Chapter one

Hermione was reading in her bedroom when she heard a tapping sound come from her window. She laid the book down and looked up. An owl had arrived with a letter. More accurately, a Hogwarts owl had arrived with a Hogwarts letter.

So early? thought Hermione.

The owl did not enter her room even though the window was open.

Ah, an owl with manners.

She picked up some owl treats and walked to the window. She untied the letter off the owl and presented it with some owl treats. It nipped affectionately at her palm, finished off the treats and left.

The order request your immediate presence, bring your parents.


p/s. some one will pick you up at your house at 7pm tonight. Pack your school supplies.

Order business? Weird…

She ran downstairs to call her mom and dad at their dental clinic, telling them about the letter. They agreed to meet at home at 6.30 pm that night.

Hermione first went to Diagon alley to get her school supplies and new robes.

(AN: Let's fast forward, shall we?)

So as planned, by 6.30pm that night, the Granger family all sat at their living room, waiting for their chaperon. Hermione felt uneasy, though her parents always smiled when she see her looking at them. No words were exchanged between them. Silent glances at her parents have raised her uneasiness as she sees them share worried looks.

7pm sharp, the chaperon arrived. Surprise surprise, it's Hagrid.

"Let's get a move on shall we?" Hagrid said, "Just grab hold of this portkey and we should be off in about 15 seconds."

Hagrid produced a tissue box, the supposed portkey. Each of them took hole of a corner of the tissue box and they were off in exactly 15 seconds later, landing in Ron's kitchen.

Stupid portkey magic, must they be so uncomfortable? Why can't we just apparate like normal wizards do? Hermione fumed silently.

"Herms, you're here," shouted an excited Ron when he and Harry walked down the stairs and caught sight of their long-time best friend. Hugs and greetings went round with the Granger and Weasley family members, and of course Harry too. During small talks, several order members start to arrive, more greetings went round. When everyone was present, Dumbledore spoke, "I believe we should start the meeting, can everyone gather at the kitchen table please?"

Everyone trotted to the kitchen table and sat down.

Funny how the table always manage to accommodate us all. Must be magic.

Dumbledore nodded at Hermione's parents, signaling for them to proceed, "Hermione, there's something which you must know," said her father.

"I'm adopted, I know," Hermione said. Ron and Harry gasped. Dumbledore merely nodded and smiled. Everyone else at the table just stared at Hermione with wide eyes.

"And you didn't tell us?" said Ron, who felt cheated.

"I suspected it when we were in third year when I found out that muggleborn witches never score better than half-blood or pure-blood witches, it's hereditary. I simply dismissed it and thought I was just special. I couldn't confirm that fact until today and I didn't want to say anything until it was confirmed, I hope you can understand," said Hermione. She looked earnestly at her friends, seeking their forgiveness.

"We do Hermione, we do," assured Harry.

"Thanks, Harry," Hermione said, grateful.

"Now to carry on with the meeting," Dumbledore tried to get everyone's attention back to him. "Hermione, what I am going to say next may not be easy for you to digest, but I assure you that I am not joking." Dumbledore said, looking at Hermione, seemingly pitying her. "Hermione, your birth parents are Prof. McGonagall and Snape."

"Ah, that explains my talent in both areas," Hermione said calmly.

No hysterical behavior, no screaming, no denying. This is going better than I thought it would. thought Dumbledore.

"And the order have a mission for you. You are forewarned that this is a dangerous mission and highly risky. You do not have to accept it if you do not wish to, however, your participation in this mission would be great help to the fall of Voldermort. You may first listen to the details before accepting the mission." Dumbledore looked at Hermione thoughtfully.

"Please continue," Hermione said, with eager.

An important order mission! mused Hermione.

"We would like you to play the role of Voldermort's daughter," Dumbledore announced with a steady voice.

"WHAT? No way. Hermione, it's too dangerous. Say no, now!" Ron was practically jumping on his seat right now, urging Hermione to turn down the mission.

"Hermione, I hate to say this, but I agree with Ron, it's too dangerous," Harry said, trying to hold Ron down.

"Have you gone out of your mind? She is but a child, how could you give her such an assignment?" Mrs Weasley looked like she wanted to faint.

The rest of the order member looked sympathetic. It seems as if they have already been notified of the arrangement.

"I'll take it," said Hermione, startling everyone around the table. Mrs Weasley really fainted this time.

"Bless your heart Hermione, thank you," Dumbledore bowed to her. "You are a brave warrior."

Ron stomped out of the kitchen to his room, with Harry trailing behind, who gave a back glance at Hermione and nodded, as if saying, I admire your courage and you have my support.

"When do I start?" Hermione asked.

"Due to time constraint, tomorrow," Dumbledore stated.

"What do I have to do?"

And they started a lengthy discussion about the impossible mission that will ultimately change Hermione's life, and many others too.