Telling Times…

A Kim Possible Fan Fiction by NoDrogs

Kim Possible and related characters are property of the Walt Disney Corporation and are used without permission. This work is not for profit. Sheki Go Possible and Kasy Ann Possible are my original characters and may be used, as long as credit is given to me. Sequel to 'A Small Possibility' and 'What I Did at Kimmy's Graduation'. For some reason, my attempts to put in Evil-Mail adresses with the 'at' mess up on upload, so I'ms ubstituting (a) for the 'at' symbol..

"Booyah! Finally!" cheered Ron, as he and Kim finally left the auditorium. "Finally! No more Ron Stoppable, High school slacker… it's Ron Stoppable, High school GRADUATE slacker now!"

"Yay!" cheered Rufus, sticking his head out of a pocket which Ron had sewn unto his graduation gown. A miniature mortarboard hat, bought from a local doll store, was perched on his head. The hat had been lost among the full size counterparts when all the mortarboards had been thrown into the air. The resulting search for the tiny piece of headgear had meant that the other graduates had all left by the time Kim had finally found the hat stuck on top of a chair.

"And how about you, KP…" said Ron. "Mother of two, mini-cap finder, AND Valedictorian… guess you really are the girl who can do anything.

"Almost anything." admitted Kim.

"What can't you do, KP?" asked Ron… but Kim was too busy to answer.

A strong, feminine hand had taken Kim by her shoulder and turned the young cheerleader by her shoulder and turned her around. Kim had just a moment to see smoldering, dark green eyes before Shego's lips had been pressed firmly against Kim's.

Ron whistled, trying to look nonchalant as his best friend and the woman who, about a year ago, had been one of her worst enemies kissed passionately. "No, not awk-weird at all." he muttered, sarcastically. On one hand, Kim was his best friend and Shego was a woman Ron still wasn't 100 had reformed… and who still had a fiery temper, often literaly 'on fire'. On the other hand… Two extreme 'hotties' were kissing right in front of him, practically making out.

Shego finally broke the kiss. "Congratulations, princess…"

Kim took a breath. "Hi, Shego…" she said, trying to sound calm and to ignore the way the kiss had pushed her libido into overdrive. "Where's Kasy and Sheki?"

"Your mom and dad are babysitting the kids right now." said Shego. "They're waiting for you and I in the car right now to take you to a celebration dinner. They invited me along but… you know me and tender, family moments."

"Any chance we can talk your parents into going to Buenos Nachos?" asked Ron.

"Ron, my parents already made reservations." said Kim. She turned to Shego. "I'll be home soon. Promise."

Shego nodded, then glanced at Ron. "Hey, Stoppable. Can you go tell Kim's parents that she'll be out in a moment, to give me and Kimmy a moment of privacy?"

"Hey, anything you can say in front of Kim, you can say to me." said Ron.

"Ron… I'll be right out." said Kim.

"All right." said Ron, sighing. "I'll tell them you stopped at the bathroom.". Ron pointed a finger at Shego. "But not more then a minute or two, ok?" he said. "I don't want you and Kim…. Um…. You know… in the halls of Middleton High, even if I don't have to go here anymore."

"Relax, Stoppable." said Shego. "Just plan to talk with my little Kimmy.". Shego's right hand stroked over Kim's shoulder, pulling Kim a little possessively toward herself.

"Come on, Rufus." said Ron, and walked toward the parking lot.

"What's up, Shego?" asked Kim.

"Still haven't told your parents about… us?" asked Shego.

"Not exactly." admitted Kim. "I mean, they know we're living together in the same house…"

"Try, sleeping in the same bed at night." said Shego. "Try, 'lovers'. Try 'Soul mates'. ".

Kim blushed, even as her heart thrilled to hear Shego call her Shego's soul mate. "I know, Shego… I keep trying to tell them… but it's hard. I mean, bad enough we've already had kids…"

"You need to tell them, Possible." said Shego, flatly. "Is it so hard to admit that you're not their perfect little girl anymore? That you're a lesbian?"

"Look, have you told YOUR family yet?" demanded Kim.

Shego snorted. "Not hardly. Last time I talked to my brothers, I told Hego that if I ever saw him again, he was going to get a high-energy plasma enema."

"See?" said Kim. "You're not finding it easy to tell others either. Anyway, I told Ron and Monique."

"Fine." said Shego. "If you tell your parents, I'll go tell my brothers."



TO: PRISONER40771701Prison13.Gov
FROM: PRISONER17014077Prison13.Gov

I warned you that the Neural Inhibitor / Control Emulator collar would fail if the subject experienced multiple emotional conflicts at once! You had to keep Kim's emotions FOCUSSED in order for the NICE collar to work!

Love and Kisses,

Dr. Drakken


TO: PRISONER17014077Prison13.Gov

FROM: PRISONER40771701Prison13.Gov

My plan was flawless! It was YOUR technology that failed!
From the bow wow desk of Pepe and Gemini


It was a week after Kim's graduation, and Kim felt as nervous now as she did when giving her valedictorian speech. The sound of a doorbell, ringing, broke into Kim's latest mental chanting of Tonight's the night… tonight's the night….

Kim rushed to the door and opened it. "Thanks, Monique… I appreciate this so much!" said Kim.

"No problem, girlfriend." said Monique.

"Ok, we're just going over to my parents for dinner." said Kim. "We should be back in two hours, tops. I've left a list of numbers on the fridge, in case of emergency. The top number is my old house, then Wade, then Dr. Samuel's. If you can't get me at my parents' house, just call Wade and ask him to call me on the Kimmunicator. Shego and I should be home in time to give them their baths, but if Kasy and Sheki get anxious you can…"

"Calm down!" said Monique. "Look, I've baby sat before. I know all this stuff, ok."

"Right." said Kim. "I'm just nervous…"

"Going to finally tell your parents that Shego's the one who rocks your clock?" asked Monique. "Look, I'm sure it'll be a shock to them… but they'll get over it."

"Thanks, Monique." said Kim again. Kim turned. "Shego, Monique's here… I'm ready to go."

Shego came down the stairs, clad in a black, high-necked dress that covered most of her upper body. Her hands were bare, revealing the pale green skin. On her legs, a pair of black stockings disappeared into the top of a pair of high-healed black boots. Kim wore a similar outfit, except in pink (despite Shego's suggestions that she thought Kim looked best either naked or wearing green.)

"You two have a great time at the parents." said Monique, watching the two prepare to drive off in Shego's car.

Almost on cue, a baby started crying from the nursery, which set off her twin sister crying. Monique turned and entered the nursery. "There there… Auntie Monique is here."


Dinner was quiet, in the Possible's house. For one thing, the Tweebs (Tim and Jim) were spending the evening at a friend's house. Second, Kim found it hard to say anything.

Dr. Mrs. Possible served the dessert. "So, Kim, what are your and Shego's plans for the future? Shego going to watch the kids while you go to college?"

"Well…" said Kim. "Actually, about me and Shego…"

Shego sighed. Kim was blushing. A girl who had easily defeated dozens of world-conquering madmen turned into a blushing, stammering fool in front of her parents. "Look, I'll them." said Shego. She turned to Dr. Possible.

Oh no… thought Kim, here it comes…. Already, Kim could imagine Shego's voice. "Dr. Possible, Mrs. Possible…. Me and your daughter have been shagging like minks. Big time. And let me tell you, she's a screamer"

Much to Kim's (and her parents' surprise), what Shego actually said was "Dr. Possible, I'd like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage."

"WHAT?" said all three members of the Possible clan, voices raised in surprise.

Shego smiled. "Dr. Possible, Mrs. Possible: I love your daughter, and our children together, very much. For the last few weeks, Kim and I have been exploring our relationship, on several levels. I think it's time Kim and I made it official… and permanent. I know this is a lot to take in… I haven't even asked Kim yet if she wants to get married… but I want to know, if we do, whether we have your blessing or not."

Dr. Possible and Mrs. Dr. Possible just turned to look at each other in shock. Shego turned to look at Kim.

Kim looked as shocked as her parents. "Marriage?" she mouthed silently, to Shego.

Shego nodded. Kim blinked. Kim knew that she was in love with the slightly older, taller woman… but marriage? Marriage was a big step… they weren't even currently living in a state that allowed same-sex weddings to occur. Kim hadn't even considered it… but then, in a lot of ways, what made Shego so exciting to Kim was the fact that Shego was a lot more daring then Kim was.

"We'll… have to think about this." said Dr. Possible.

"It's not you, Shego." said Mrs. Dr. Possible. "It's just…"

"You're not used to the idea of your daughter being gay?" said Shego.

"That's it." said Dr. Mrs. Possible. She blushed. "I… admit I experimented a bit, back in medical school, but the thought one of my own children being lesbian, or bi…"

"MOM!" said Kim, blushing. Her MOM had once slept with a girl? Talk about too much information!

"Well…" said Dr. Possible, apparently already aware of Dr. Mrs. Possible's past. "You two already have had children… I guess getting married would be the logical thing to do…"


"Come on, Kasy…" said Monique. "Just open up, and try these mushed brussel sprouts… they're green. Don't you like green?"

Kasy frowned, glaring at the spoon. Several streaks of green mush, on the walls around, proclaimed that Kasy much preferred green as a room decoration than in her mouth. Sheki had at least tried a spoonful of the baby food before finding out how far the baby jar could be thrown away from a high chair.


Kim stared out the window of Shego's lime green sedan as they drove back to the house Shego was renting. 'She wants to marry me… She wants to marry me…' kept running through Kim's head, like a looping MP3 File (or, as Nana Possible might say, a broken phonograph record).

"You ok there, princess?" asked Shego, glancing over at Kim.

"Huh…. Oh, yeah." said Kim, shaking her head. Kim bit her lower lip, then blurted out. "Shego… were you serious about wanting to marry me?"

Shego fought down the urge to deliver a flippant remark. "Serious as a heart attack." Shego finally said. "Kim… when Gemini kidnapped me, you know what the worst part was for me? That I never told you how much you meant to me. I don't know what life holds in store for us and little Sheki and Kasy, but I know I want us to be a family… as real a family as we can be, with two married parents. Kim… there's no one I know, no one I can possibly imagine that I would rather grow old with than you."

Kim sat back in her seat. "How long… how long have you been thinking about proposing?"

"A while." said Shego. "The first time I realized I thought about marrying you, making this a life time commitment, was when I saw you laying in bed at the Hospital, holding little Sheki and Kasy in your arms after giving birth. Even went down to the hospital gift shop to see if they had engagement rings."

"Wow…" said Kim, softly. She thought. "Shego, I'm not sure if back then I'd have accepted … I mean, even now there's a lot I still have to sort out… but yes."

"Yes what?" asked Shego, hitting the gas to scoot under a yellow traffic light before it turned red.

"Yes, I'll marry you." said Kim.

Shego turned to look at Kim, keeping one eye on the road. "Jumping the gun a little, aren't you Kimmy? After all, I haven't officially asked you yet, just for your father's permission."

"So, when ARE you going to ask me?" said Kim.

"Well… let's see, Kasy and Shego haven't had their first birthday yet, I figure we can wait until they're at least out of high school…" said Shego.

"SHEGO!" said Kim, trying to glare at the slightly older woman. She knew that Shego was only teasing her, an activity the woman enjoyed even after renouncing her ties to villainy.

"Ok, ok!" said Shego, sparkles of laughter in her eyes. "We'll go shopping for an engagement ring after you tell my brothers about us."

"Ok." said Kim. "Hold on! ME tell your brothers? What's this about?"

"Fair's fair." said Shego, shrugging. "I was the one who told your family, you have to tell my family."

"What about your parents?" asked Kim.

Shego shrugged, trying to pretend the question didn't mean anything to her. "So I'm a bit more of a freak in their book then I was before. It's not like they cared for me, even before the meteor strike did this to me."

Kim snuggled close against Shego's right side. "Well, I'm glad the meteor did that to you." said Kim. "Since it's thanks to the meteorite strike that I met you, and we have Kasy and Sheki."


Kim got out of the car door, only to discover Shego sweeping Kim up into her arms. "Shego!" laughed Kim. "What's the big idea?"

"Practicing for after the wedding." said Shego, trying to keep a straight face. "It's traditional for the bride to be carried over the door step, right?"

Kim giggled and snuggled into Shego's arms. "Can't argue with tradition." said Kim. She got her set of keys from her purse and unlocked the house door, all while Shego cradled the younger woman in her arms.

Shego stepped into the apartment, holding Kim, and sniffed. "What's that smell?" Shego asked suspiciously.

Monique came from the kitchen, a splatter of mashed up brussel sprouts still on her top. "Hey guys!" she said, not appearing to notice her best female friend being held by another woman.

Kim wriggled a little, trying to signal Shego to put her down, but Shego held onto Kim. "What's that smell?" Shego repeated, glaring a little at Monique.

"Oh, that…" said Monique. "I made some popcorn, and Kasy and Sheki learned a new trick… the smell is burnt popcorn."

"WHAT?" said Kim, this time making a more serious attempt to get out of Shego's arms. Shego gently set Kim down on the ground.

"Sheki figured out how first." said Monique. "She held a piece together in both hands…" Monique mimed pressing her hands together. "And apparently got it hot enough to scorch. Kasy, when she saw what Sheki was doing, grabbed some popcorn in either hand…" Monique held her hands out, in loose fists. "And then scorced some, two at a time."

Kim pulled her Kimmunicator out of her purse. "Wade." she said into the unit's speaker, activating it.

"Yeah?" said a voice, yawning. "Hold on….". The monitor of the Kimmunicator lit up, to show a yawning Wade, dressed in his pajamas. "What's the sitch, Kim?"

"Monique says she saw Sheki and Kasy burning popcorn." said Kim.

"It took 'em a bit." said Monique. "I didn't think anything was wrong."

Wade shrugged. "Sounds like a power increase… remember, Kim, I did say their powers would get stronger as they get older."

"They're not even a year old yet!" wailed Kim.

"Relax, princess!" said Shego. "Scorching a little popcorn isn't the end of the world. So they're getting a little stronger. We already figured it was going to happen. It's not like they were making the corn pop or anything."

"Look, take the Kimmunicator over to the twins and get them to do it again." said Wade. "I'll get a baseline scan and tell you how their power levels are."

"All right." said Kim. Kim, Monique, and Shego went into the kitchen. Sheki was taking some blackened popcorn kernels and was trying to line them up in a straight row. Kasy, on the other hand, was flicking some popcorn about with her hands, trying to see how far she could make them go.

"Mommy! Mom!" cried Kasy, seeing Kim and Shego.

"Mommies!" said Sheki, looking up also.

"How's mom's little angels doing?" cooed Shego, picking up Kasy (Who was closest).

Kim bent and picked up Sheki with one arm, holding the Kimmunicator with the other hand.

"Me good!" said Kasy, smiling.

"Good." echoed Sheki.

"Aunt Monique said you two learned a new trick." said Kim. "Can you show us and Uncle Wade?"

"Unca' Wade!" said Sheki, pointing at Kim's kimmunicator.

"Right." said Kim. "Come on, show mommy…". Kim set Sheki down on the counter, then handed her a piece of white, fluffy popcorn.

Sheki looked at the piece of popcorn in her hands, then frowned in concentration. Her hands glowed bright green, and the popcorn kernel began to turn yellow. After several seconds, it had turned brown and then black, emitting a characteristic odor which anyone who had overcooked microwave popcorn can identify.

"Me too! Me too!" crowed Kasy.

Kim turned the kimmunicator to face Kasy as she reached out and grabbed two pieces of popcorn, one in each hand. Kasy concentrated, making her hands glow. It took a few seconds longer for her, but soon the two pieces were as scorched as Sheki's.

"What's the sitch, Wade?" asked Kim.

"Interesting… They both have their 'glows' adjusted to nearly pure heat, with little physical kinetic component." said Wade, typing at his computer. "Neither of them are powerful enough yet to be a serious danger, especially since you installed all the heat resistant stuff in the nursery. Kasy seems to be putting out a bit more power then Sheki is, but Sheki's control is a bit finer. She's concentrating the heat better then Kasy did, and her heat-to-kinetics ratio is a smidgeon higher."

"Kasy do good?" asked Kasy, cautiously.

Shego bend her head and kissed Kasy on her forehead, then bent over to kiss Sheki also. "You two girls did wonderful…" said Shego. "Soon, you'll be juggling plasma balls, just like Mom Shego."

Kasy smiled at the kiss, then yawned. "Tired." she complained, and Sheki nodded agreement.

"Not surprising." said Wade. "They probably used up a lot of their energy doing that."

"Thanks, Wade." said Kim. "I'll let you get back to sleep."

"No problem." said Wade, then cut the communications link.

"So, how did dinner with the folks go?" asked Monique.

"Oh, no big…" said Kim, trying to sound casual. "Just Shego asked my dad if I could marry her."

"She what?" gasped Monique. "TME!"

"Tee Emm what?" asked Shego, raising an eyebrow.

"TME. It's a Monique-ism for 'Tell Me Everything'." explained Kim.

"Whatever." said Shego, rolling her eyes. "Don't you have any friends who can talk normally? I mean Monique here, Ron, Rufus…"

"I've got you." said Kim.

"And don't you forget it." said Shego, smiling at Kim.

Monique shook her head a little, watching Shego melt as Kim and Shego looked into each others' eyes. 'Those two girls have the love bug BAD' thought Monique. 'Wish I had someone I felt that way about'. "Come on." said Monique. "Let's get the two little super-powered rug rats to bed, while you tell me the details. "


EVIL MAIL TO AVARIUS (a) Birdbrain . Net

FROM PRISONER17014077 (a) Prison13.Gov

Certain sources inform me that a former colleague of mine, who was once a member of your arch-nemesis (Team Go) may be visiting Go City shortly, in the company of my arch-nemesis (Kim Possible).

I hope that we can arrange a 'partnership' to take advantage of the situation. As a token of good faith, I have attached a set of blueprints to this evil-mail. When followed, the blueprints will enable you to build a Neural Inhibitor / Control Emulator collar. This device will allow anyone transmitting on the collar's control frequency (see section 13-b) to issue commands the wearer of the NICE collar will instantly obey.

I suggest you find a way to use this NICE collar on Shego. Tomorrow, you can take over Shego's mind… the next day, the world!

Love and Kisses,

Dr. Drakken