Severus and Sirius are forced to marry each other. Sirius isn't one to be tied down easily though and leaves his new husband shortly after wedding ...

Chapter 1

He felt like hell. Outside it was a beautiful summer day and for most people also quite an ordinary one. Not for a young man named Sirius Black, who was currently sitting on the edge of the bed in his rooms, waiting for his father. The only thing to keep him company was a half empty bottle of Firewhisky. He stared into space and contemplated the situation, in which he got caught, completely unprepared. Possibly the first one of this seriousness which wasn't, even partly, his fault.

Sharp knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. "Are you ready, boy?" asked his father, tall and stern looking man with thick graying hair and just as pale blue eyes as were his son's.

"As ready as I can ever be," Sirius muttered under his breath, so his father couldn't hear him. He stood up and not so carefully kicked the bottle under the bed. Sod it, if it spills, he thought in last attempt of defiance.

A man named Willkins, who camein with his father,made an attempt to straighten up his tie and collar. He was an old friend of his father and so he was asked by his parents to attend this farce as one of Sirius' best men.

They were joined by three other Sirius' squires down in the main hall. Remus Lupin, his schoolmate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the only one in this room Sirius cared about, smiled softly, reassuringly, but his eyes asked silently, if he was all right. Sirius grimaced in response. He felt sick. He caught a sight of himself in a large mirror on the wall and what he saw didn't cheer him up in the slightest: his face was drawn and pale, his eyes a little red-rimmed from lack of sleep and too much of alcohol from last four nights. Not to mention the horrible taste in his mouth. Remus stepped towards him, lending him support.

They exited the hall through the glass door and got out on the terrace, then down the stairs and across the lawn to the large white tent, where a crowd was assembled. They were coming from the right side, directly to the white marble altar. From the other side was coming another small group, all in white and golden dress robes, just like him and his companions. And in the midst of them ...

Severus Snape, tall, dark-haired, beak-nosed and as ugly as the first day he had met him, on the platform nine and three quarters, fourteen years ago.

They arrived to the altar in the same time and both knelt down simultaneously and surprisingly without any murmured insults. They had gone through this part of ceremony so many times before, that the arguments in this particular position must have somehow lost their appeal, Sirius mused, even when those two could argue in any position for hours. But the problem was – this wasn't any of the last rehearsals, but the real thing ... and if everything went according to plan, they could soon find themselves in a position he rather wouldn't think of at all. To Sirius, it really seemed as if that was his execution, as he waited, kneeling with his head bowed down, for the axe to fall.

"We all gathered here on this day -" dry voice of the old priest, Mr Mortimer was his name, carried above his head to the crowd.

Oh my God, so this is how it ends. Sirius wanted leap on his feat and scream at the top of his lungs, that this isn't happening and that everyone can get the hell out of here and leave him be.

But of course he did not do such a thing. He was a known rebel, true, but no one in their right mind would go against people like his parents, Augustus and Persephone Black. And certainly not in public. That would sign his death warrant.

"- to bond those two soul, that wish to stay together in -" Sirius snorted. Snape beside him made a small growl-like noise. Well, at least he wouldn't be Snape for long, Sirius smirked inwardly. This was about the only thing he was pleased about: Snape was to get HIS last name.

But all the same, look at the injustice here. Seven years in the school with the little slimy git and he hoped that he had managed to get himself rid of him. No such a luck. Two years ago, his mother had announced that she found a suitable mate for him to marry. He hadn't been pleased. Whoever his mother had chosen, it certainly wouldn't correspond with his image ideal mate. He had been right. When his mother had reintroduced him Snape and his mother, he had almost fainted from shock. He had tried, and he suspected, that Snape had tried as well, to talk his parents out of this one, but they wouldn't relent. In the end had both he and Snape been subjected to endless try-outs, boring explanations of traditions and vows and worst of all constant presence of each other. They had managed to postpone the ceremonies but there had their hopes ended. Their parents had hoped that they would learn to be around each other but to no avail. How they had managed not to see that those two just hated each other and that wasn't going to change anytime soon, he would never understand.

"- and so they offer vow of love and devotion."

That was their cue. Sirius rose and Snape did the same. Sirius managed to steal a look behind him. There were his parents. His mother was dabbing her eyes theatrically, show for the assembled ones as well as for the reporters from Daily Prophet. But behind them sat two figures, that were watching him intently, one with messy mop of dark hair and the other red-haired. In their faces was obvious tension and concern for their friend. Sirius immediately looked away, bitting his lip. Had it really been only last month, when he himself had posed as a best man at James' and Lily's own Muggle themed wedding?

"I, Sirius Constantin Dorian Black, take you, Severus Samuel Snape, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish forever. I bind myself to you with my soul and body. This is my solemn vow."

Great, his voice didn't even waver. He somehow managed to keep his stony posture, as he heard the same words spoken in deep quite voice, that belonged to the man next to him. He knew, intellectually, that Snape didn't want this any more than him, but that certainly didn't smother his desire to kill the other man on the spot. Luckily for him they had agreed on simple traditional vows. He didn't think he would have managed to say, let alone listen to, anything longer.

"Having said their vows, they will never be separated again," said Mr Mortimer and the imaginary axe stopped a few inches above Sirius' head. "Is there anyone, who wouldn't wish this happy union to take place? Speak up or stay silent forever."

Sirius' had never prayed before but in that minute of silence he certainly tried.

Alas, it looked like one Sirius Black had already exhausted every single miracle stored for him.

"Then be your marriage long and full of love and joy. You may kiss."

Sirius turned to the other man for the first time that afternoon. Snape's expression was the one of a stony mask and for that he felt oddly grateful. He leaned so their faces were a few inches apart and was little surprised, when Snape - well, not a Snape anymore, but a Black, like his husband - blinked and jerked away with an expression of bewilderment. It took him only a second to identify a reason for Sna-Bla- ... bloody hell, Severus' reaction: after half of the bottle of Firewhisky, his breath certainly couldn't be the nicest thing Sn-Severus had ever met. Sirius smirked a little. And then grabbed a fistful of Severus' hair, pulled him sharply towards himself and kissed him hard, his tongue taking first opportunity, when Severus gasped, and snaking in the other man's mouth.

When he released his mouth, Sirius had to catch hold of his husband's (brr!) shoulders to steady him. Severus decidedly looked very green.

"Warn me next time, Black, when you're going to be in my immediate vicinity, if you again decide to lick hippogriff's arse," hissed Severus angrily.

"Do not worry, Black, I'm not intending to ever get that close again." Sirius noted with satisfaction, that Severus started at his new name.

Sirius grabbed his arm and began to lead him down the aisle between the chairs and back to the house, where a huge reception would be held. Behind them, the guests were standing up and following the newly married "happy couple".

Once enough people gathered inside of the reception room, Sirius let go of Severus' hand, and as soon as they received congratulations from majority of the present guests, he left Severus stand on his own by a marble pillar without another word. Let the antisocial freak deal with it as he sees fit, he thought.

"That wasn't very nice of you," a woman's voice said behind him. He turned.

There they stood. The only three people he knew he could rely on. The only ones he could trust. James Potter, his first friend everat Hogwarts, man he shared many interest with and with whom he had once been dating. The pretty redhead was James' wife, Lily. Clever and kind witch. He had been beyond angry, when his parents had expressed their dislike of her just because she was a Muggleborn. The young man with a shy smile was Remus Lupin, usually quiet and reserved, always polite and respectful and fearful of people finding about him being werewolf, for everyone was afraid of them.

"Oh, give me a bit of peace, Lil," Sirius growled. "I will have more than enough of him as it is."

"Are you all right, Padfoot?" James asked. Sirius smiled at the use of his old nickname, but felt that his expression probably resembled more that of pain than calm.

"As I can only be under these circumstances." And after short pause. "You know what, let's get something to drink before they drag me away again."

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