It's called Rape

Summary- One night, three girls are taken from Hogwarts and visciously raped. Now, can those girls find away to make life worth living again? Hermione/Pansy, Ginny/Draco

(A/N: I know i promised not to start any new fics, but I couldn't resist. This one will live up to the mature rating I promise... Just not for another chapter yet.)

Glimspes of perfect lives.

Ginny laughed and leaned against her boyfriend. Hermione sat across from her and Harry.

Ginny was a good student. She ranked highest in her class, with Romilda Vane close behind. Life was good. She and Harry had been dating for about a year now, ever since the end of the Triwizard tournament. She grabbed his hand under the table and squeezed it. He squeezed back and grinned broadly at her.

Hermione rambled on about something. She and Ron had never solidified their relationship, but Ginny knew it would be soon.

Ginny really liked Harry. She always had. Her first year and her second year had been the years from hell. But third year, last year, she had dated Neville for a bit, before they both broke off. He was dating Luna Lovegood and the two seemed joined at the hip.

She kissed Harry on the cheek. Ron looked slightly apopoleptic, but Hermione managed to hold his anger at bay by pointing out the various aspects of the window display. Ginny leaned close to Harry. "They really have it bad, don't they?"

He nodded and kissed her.


Pansy Parkinson sat across from Draco in the common room. His nose was buried in a book on Anger management and she was absorbed in Steven King's Storm of the Century. Pansy never really worked for her grades. She just got them. Sure they weren't Hermione Granger's perfect, but they kept her parents happy and Pansy never really cared about that. She'd much rather be absorbed in a good book on Chemistry or a good horror novel.

She flicked her eyes up to Draco. He'd really grown up in the past year. He was as handsome as ever, but for once he acted his age. He seemed to spend less time annoying everyone else.

Pansy returned to her book. Draco was goregeous, but he wasn't quite her type. Not that she knew what her type was.

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