Title: Slothful

Author: Hebi R.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. I am a college student. Suing me would cost more than you could squeeze out of me.

There is a reason I am known as Sloth. I do my work quickly and efficiently, without procrastinating, in order to return to a state of repose as soon as possible. Perhaps have a cup of tea. Orange Pekoe. Killing has never been more to me than one of the simple tasks I must accomplish, as tedious as filing. I have rarely failed to accomplish a task.

Today, when Envy called me, I perceived that someone was spying on my conversation. Whoever it was required elimination. I had planned to end the spy's life quickly, and then perhaps retire early for the day. The encounter, however, did not end in quite the manner I had expected.

That blonde woman. I felt an odd pang of recognition when she looked at me. Though I knew it was foolish of me, I allowed my face to solidify in order to improve my vision. She recognized me as well. I heard her whisper. She referred to me as "Ed and Al's mom." For the first time in…quite a while, I was unable to accomplish my objective.

Ed and Al…Edward and Alphonse Elric. I find it painful to be around the, in some peculiar way. They are just boys. We have made them our tools, we Homoculi. They should mean no more to me than my clipboard, or my teacup. Some part of me, however, rejects this logic each time I see them.

When Fullmetal fought the Flame Alchemist, that Mustang pest, I felt almost frightened for him. Though I kept my face impassive, there was a moment in which I nearly shouted at the boy to take care. Then, when my fellow Homoculi lured the children into Lab 5 I was again disturbed. Nearly worried. My smile when I saw my fellows emerge, and Major Armstrong carrying the boys back to safety was perhaps the first genuine smile I had in weeks. More worrisome still is the fact that, despite these abnormal stirrings within me, I still look forward to seeing those insignificant, bothersome, wonderful boys.

When I hid Wrath, carried him within me, the sensation was familiar. I was again reminded of the Elric brothers. For a moment, I desired to keep Wrath inside myself as long as I could. I wanted to shelter him. When the time came for me to release him, it was painful, in some distant way.

My illogical emotions have never before prevented me from carrying out my objectives. I am most displeased. I shall have to hunt that girl down and silence her. She has seen and heard far more than she ought. It is a nuisance.

And yet…somehow I know this child. This Winry. I find within myself fragments of memory. I see her as a very young child, running to me and sobbing because her parents are dead. I see her running in meadows with the Elrics. I see a kitchen appliance that looks most bizarre, and know that it is a little mechanic's first attempt at invention.

Though I know that I must eliminate her, there is a small portion of my being that rejoices in the knowledge of the young woman's continued existence. I will track her down. I will kill her. But not today. She has no power to harm me. This girl is a loose end which can be dealt with later. Much later. There is no hurry. And I find my self feeling unusually slothful today.