The Golden Locket

Almost 30 years ago Soun Tendo, while on a training mission with his best friend and master, stumbled upon an Amazon village. It was here that he made the mistake of upsetting one of the elders of the village. Soun, being the martial artist that he was tried to use The Art to weasel his way out of being shunned by the Amazons. So he challenged the elder's daughter to a match thinking it would be a piece of cake because she was female.

The girl's name was Conditioner and she was very pleasing to the eyes. But Soun put her looks aside and fought the Amazon beauty. The match lasted 15 minutes before Soun was able to knock the poor girl out. When she came too she promptly look Soun in the eye and kissed him deeply on the lips.

It was then that Soun learned of the Amazon custom of finding a husband. Overjoyed that he has stumbled upon such a lovely bride Soun took his new wife back to Japan. There they bought a house and Soun built a training hall so he could continue studying under his master.

A few years later into the marriage Conditioner was sent a letter from her village urging her to return at once! Knowing there was nothing he could do to stop her Soun let his wife go. The week before she departed Conditioner told Soun she was once again with child. Sure that it would be another girl, the night before she left, Soun gave her a gift. It was a golden heart-shaped locket with the letter "A" in the center. Inside the locket was a picture of her, Soun and their two daughters. Soun told her to give it to their newborn child so she'll know that her family in Japan loves her. Conditioner was accustoming to this, for you see everytime they had a child Soun would buy a locket for their child as well as one for herself.

With a heavy heart Conditioner left Japan for her home, China. When she got there she learned that her village was in need of governing because her mother passed away. So she took over in her mother's place and with her Aunt Cologne to guide her she governed well. Nine months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Xiao Qian but like with all her other daughters she gave Xiao Qian a Japanese name too: Akane.