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Chapter 9: Sailor Sun Joins in!

Luna was in a conversation with Central Control…

"So both Robin and Luffy have been possessed by Youma." said Central Control.

"That's right." said Luna.

"Talk to both of them, maybe you can find the person who is doing it to them" said Central Control

"Very well." said Luna.

"Also I have been detecting a certain kind of energy from the Navigator." said Central Control.

"I haven't yet I've been around her for a long time." Said Luna.

"Also I think it would be a good idea to maybe find the Prince." Said Central Control.

Luna stared at the Mirror who began to sweat.

"That better be a joke." Said Luna.

"No… it's not." Said Central Control, "I think it would be a good idea to find incase he knows where his sister is."

"So only find him as a last ditch effort." Said Luna.

"Yes, after all I have heard of all the trouble he caused you." Said Central Control.

"Yes… that's a nice way of putting it." Muttered Luna, "It wasn't his fault but that doesn't mean he didn't get into trouble."

"Maybe we should stop this conversation." Said Central Control who even though being a mirror thought "Before she starts ranting about those two guards he had."

"I will investigate Nami as much as I can." Sad Luna.

"Good." Said Central Control who turned off.

Luna sighed and began to mutter, "Great, just what I need… the Prince of the Moon hanging around here. Knowing him, he would become best friends with Luffy."

She shivered… she remember that time he and two of his guards got into that fight in a bar… She didn't know who started it… but the other two didn't do a thing to stop it.

She didn't know how she remembered it… maybe it was so mentally scaring that she remembered it.

"How can I even remember this…" she sighed.

The next day it was business as usual for the crew.

Nami was reading a newspaper, when she saw another Sailor V article. She shrugged since the crew already knew about her.

That's when she noticed Luna watching her.

"What is it?" asked Nami.

"It's nothing." Said Luna.

"Okay…" said Nami with a shrug.

"Hey Nami!" yelled Luffy.

Nami jumped.

"What?" she asked.

"When is the next island?" asked Luffy.

"Well it won't be a while." Said Nami checking the maps she got at a nearby island, "Not for a few days."

"Okay!" said Luffy.

Elsewhere on the ship Usopp was telling Chopper a story when a strange wind blew. It blew away Chopper's hat.

"My hat!" cried Chopper, he ran towards to get his hat.

He grabbed, in aware that a smirking Nephrite was nearby.

Later that day… Chopper hadn't left the boy's room.

Rei did the usual fire reading and found that Chopper was indeed possessed causing the crew to groan.

"When is this going to stop?" whined Usagi.

"Chopper will be the last one because my powers can counteract it." Said Rei.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Sanji.

"Just wait it out like the others." Said Nami, "Right."

"I'm afraid so." Sighed Luna.

"Great…" said everyone else.

"This will take a few days won't it?" asked Nami.

"It will." Said Luna, "It also means that the next few day means that none should get injured."

"Oh… that will be easy." Said Rei.

"Um… I've been training under Chopper." Said Ami.

"Oh right… I forgot about you." Said Luffy.

Ami began to sweat drop.

"Come on Luffy… Don't be like that." Said Nami.

"I forgot that Ami was the doctor in training." sighed Luna.

Ami hung her head low.

"It's okay Ami,… it's fine." Said Usagi.

"We need to come up with a plan on what will happen… unlike last time." Said Luna.

Everyone looked at Usagi and Rei.

"What are you looking at us for?" asked Usagi.

"No reason." Said everyone else.

Usagi sighed and remembered what happened last time, "It was Rei fault last time!" she cried.

"No it wasn't meatball head!" shouted Rei.

"That's mean!" cried Usagi.

Usagi began to cry a lot, causing everyone to sweat drop.

"So we're going to wait this out." Said Luna.

Everyone sighed… looks like they were going though that route.

The next day Nami was tending the trees. Luna was curious when the smell got to her.

"It's disgusting…" she muttered.

"Awe you okay Luna?" asked Nami.

"I'm fine… its just the trees." Said Luna.

Nami looked at the trees and laughed, "Oh yeah, cats hate citrus fruits." she laughed.

"I think I'm going to go over there." Said Luna.

Luna went else where on the ship and sighed.

"I guess I could investigate her later." Said Luna.

"Investigate who?" asked Usagi.

Luna jumped, "It's nothing! Nothing at all!" said Luna.

Luna scurried away, leaving Usagi confused.

"That was weird." Said Usagi with a sweat drop.

Luna sighed… how was she supposed to investigate Nami…

"I guess I just have to wait and see what happens." She said.

The next few days it was really quiet… well when it involved Usopp… he had no one to tell his stories to.

That was when suddenly Chopper left the boy's room.

"It's time!" shouted Rei.

The three Senshi got to the mast.

"Ready?" asked Luna.

"Right!" said the three.

"Moon Prism Power!"

"Mercury Power!"

"Mars Power!"


With that all of them transformed into their Senshi form.

That was the exact same time the Youma was unleashed from Chopper's body. It looked at the Straw Hats and smirked evilly.

There was an awkward silence…

"I got nothing!" said the Youma.

This made them anime fall.

With Nephrite he was sensing what was going on with the Youma.

"Hito! Show them your true power." Ordered Nephrite.

Back at the Thousand Sunny, the Youma began to laugh evilly.

"You know when I said I got nothing…" said the Youma, he then tackled Zoro, "I lied!"

"Stop it!" yelled Nami.

The Youma tackled Nami and held her down.

"Let go of me!" yelled Nami.

A sign appeared on her forehead, it was a circle with a dot inside of it.

"No way…" whispered Luna, "She was right in front of me the whole time."

Luna performed a back flip producing a wand with the same sign on it. It had a gold trim to it.

"Nami call it and say "Sun Power! Make-up!"" shouted Luna.

"Sun Power! Make-up!"

Nami's clothes began to transform, they turned into a white (insert word here), her clothes turns into a Sailor Senshi uniform but with gold collar and gold skirt, both ribbons were tangerine orange.

Nami was Sailor Sun… shocking everyone… including Nami.

"I'm a Sailor Senshi?" asked Nami… err Sailor Sun, that was when she realized something, "None of you saw anything… right?"

"No… no…" denied Usopp, "Of course not! We didn't you see anything from transforming!"

Sailor Sun narrowed her eyes, "This time…" she mumbled, "Will be the only time I won't charge." She said.

"Is she going to charge them for looking at her when she's transforming?" asked Sailor Mercury with sweat drop.

"It looks that way…" said Sailor Mars with an even bigger sweat drop.

"Shouldn't we be more focused on the monster." Said Sailor Moon.

"Oh right…" said Sailor Sun.

The monster stared at the new Senshi.

"What kind of powers do I have?" asked Sailor Sun.

"Use Golden Shining Light!" said Luna.

"Okay!" said Sailor Sun.

"Golden Shining Light!" shouted Sailor Sun.

She created a shining golden light that hit the monster head on. The monster roared in pain.

"Oh wow…" said Sailor Sun.

"That was amazing Nami!" cheered Sanji who had woken up.

"Are you okay Sanji?" asked Sailor Mercury.

"I'm fine really." Said Sanji.

Before falling down due to blood loss.

"All right." Said Sailor Moon taking off her tiara.

"Moon Tiara Action!"

The monster was destroyed, and Chopper slowly began to wake up.

"What happened?" asked Chopper.

He then noticed Sanji.

"What happened to him?" he asked.

"It's a long story." Said Sailor Sun.

"Nami?" asked Chopper in shock.

Meanwhile Nephrite growled as he had failed again, not only that but he could sense there was another Senshi around.

Next Time he would get them.

At the Going Merry they were having a discussion.

"I'm sorry, I didn't notice any sooner." Apologized Luna.

"That's okay." Said Nami.

"Why didn't you find out any sooner?" asked Usagi.

"Maybe I was expecting to find the Sailor Senshi to be younger… " said Luna.

"I guess that makes sense." Said Usagi with a shrug.

"I wonder." Said Rei, "I wonder if they'll go after me next."

"It's possible." Said Zoro.

The rest of the crew nodded, unsure if the next victim would be on the crew or not.

Next Time: After a botched attempt at stealing Rei's identity, he realizes that Rei remember his face. Nephrite decides for an all out attack against the Straw Hats... but what will he do when he discovers there's now Four Senshi?