Disclaimer: if I owned anything I would not have to write this fanfic.

I felt her fingertips, gentle as always, on the small of my back, slowly caressing it as kissed her. She was so close to me, making me mad with her ever so warm blood, pulsing through her veins. I moved my mouth towards her neck, trying to be as close to her blood veins as possible, but careful not the allow my teeth to prick them. I am afraid I would not be able to control myself I were to have a taste of her blood. My mouth left her neck, the warmth was maddening, too maddening for me to continue my work. I shifted my kisses downwards towards her left nipple and started suckling. She entwined her fingers n my hair and arched her back to pull me in closer.

"Do you think u can handle making love to me like normal man?" she said.

"You know very well I can't", I replied, sadly.

"Then bite me," she said.

I stopped what I was doing to look at her.

"I thought we have gone through this already," I said, sitting up and turning away, unable to look at her.

"I'm sorry Draco, I shouldn't have said that," she said.

"You are regretting aren't you?" I cried angrily, facing her again, staring straight into her chocolate mocha eyes.

"No," she was unable to face me.

"You're lying," my tone softened. "Come on Herms, confide in me," I reached over to hold her in my arms.

"It's been so long Drake. 6 months, isn't it? It's always like this. Things always gets heated up and then you would stop abruptly just before you could take me. The tension is killing me Drake. I know it isn't easy for you too, but…" she could no longer continue due to the sobs emitting from her.

"You know I love you right? And you love me too right? Please don't shut me out of your world anymore Drake. I want to be like you, be with you, be one with you. Draco please, let me." She looked at me with her watery eyes.

I released her from my grip and stood up, slowly picking up my clothes on the floor and dressing. She just looked at me the whole time. I believe she already knows the answer. I approached and door and turned the knob. Before I stepped out, I said softly without looking back at her, "Being a vampire is not fun Herms. It's a curse. You would live a life of sins and guilt for eternity. Given your heart of gold, you would not like that. I guess it is time for us to part now, please do not force me anymore, Mudblood."

I stepped out of her room and walked straight towards the portrait and exited the Head Dorm. I could distinctly hear her crying, but I know, sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind. I truly did love her, and I guess this is one of those few women that I would take a long time to forget. Now to tackle a more serious problem, food, before I find her request too irresistible.