Not many people know this but Goku and chi-chi son have three kids. They have Gohan, Goten

and Goten's twin sister Golevn. But due to a tragic event Golevn was kidnapped and never found.

Then at the world martial arts tournament a girl that is the age of six the same as Goten is in the

contest hear is her story. " Hi" I said walking up to the boy standing next to the pillar waiting for his

name to be called. " Hi what is your name" he asks me. " My name Is Golevn what is yours" I asked

him. "Goten" he answered me " cool so how are you going up against" I ask " the person with

number two" he replied. " That is my number" I told him "I guess I will see you on the mat" I say

walking off to stretch. Then the announcer said next up is Son Goten vs. Sonamori Golevn. I walked

out and went to the ring. "Hey Goten ready to fight" I asked " yep you" he shot back. Then the gong

sounded telling us it was time to fight. He leaped up at me going to hit me but I easily dodged out of

the way. Then I ran to him and jumped over him and kicked his legs out from under him. He quickly

regained his balance and grabbed my fist and threw me in the air. I then regained my pose as I landed

on the mat. As I did this I noticed that Goten had disappeared I felt something behind me. Then I

turned to my side and grabbed his arm and flung him over my shoulder. The we both started to punch

at each other both of us were locked in battle. That is when I felt my energy start to go I could see

the exhaustion in his eyes. Then I pushed him to the ground, only to have him pull me down with him.

I then kicked him but after that kick I had no energy. That is when I heard the gong ring. I realized

that both of us had won because the match had been a drawl. After walking of the ring I went to the

food hut and I got me a lot of food. Then I noticed Goten with a man that looked like him. He was

dragging him over to me "hey Golevn this is my dad." "His name is Goku he asked about you

because he saw you fighting me he wan uuu hear dad you tell her." Goten said. " I was wondering

how trained you". He stated to me. " No one trained me except for my self." I told the man. "May I

ask why you wanted to know this" I asked? " Yes I would like to train you if it is ok with your

parents" he answered my question. " I don't have parents they died when I was smaller but it don't

really matter because I was adopted." I told him