Title: Blind

Author: Spazoid

Summary: Sometimes we miss the things right in front of us.

Kiba had decided that he was going to beat Naruto until he had some sense knocked into him.

He was going to shake that stupid blonde headed idiot until he realized that there was girl who really liked him, waiting for him, who he was ignoring. Every. Day. He was going to shake Naurto until he realized how much he was hurting Hinata, and how many times he'd made her cry.

Kiba hated to see Hinata cry.

He hated to see her upset, hated to see her feel worthless; he just hated to see her unhappy. Because if anyone in the world deserved to be happy, it was Hinata. Quiet little Hinata who tried her best, did all she could, pushed past the limits people set for her, and got nothing in return. Not even the attention of the person she said she loved. Hinata once told Kiba maybe it was because she and Naurto were too different. Kiba knew they had one thing in common though.

They were both blind to the people who really loved them.

But Kiba had accepted that; for now, he just wanted to make Hinata happy and just wanted to see her smile. Because if he couldn't make her happy personally, he would do everything he could to make her happy in other ways.

And that was why he was going to beat the crap out of Uzumaki Naruto.