To those who hate the first ending: I was going to do a sequel called "Dumbledore's Mistake". But school's starting soon, soI reckon I would not be too free to update frequently. I hope the alternate ending is good. So stop hating me!


(You can skip this part, I only change the things after Draco killed voldie)

They raced hand in hand towards the dungeon meeting place, side stepping dead bodies along the way. Weaving their way through curses, hexes and bodies, they found Voldemort heavily guarded by Deatheaters who were throwing Killing Curse for all that's worth. Hermione and Draco were ushered towards Voldemort.

"What is happening Father?"

"Unexpected Auror attack. Somehow they found out that I am in the Malfoy Manor and they launched an attack this morning."

"Shit. Let's get out of here to somewhere safe," Hermione took her "father's" hand and Draco's to apparate out of the room.

They landed in Hogwarts Head Common Room.

"Why here?" Voldemort looked around.

"The most dangerous place is the safest place," Hermione stated simply.

Draco began throwing many locking, silencing and protective charms around the room.

"Okay, it should be safe for now." Draco sat down with the father-and-daughter duo on the couch. That's when Draco noticed a bloody patch on Voldemort's robes.

"You're hurt," Draco pointed at his robes and said. "Lie down, I'll heal it for you."

Voldemort looked at Draco skeptically and said," I don't need healing."

"Dad please, you are losing a lot of blood."

Voldemort laid down to allow Draco to work his healing hands on his great gash on the stomach.

"The cut's too big, I can't heal it alone. Moreover some kind of magic seems to be preventing me from healing it. I think we need to combine our efforts to neutralize the magic first."

So they sat on the floor in a circle, holding hands while Draco and Hermione started chanting. Voldemort felt like he was weakening rapidly and before he had time to ask why, he had already blacked out.

Draco and Hermione chanted a different spell after Voldemort blacked out. Slowly, soul-like substances started to enter Voldemort's body one by one. Twenty minutes of endless chanting later, all of Voldemort's horcruxes have returned. They stopped chanting and Hermione passed out. Draco finished their job with the Killing Curse.

Nine months after the War, the Aurors are rounding up the rest of the less dangerous Deatheaters and Hogwarts was reopened and thankfully, many returned unharmed. Harry got a few minor injuries. Ron miraculously survived with only a few scratches. Ginny got her half her hair burned off and is complaining like mad about how she looked horrible with short hair. Hermione looked at her three best friends when they are having their last dinner in Hogwarts before they board the train home. She placed a hand on her stomach smiling. She had a surprise installed for Draco. When she saw Draco stand up to leave the Great Hall, she left too.

"Hey Drake, wait up."

"Yah baby?" Hermione caught up with him and he laced his hands with hers. The duo walked hand in hand to their dorm.

"How would you name our future child?"

"I don't know. Pray tell, why ask?"

"Well, you have eight months to think of a name before you become a father." Hermione smirked and ran ahead of him.

"You're kidding right?" Draco immediately stops walking.

"You don't like the fact that I am pregnant?" Hermione stops running too and turned to him, pouting.

"Actually, I am ecstatic," Draco said gently, walks up to his wife-to-be and mother of his unborn child and kissed her square on her lips. "Let's get married soon."

Only two weeks after graduation and many Hogwarts students from Gryffindor and Slytherin were gathered once again in Draco's backyard to witness the wedding of him and Hermione. It was a joyous event. Girls wept and guys stood to clap when they exchanged vows.

Hermione stood, holding her bouquet of flowers, in front of an excited crowd of single, female, Hogwarts graduate. She turned around and tossed the flowers to them. She turned around to see Ginny clutching the flowers. Next, Harry walked up to her and got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. Ginny nodded and they kissed. Everyone cheered their lungs out.

That night, Draco lay in bed beside his sleeping wife whom he just had the best sex of his life with. Looking at her is like looking at heaven on legs. He loved her with all his heart, his soul and his life. They had been through so much, it is time he let her enjoy life.

Hermione's eyes fluttered open and she look at her husband who is looking at her.

"Hey there."

"Hey you back."

"Ready for round two?" Draco nudged his wife's neck with his nose.

"Hmm…You can be less gentle. I don't think our daughter would mind." Hermione started moving her legs up Draco's thigh.

"Oh… Then can I call her Genevieve?" Draco sucked on the hallow of her neck.

"Great name," Hermione managed to whisper before losing herself in Draco's magical kisses.

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