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How is it possible that Prongs got the headboy position?

You would be a better headboy!

Prongs is too much of a prankster. Can't take anything seriously.

I can take things seriously.

Name 3 things.

Lily, Pranks and the Marauders! See, 3 things!

I underestimated you.

Still, Moony likes books.

True, and he's such a fine prefect.

Dumbledore must have offered you the position Moony.

What is becoming of the world we know?

Quit the dramatics Padfoot.

Padfoot and Prongs.

Dear Padfoot and Prongs,

I passed the offer.


Mr. Moony,


Yes, why?

Padfoot and Prongs.

Dear Padfoot and Prongs,

I have enough on my mind, besides, the headposition can help Prongs to win over Lily.


Dear Moony,

You're the best friend ever!

Hey! What about me.

You're pretty good too.

Wow. Thanks.

Oh come on, you know you're my best friend too!

That's what I wanted to hear.


Moony you're great!

Prongs and Padfoot.

Dear Padfoot and Prongs,

Good to hear I'm still a good friend.

By the way, is it still possible for me to spend the last week of vacation with you guys?


Dear Moony,

Off course it's okay for you to spend the last week here!

Wormtail will be here too!

It's going to be great!

Can't wait for you to be here!

Padfoot and Prongs.

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