Angela: Chapter nine here. I've officially abandoned all chapters written after chapter three, and decided to just play by ear now. So, this was chapter nine, Kagura. Now it's ... three or four. Or something like that.Enjoy.

What is it that makes them human? Is it because they look like humans? They act, sound, talk like humans?

Whatever do you mean Kagura?

What is it that makes them the humans and not us? How can we be so sure that those ones are not the cursed ones and we are the uncursed humans? Is it something they do, something phsyical? Are they made in such a way that seperates them from us in how human they are? Can the Zodiac not be human too, even with our 'curse'?

Perhaps. Why do you ask?

Because it isn't fair! Not at all! Who gave them the right to be human while we suffer as inhuman beasts?

Such interesting questions my dear girl. But do you really want to know the answers? Do you truly want to have such a burden weighing on your mind? The questions of the universe should not be asked lightly of me. I have all the answers, if you only ask. That is what I was made for. But I can not just give them to anyone, they could drive you to madness.

No. I don't think I really want to know the answers to such questions... But I have to ask them anyway. Because it isn't fair they they should be allowed to be more human than Kyo, than Shigure, than me. It isn't fair that they should be allowed to be more human, and yet ask for no answers to why, and to take their humanity for granted. To us, humanity is a precious fleeting object, forever out of our reach. And all they see in humanity is a dominence over the beasts.

Because they are human my dear. And to be human is to think such things.