age is 10.

Visitors from Lothlórien and Mirkwood appear in the story.

In Memory: Celebrían


Each kingdom took a bouquet of flowers with them on the journey.

The Lady and Lord of Lothlórien took a garland of golden leaves and colored flowers.

King Thranduil and Legolas took green leaves as a sign of their kingdom.

Lord Elrond gave his bouquet of flowers to Estel, and so each of his sons took one part of the set of flowers.

They were heading for the Misty Mountains across the Redhorn Gate, for they were following the track Celebrían had taken.

Estel was riding with his father and looking for Legolas.

Legolas was riding the horse his father had given him. He rode behind his father, wanting to be close to him.

One week later…

The twins dismounted their horse and led the group of elves into the cave where they had found their mother tormented and poisoned.

"This is where we found her. Ada, we just wish that we had come sooner," Elladan said.

Elrond came over to the twins and hugged them. He understood their pain and knew of their oath.

"That is alright, though I wish she would have asked me to join her, but she did not," Elrond said and looked at Galadriel and Celeborn, who silently wept.

Their daughter had sailed from Middle-Earth, giving up, because her spirit had been spoiled by orcs. They wished she would have been at least in company when she fell in the middle of her journey at the hands of orcs.

Estel noticed the cave, he noticed for the first time that the twins were crying, as was Arwen.

Estel came to stand with Legolas and his father and asked, when he saw the movement of the group: "Where are we going now? I am tired."

Thranduil heard his son answering to the boy. "Patience, mellon-nin, all you have to do is being patient. All your Ada needs is time. Be his hope, Estel."

Estel nodded and ran to his ada, taking his hand in his.

"I am proud of you, ion-nin," Thranduil said to his son with a smile and lifted him to carry him when he walked outside.

The group was headed for the sea, from where Celebrían had sailed.

One week later…

They reached the sea and each one of them who had flowers went to the water's edge to let go of them.

Galadriel and Celeborn were first and put their flowers in the water, and then spoke with tears in their eyes: "Why have you given up? We could have saved you. We could have helped you if you had stayed, why would you leave us?"

Estel let go of Elrond's hand and walked over to Galadriel and Celeborn.

"Estel, don't!"

But he did not relent and took Galadriel and Celeborn by the hand.

That move made the Lady and Lord lower their heads and look at the boy. They smiled.

"It's alright, Elrond. Estel is life, he is hope, take care of him," Galadriel said and led the boy back to his father.

"Hannon-le," Galadriel knelt by the boy and gave him a warm embrace and a kiss.

Estel wept and nodded, but stayed silent otherwise.

King Thranduil and his elfling were next. They both held the bouquet of green leaves as a sign of their kingdom. Legolas put them in the water while Thranduil watched him with his heart full of pride.

"I wish that you had never left me, I wish that you could teach me more," Legolas let the tears flow freely.

"You healed me from my grief when my wife was murdered and I thank you for that," Thranduil knelt by his elfling. They both were crying.

Estel watched father and son and he felt an ache in his heart, wishing his father would show him those feelings as well. He missed being loved by a family. He still felt like an outsider.

Estel went over to Legolas and Thranduil and whispered. "Can I move to your kingdom?"

Thranduil and Legolas smiled when they heard the boy. Thranduil wished that he could, but he knew that Elrond had taken it upon himself to guide and teach the boy.

Thranduil looked at Elrond and gave him a death glare, wondering why Elrond did nothing.

Thranduil decided to ask Elrond. "Would you mind if I teach the boy in my kingdom?"

"Of course I mind, he is my son, not yours," Elrond answered.

"Then you should start being a father, because he asked us to take him to our kingdom, to be loved, to feel like part of a family," Thranduil told him and then he walked back to his elfling.

Thranduil and Legolas stepped aside, giving the Peredhil's some space.

Arwen went first and laid her flowers on the water. "You could have taught me a lot, if only you had stayed."

The twins walked up to their sister, and squeezed her shoulders from each side.

Arwen moved aside, knowing that her brothers wanted to say something, too.

"I could not stand that horrible look when I saw you before my eyes, tormented like this by those evil creatures. Me and my twin each took an oath to destroy all the orcs as painfully as possible, because of what they did to us. They caused you to leave us, sailing from Middle Earth," Elrohir spoke, as he and his twin laid down the flowers in the sea to let them join to the other flowers and leaves.

The twins took a step back to their sister while Elrond took Estel to the edge of the sea and murmured silently. "You… left me… with no words… you should have told me of the pain that you suffered from… I should have known…"

"I tried to heal you and I healed your body, but you did not talk of the pain in your mind, not being able to stand the sight of the orcs for the pain they had caused you."

Estel heard his words and held his ada's hand tighter in his own, not letting him go.

Elrond let Estel put the flowers into the sea and then he walked away, leaving Estel alone with his thoughts.

Thranduil was angry when he saw Elrond's movement, leaving the boy all alone next to the edge of the sea. He was afraid the boy would fall.

Estel took half a step back looking at the sunset and said: "I wish I could see your face, see the pain in your eyes, but I could not, though I wish father would let me know all that I missed, teach me more… but I suppose that this is taking time, just like Legolas said and I need to wait."

Legolas wanted to go to his friend and hold his hand, but Thranduil stopped him and whispered: "Let Elrond handle it, he is his father. Come, ion, we have a long way to ride."

Thranduil stepped next to Elrond to say goodbye and whispered: "This is your chance to change. Show him what he is looking for; let him know that he is not alone among the elves, even if he is a human. This is your opportunity, mellon-nin."

Thranduil walked away and took Legolas with him and as they mounted their horses they watched the union between father and son.

Elrond went to Estel and said, kneeling next to him: "I named you Estel to be my hope, because I lost it when my wife sailed, but I know that you have been feeling neglected lately and I am very sorry for that, ion-nin."

'Legolas was right, maybe time heals, too,' Estel thought, a smile lighting up his face.

"I feel like I don't belong with your family, ada. You left me to look from the outside while you act as a family."

"You are part of this family, ion, and I am sorry. You have to let me know what you feel, so I can help and be there for you when you need me. Do you understand that, my son?" Elrond asked while he caressed his son's cheeks and then kissed him.

"I understand and I wish that you could tell me a bed-time story when we get home," Estel asked.

He had waited to say that for a long time, maybe now everything would be alright.

The End