-1Telling Times… Chapter 5 "Of Allen Wrenches and Rings."

A Kim Possible Fan Fiction by NoDrogs

Kim Possible and related characters are property of the Walt Disney Corporation and are used without permission. This work is not for profit. Sheki Go Possible and Kasy Ann Possible are my original characters and may be used, as long as credit is given to me. Sequel to 'A Small Possibility' and 'What I Did at Kimmy's Graduation'.

"Ah, Kim Possible!" said Dr. Erol Atad. He pushed his glasses back up his rather long nose and came forward, awkwardly shaking Kim's hand.

"Dr. Atad!" said Kim. "No longer working for the government?"

"Oh, well.." said Dr. Atad, shrugging. "After the troubles I had there with… um, you know… I quit and decided to come into the private sector . Much more restful."

"What did you do for the government?" asked Monique.

"Me?" said Dr. Atad. "I studied al…. Allen wrenches. Um, yes, Allen wrenches. And Kim helped me with one."

"What type of help did you need with an Allen wrench?" asked Monique, confused.

"They weren't allen wrenches." said Ron. "They were Ali…"

Kim covered Ron's mouth quickly. "Classified, remember Ron?" growled Kim.

Ron nodded and Kim removed her hand.

"Um, they were really BIG allen wrenches." said Ron.

Monique rolled her eyes. "Uh-huh, right."

"Anyway." said Dr. Atad. "Stop Labs hired me to work on a project for them. Aparently, Mr. Stop was worried that if one member of Team Go good go evil, all of them could."

"Um, Sego is good again." said Kim. "At least, before she became mind controlled."

"Oh, she did?" said Dr. Atad, blinking in surprise. "I didn't know. As you can imagine, they don't let us out often."

"Anyway." said Kim. "You said you had something to handle them?"

Dr. Atad led them over to a work bench, where several items were covered up. "Yes… we've been working on artificially duplicating each of the Team Go powers. What I have here are the prototypes… the finished units, which form one suit, are currently in the possession of Mr. Stop."

"So, what do you have?" asked Kim.

"Well, first…" said Dr. Atad, flipping over one sheet to reveal a thickly padded, blue body suit. "We have a muscle suit. This uses synthetic muscle fibers to augment the wearer's strength to match that of Hego himself."

"Coolness!" said Ron. "And one heck of a way to impress the ladies."

"Next, we have Shego's plasma blasting powers." said Dr. Atad. "We haven't been able to duplicate her versatility with her powers, but we've managed to find a way to at least match her raw power.". Dr. Atad lifted a sheet, revealing a green backpack and two gloves, cables connecting the gloves to the backpack. "You only have a limited number of shots with this, but you can throw a blast powerful enough to knock down a brick wall or melt a safe. At lower power levels, you can knock a person unconscious or paralyze him."

"Good work." said Kim, eyeing the plasma pack.

"For Wego's powers, I'm afraid this belt is the best we've been able to do." said Dr. Atad. He picked a belt from the table and fastened it around his waist. Dr. Atad pressed the buckle on the belt, and suddenly six more Dr. Atad's appeared. "The belt uses holographic projectors. While the images can't fight or touch anything, they can confuse an opponent." said Dr. Atad, and then removing the belt.

"Hey, what about my powers?" said Mego.

"Oh, yes, your powers of dramatically lowering your mass and amount of occupied physical space." said Dr. Atad. He lifted the last sheet to reveal… a small, radio controlled robotic figure.

"That's it?" said Mego.

"Well, um…" said Dr. Atad. "Actually, I had no idea how I could make someone shrink. But the robot can go around and look for stuff, and watch this…"

Dr. Atad pushed a button. The little robot lifted one hand, wielding a toy blaster, and began making sound effects. "Really neat, right?" he said.

Mego groaned.

"Ok…" said Kim. "I've got a plan. Dr. Atad, we need to borrow this stuff. And I need you to do one more thing for me…"

"Anything." said Dr. Atad. "It's the least I can do after you saved the world from those invading ali…. allen wrenches."


Dr. Atad cleared his throat, looking at the two newest inhabitants of his lab. "Um, so, do you two girls like science?"

Sheki nodded. Kasy just pouted, upset that mommy wasn't taking them along.

"Maybe you two would like to see this new invention I'm working on…" said Dr. Atad. "I call it Tornado in a can…"


"Now then, my evil plan." said Aviarius. "You've head the old saying, 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?'."

"Yes." admitted the restrained Mayor Downe.

"Well, my latest plan has nothing to do with birds!" cackled Aviarius. "Instead, I'm planning on the old maxim, 'If you can't beat them, join them'!. Month ago, I thought what I wanted was Team Go's powers!"

"What do you want now?" said Mayor Downe, convinced that he was in the grasps of a madman. If he and his family couldn't find to escape this evil fiend's control, Mayor Downe was convinced this would seriously effect his chances for reelection.

"To be a hero!" snapped Aviarius. "To be respected! I present to you, Mayor Downe, the one hero who can stop Team Go… Igo!"

Aviarius pulled a sheet off, to reveal a multi-colored suit of metallic armor. The helmet, complete with a one-way mirrored visor, was shiny gold with 'IGO' stamped clearly over the forehead. The breastplate of the suit was a bright blue, with gold sleeves leading to a pair of green gauntlets. A bright red belt was fastened above the blue legging and gold boots. And, clipped to the belt, was what appeared to be a small purple doll in the shape of the IGO suit.

"An empty suit?" demanded Mayor Downe.

"No! Me wearing the empty suit!" snapped Aviarius. "You will tell people that you have hired me… I mean, Igo, to be the new hero of Go City! I will finally have the respect I deserve!"

"What about the birds?" asked Mayor Downe.

"Birds schmirds!" said Aviarius, waving a hand dismissively. "Birds are so twentieth century."

Mayor Downe considered it. "Hmmm… and you'd only work for me, right? Not Mayoral Candidate Hans Upp?"


Kim Possible, wearing the plasma pack, led the way through the lush, overgrown backyard of stately Stop Manor. Ron, wearing the blue super-strength suit, followed behind.

"Why do I just get the Holo-belt?" complained Monique.

"Hey, at least YOU got something." said Mego. "I'm just stuck with my shrinking powers. Do I get any of the high-tech toys? Oh no, not Mego. Mego can be replaced with a little robot with a light-up toy gun!" he continued bitterly.

"We're on a serious mission here!" snapped Kim. "We can have a pity party for you AFTER we rescue the mayor, Shego, and Team Go!"

"Ready for a rematch?" said Hego, suddenly appearing from a hidden tunnel. Shego and the Wegos followed him.

"We're ready." said Kim. "Rufus, Mego! Remember the plan!"

"Right!" squeaked Rufus, jumping out of Kim's pocket (Ron's super strength suit, unfortunately, didn't have any pockets) and heading to where Mego was standing.

"Right!" said Mego, quickly shrinking down to match Rufus's size.

Hego rushed straight at Kim. Kim placed her hands on Hego's shoulder and flipped herself over Hego, using a blast of plasma from the pack to increase the lift she got from the flip.

"Oh yeah, time for the Stoppable Stoppage!" crowed Ron, and leapt to grapple with the mind controlled Hego.

Monique hit the activator control on the belt, immediately appearing to become seven different Moniques.

Shego threw two plasma bolts at the ground, aiming for the shrunken Mego and Rufus. Both Mego and Rufus, having had previous experiences with Shego's plasma attacks, were able to dodge the blasts.

Kim snapped her fingers, causing the green gloves she was wearing to ignite with plasma flames. She then leapt at Shego, her eyes focused on the metal collar around Shego's neck. Shego saw her and lifted her own fire-covered hands, grabbing Kim by the wrists. The two women fell over and begin rolling on the muddy ground, their struggling bodies pressing against each other. Jagged rocks cut Kim's mid-riff bearing t-shirt and pants, as protruding branches ripped at Shego's green and black body suit.

Monique moved and dodged through the tress, the holo-Moniques weaving also though the dense foliage. Six different Wegos were trying to keep up; so far, however, every time they had attacked it had turned out to be a hologram instead of the real deal. Monique knew, however, that sooner or later one of the Wegos would get lucky… "Come on, Rufus and Mego…" she muttered to herself.


In his control room, Aviarius watched avidly as Shego and Kim wrestled in the mud. Trickles of plasma would occasionally leak from their hands, providing a sparkling light effect that would outline both women's well shaped, athletic bodies.

"You know, this reminds me of when I first saw Shego's mother…" commented Mayor Downe, from his restraint chair. "Got any popcorn?"

So intent was Aviarius and his goons on watching the two girls mud wrestling, he didn't notice two small figures crawling in through the tunnel the mind controlled Team Go had used.

"Alley-oop!" cried Mego, grabbing one of Aviarius's feet and rapidly expanding to his full height. Aviarius fell to the ground, as Mego lifted Aviarius's foot high in the air. Rufus scrambled onto Aviarius's body and grabbed the microphone from Aviarius's belt.

"Hey! Stop! That's mine!" sputtered Aviarius. Aviarius reached out for the microphone the naked mole rat was holding.

"Oh no you don't!" muttered Mego. He leaned down and, with all the strength in his wire body, drove an uppercut into Aviarius's face. The older super-villain collapsed into momentary unconsciousness.

"Good work, Methuselah!" cried Mayor Downe.

"Yeah!" said Mego, realizing what had just happened. "Hey! I just saved the day! Me, Mego! All by myself!"

Rufus ignored the conversation overhead, instead chittering as clearly as he could into the microphone, "Stop fighting! Come 'ere!"


Shego had just managed to pin Kim to the ground, her right hand holding Kim's two gloved hands above Kim's head. Shego's left hand, glowing with green energy, was pulled back, about to smash into Kim's face. Kim whimpered helplessly as the fist started to move forward… and then suddenly halted.

Monique gasped in surprise as one of the Wego's finally managed to tackle the real Monique… and then hold still.

And Ron Stoppable, who had just managed to get Hego in a move that Ron had seen Steal Toe use in a fight against Pain King, was suddenly thrown free as Hego stood upright.

The four mind controlled Team Go members turned and marched down the tunnel. Kim, Monique, and Ron quickly followed them.


"Now, you bird freak!" growled Mego, "Which one of these buttons frees my da…"

"A-hem!" said Mayor Downe loudly.

"I mean… which one frees Mayor Downe, and shuts off the mind control collars?." said Mego, correcting himself.

"Goony birds! Attack him!" demanded Avarius.

"Um, sir…" said one of the goons. "Rules for villains, #58... Once a super hero has captured your boss, it is time to either surrender or escape.".

The other goons nodded, and then began fleeing the Bird Cave through via exits.

Avarius screamed after them. "You idiots! You bird-brained simpletons! You feather-headed nincompoops! Don't you know they're more like guidelines?"

Mego shook the villain. "Tell me, now… or I'll cover you in bird seed and throw you in the middle of central park!"

"I'll talk! I'll talk!" said Avarius, even as Shego, Hego, Wego-A and B, Kim, Ron, and Monique entered the lair. Avarius quickly told them which controls to push.

"Ah, free at last." said Mayor Downe, standing upright.

"Free!" cheered the Wegos.

Hego, however, was backing up rapidly. "Now, sis, I can explain…"

"Don't sis me!" growled Shego, angrily stalking toward Hego. "NOBODY mind controls me and gets away with it…"

"I was just a pawn in Avarius's hands!" claimed Hego. "It was for your own good!"

Shego punched Hego in the jaw, knocking him back against a stone wall. "THAT is for mind controlling me." growled Shego. She then shifted her balance, standing on one foot. "And THIS is for making Kim cry…"

Mayor Down, Avarius, Ron, Mego, and both Wegos winced in sympathetic pain as they witnessed Shego deliver a powerful kick to Hego's crotch, the kick actually lifting the bulky leader of Team Go into the air.

Hego fell to his knees, clutching his painfully throbbing portion of anatomy. Tears flowed from his eyes.

Shego turned and held out her arms. Eagerly, Kim ran into them and they embraced passionately, not caring that they had been fighting only moments ago and that both were now splattered with mud. Shego nuzzled Kim's hair. "Someone got a new toy…" Shego murmured, referring to the plasma pack. "Where's the twins?"

"Safe…" said Kim. "Let's go."

Shego, reluctantly, pulled back. "Just a moment… um, Kim, I need a moment in private with Mayor Downe… to explain some things."

"Oh, I quite understood you were being mind controlled by that evil Avarius…" said Mayor Downe.

Shego shook her head. "OTHER things.".

Kim frowned. Shego looked at Kim. "Trust me… this will just take a minute. But it really has to be private… it involves Go City. Go try to catch some of Avarius's thugs."

Kim nodded and led the way out of the cave, followed by Ron, Monique, and Rufus.

"You guys also." said Shego. Mego and the Wegos exited also.

"Not you." growled Shego, as Hego tried to hobble after them.

Mayor Downe cleared his throat. "Er… I want to thank you for not revealing your connection with me to…" he started to say.

Shego whirled to face him. "I didn't do that for YOU, father…" Shego said, her voice ice cold. "I did that for ME. It's bad enough that I'm related to a man who would mind control me just because he wanted us to be a family again. You wanted me mind controlled just so you could keep winning your stupid elections! You don't want to admit to being related to me? Fine! I don't want to EVER admit to being related to you! As far as I'm concerned, any connection we have is finished. And when Kim and I get married… and we WILL get married… I'm going to take the name of Possible. I'm never going to be Downe again!"

Shego marched out of the cave, ignoring Mayor Downe's pleading cry of "Sheila…".

"And that's another thing ." grumbled Shego to herself. "What type of man names his daughter 'Sheila Go Downe'?"


"It's all right, father…" said Hego, in the bird cave. His voice was still high pitched from pain. "Me and my brothers will still be Go City's super heroes, even without Shego."

Mayor Downe looked at where the Igo suit stood waiting, empty and vacant.

"Perhaps…" he said, considering. "It's time I took a more fatherly role with Team Go."

Already, he could picture the campaign posters. "Captain Igo wants YOU to vote for Jonathon Downe…"


"Hi, Boss!" said Goony Bird #1 as Avarius was pushed into the holding cell.

"Oh, shut up!" snapped Avarius. "You told them everything! When we get out of this, it's the feather duster for all of you!."


Shego smiled down at her lap, where little Sheki had curled up and fallen asleep. Sitting next to her, in the airplane, little Kasy had fallen asleep in Kim's lap. The little girl's hair, the exact same color as Kim's, was spread out on the seat divider between Kim and Shego.

"So… I told your parents, and you told my brothers." said Shego. "Is there anyone else we need to tell about us?"

Kim considered. "Well, there's Dr. Drakken…"

"Pass." said Shego, firmly. "Even if he could get a temporary parole, I wouldn't want him at the wedding."

"Well, he IS kind of how we met and all." said Kim. She looked down. "And, thanks to him, we have Sheki and Kasy."

"True." admitted Shego.

"And…" said Kim. "There is Nana Possible… my grandmother."

"Oh yeah…" said Shego, remembering Nana from when one of Dr. Drakken's world-conquering plans had let to Nana being a member in Drakken's mind controlled army of senior citizens. "So, you want to tell her, or should I?"

"You." said Kim, firmly. "So, when you called my parents, did you make sure they would be waiting for us at the airport?"

"Oh yeah." said Shego. "I made sure."


"I still can't believe they made me give back the super strong suit." said Ron.

"Hey, I gave up the holo-belt." said Monique. "I would have thought all these years with my girl Kim would have taught you that you don't need super powers. You can be super without super powers, you know."

"I know." said Ron. "Still… it was nice while it lasted."

"Come on, there's no way we could have kept the suit and belt charged up." said Monique. "Just be glad you have what you have."

"What do I have?" asked Ron, looking at her.

Monique looked at Ron intently. They had been friends for a long time… and the boy was definitely maturing. One thing this trip had shown Monique was the fact that Ron was a lot more then just a buffoon, and that he'd do anything for those he cared about. "Me." said Monique, decisively, and bent forward to give the surprised… but pleased… Ron a firm kiss on the mouth.


Shego and Kim, carrying their daughters, debarked from the plane. Ron and Monique, carrying the carry-on luggage for both themselves and for Shego and Kim, followed.

Sure enough, Dr. and Mrs. Dr. Possible were in the airport lobby, along with the tweebs (Tim and Jim Possible).

"Here, let me hold them…" said Mrs. Dr. Possible, reaching for both Kasy and Sheki. Shego waited until Mrs. Dr. Possible was holding both girls, then pulled Kim into the middle of the lobby.

Kim blinked in confusion, then gasped as Shego kneeled down. Shego looked up, deep into Kim's green eyes.

"Kimberly Ann Possible… will you marry me?" asked Shego. She reached a hand into her green jacket and pulled out a ring box, opening it.

Inside the box was a gold ring, with a glittering diamond. Nestled against the diamond on one side was a tiny emerald glistened… on the other side, a similarly sized bright red ruby.

Kim stared at the ring, then looked at where her parents were standing. Her father nodded, silently telling Kim that she and Shego had his blessing.

"Yes!" cried Kim, and then she knelt also to wrap her arms around Shego. "Yes, yes I'll marry you!"


A blonde haired woman, wearing a dark pair of sunglasses and a high-collared coat, watched the scene with a angry frown. She marched over to a telephone booth and quickly placed a call. "Drakken poo?" she said. "Your latest plan to get back at Kim Possible and Shego is officially a failure!"

Well, hoped you enjoyed reading 'Telling Times'. In case you didn't guess, Dr. Erol Atad is a reference to the actor who played both Data and Lore in the Star Trek Next Generation series and who also played a scientist in ID4.Who is this blonde woman? Well, if you can't guess, you'll just have to wait for the next story. Feed back always appreciated… especially let me know if you think Kim should keep the Plasma-Pack or not.