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:Sirius Black hands Remus Lupin a note:

I'm bored

You're always bored Padfoot

Write to me, I'll die if you don't

Write to Peter

He's asleep, can't you hear him snore?

Why don't you just take notes then

What! You'll give me yours right?

Won't be so sure of that

Ha! You have to give them to James who will give them to me

Sometimes you're smarter then you know Padfoot

Padfoot the great!

Don't get cocky, oh wait, you already are

Padfoot the modest!

You're kidding, right?


Just let me take notes now


What Padfoot

I'll end up next to James if you don't write to me

And you and James will fail your OWLs if you don't let me take notes

Wish James was here, lucky man he is, he has missed two whole days already

Lucky man? He took a bludger to the head

But still...two whole days

You're horrible Padfoot

I am not

I am not playing that game with you again Padfoot

You're no fun, I miss James

Me too

Funny Moony, really funny

I'm not answering



Bloody Hell Moony, talk to me!

I have a question about the Doxywars Moony

Good guess Padfoot, but we are talking about the Troll revolutions

But I got you to talk to me

Don't Moony

Not again

Hello, I'm Sirius Black and I'm an alcoholic

What are you talking about Padfoot

That's what will happen if you don't talk to me

Hang on for ten short minutes


The lesson will be over by then

Ten short minutes? You mean ten minutes of complete and utter boredom

If that is what you want to call it

Yes please

We're visiting James after this, right?

Yes, we are

That's great, Prongs is great

Everything is great Padfoot

Even Binns is great

Never thought you'd say it Padfoot

I don't mean it

Yes, you do

No I don't

You do

I am not playing this game with you Moony

Got you there

Padfoot the smart!

Who doesn't take notes

Who is smart enough to get them from someone else


Smart, clever, intelligent, bright, keen, whatever you want to call it Moony

The lesson is over

Let's visit Prongs then

You wake up Peter

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