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Davis Motomiya circled the track for the fifteenth time, ignoring as tears stung at his eyes, them throbbing for the fact that he was withholding tears. His body ached, but not as much as his heart did. He urged his legs onward, feeling as though this was better than most 'punishments' students his age gave themselves, hoping to complete his now sixteenth lap in time.

He just wanted to crawl under a rock and die, no matter what he wanted to do. Even a razor blade seemed kinder than the memory that flashed through his mind once again.

It wasn't always like this. Sure. It would only hurt for a few moments and then it would subside for the moment. And, at that moment, seconds later, he would return to trying to woo the woman of his teenaged dreams.

But all of that changed.

Earlier that day, he found out from his parents that they were moving to the States, for no other reason other than some strange whim his father had gotten. Being fourteen years old and with grades that would make a rock seem a genius, he had no say about what he was going to do until he was of the correct age. He had to leave all of his best friends behind and become a Japanese nobody whom would be treated like an outsider.

Dealing with that seemed not to be enough for God.

He had journeyed all over the school grounds, searching for any of his friends who had stayed behind after school. He had found Yolei and Ken in the computer lab, and all that the young woman could offer him was a small sad smile and a soft "good luck". Ken shook his hand, somehow knowing that this would be their final meeting for a long time. And he smiled grimly back, fearing that the move would permanently destroy all of his friendships.

She knew that he was thinking this, his worried gaze upon her and smacked his shoulder playfully, forcing a large grin upon her face. "We'll stay connected. All of us. The internet will help us stay as the Digi-Destined longer, and, besides, we could find each other in the Digi-World", he recalled her telling him loudly, obviously trying to get him into a better, happier mood.

He thanked her politely for her reassurance, and got on his way, silently walking down the echoing halls.

That made her figure out that these recent happenings were killing their courageous and cheerful team leader from the inside out. He was never polite unless he was hurting, and this was hurting him more than any one of them could imagine.

Ken and Yolei gazed at their friend's retreating figure, watching as his shoulders sagged and his eyes focus on the ground and nothing else. Sometimes, he would even knock into a passing person and whisper his apology before continuing his sad lonesome journey. He barely even noticed when he walked right past the bright kendo trainee.

They promised each other that they would fill Cody in on their leader's sorrowful attitude later. Perhaps after the goggle-headed boy talked to TK and Kari they would work the nerve to tell the boy about the sad news of their leader's leaving.

And, that was when he saw them. His seemingly guilty eyes had risen to look up at the wrong moment while walking through the halls to see as his blonde supposed friend took the innocent lips of Davis's crush. Without thinking, he took off in a run, his eyes already pouring rivers from their tear ducts.

Thanks to them, he had become truly miserable that day. 'Leaving here might be a good idea after all…' Davis thought gloomily, gasping for breath as he passed his starting point for the twentieth time. 'I get to escape the pain of seeing those two altogether. I won't have to skip school to do that.'

"Davis!" an angelic voice called out to him. His head swerved before he could control it, watching as a seemingly frantic brown, short haired girl run towards him at a speed he hadn't seen her run before.

His eyes moved to his gym bag, concentrating on his destination with all the mind power he could. Slowly, he walked over to it. The tired young man wanted to run away again, but the cramps were finally kicking in, making the thought seem painful and horrid now. But, then again, it had been stupid to think that running laps would take his sorrow and frustration away from him. He clutched his side as a large cramp hit him agonizingly, making him wince noticeably at the evident pain.

Soon, the young woman reached him, leaning over and using her knees as something to prop upper body upon as she stood, wheezing almost to catch her lost breath. "I've… been… looking… for you", she managed, gulping in fresh air.

"Why?" he asked angrily, not caring the least bit how the words were spilling out from his mouth. "Can't TK hold you down long enough?" She gazed at him in surprise, unsure what to make of it. "I saw you two, alright!" he shouted, hatred seeping through every fiber of his enraged voice. He turned away from her, touching lightly his aching side, hoping to vent his anger to the air surrounding him and her.

So far, it just didn't seem to work. All he could think about was the memory playing inside his head over and over again as if someone had pressed the repeat button. It just seemed to make him even angrier.

"Just forget it", he muttered loudly, throwing his bag violently over his shoulder, almost hitting her face with its total weight- if she hadn't moved away in time it would have.

Throwing his large baggage around only awoke the small miniaturized Digimon that had been sleeping inside. The blue ball of fur peeked out of it's hiding place, gazing at the tearful girl whom this monster had only known as his master's one and only love.

"You won't have to worry about me hitting on you ever again, Kari. You won't even have to see my face again if you'd like, and I'd prefer that a lot right now above all else", he told her heatedly, hands clenching into fists, him gritting his teeth as though he wished that there was something to bite upon other than his tongue.

"What do you mean, Davis?" she asked worriedly, touching his arm lightly, hoping to lower his apparent fury down a notch or… ten. He only jerked his arm away, seemingly disgusted by the fact that she had just touched him.

The dark haired young man didn't answer, standing with his back faced to her. He knew that if he faced her, that if he looked into her evidently mournful eyes, that he'd forget to be mad at her. That he'd sob in her arms until all the hurt went away. That he'd refuse to board that plane he had to get on soon.

But he didn't want to right then. He was too stubborn, as both a teenager and a man.

"I'm leaving", he whispered finally, feeling as his own heart broke into miniature pieces at his own words. "Forever. Dad's moving us to the states." His voice was a trace stronger as he gripped the handles of his bag. Demi-Veemon only gazed in sorrow at his trainer, knowing of the conflicting battles that raged inside his soul. "Said that there's possibilities for all of us to encounter while there. And I really think there is." His seemingly cold eyes lifted to hers, his heart's tiny left-over chunks ripping to even smaller ones. "New life to live. New friends to meet. And maybe even…" He gulped, refusing to back down now after coming so far to make her smile diminish down to his current hurt-filled level. "… a new girl to love." He quickly averted his eyes, feeling as new tears stung at his closed dark orbs. "Maybe someone who won't ever hurt me", he whispered into the air, pushing down the streams that wished to explode from his eyes. "I gotta go pack, Kari. It's a long trip to America, I've heard."

With those words, he made his silent exit, Demi-Veemon making his own heart-filled good-byes towards the girl who lost all the feeling in her legs as he walked off of the track-field.

The blue ball from his bag waved back at her, tears in the small monster's innocent eyes. "Tell Gotomon I'll miss her! And- And that I wanna hear from her! A lot! I'll send some postcards! I promise! Tell her to write back, Kari! Please! I'll miss you too! You cook very well! And-" With a swift movement of Davis's hand, the low level Digimon was pushed back into the bag, zipping it up. She could swear she heard the monster yell, disgusted, "It smells like rotten eggs! Lemme out!"

Kari dropped to her knees finally, staring at the retreating figure with an intensity she hadn't yet known someone could hold on her. Her heart was shattered. The only boy to ever have a long term crush on her was leaving, angry at her for a mistake or crime that she didn't even commit.

Tears crashed into her eyes, and she sobbed in that spot until she thought that she could sob no more. What had TK done? He had ruined any and all chances that she could've had with the Motomiya young man. How could one person who she used to think was childishly cute and innocently kind become so seemingly evil in one precise moment. Maybe he had known that Davis was coming down the hall and had decided to kiss her like a lunatic then, damaging forever whatever feelings the dark haired teen had ever felt about her.

And she had no way to tell him the truth. The absolute truth that no one would ever believe in him doing. She was stuck in a deep depression that only one person had caused her in her whole life.

He had changed ever since the final battle with their strongest enemy. He was no longer hasty and impolite, nor had he asked her out or given her a line fifty times a day. Davis had changed into a sweet boy, and then a handsome and charming young man, and she had somehow missed his cheesy lines and constant bothering after a little while. He acted almost the same towards everyone else, but he had definitely changed the most toward her.

Around the end of last year, she had just realized that she was crushing for the boy who reminded her so much of her beloved older brother, Tai.

And now, there was no chance anymore that he'd ever smile the same way at her again, or have a light shining silently in his dark eyes every time she would enter the room, or vice-versa for that matter. All because TK had decided to be a bullheaded prick and kiss her when he knew full well that she didn't feel the same anymore. And then Davis, her secret crush, had to walk into the room right then.

It was definitely the right place and the wrong time, this instance. And it hurt Kari to have him see her at her former best friend's every beck and call because she couldn't get away from him.

And she knew that he was going to try and break the horrid news of him to them leaving then. She knew that was all that he was doing. Not protesting his love to her in front of the blonde haired idiot. Not looking for ways to embarrass TK while they all would still be in their sophomore year. All Davis was doing was trying to explain his distressed mood to them while he still had the chance.

And TK had ruined it all.

She wondered how she ever really liked him in the first place. He was truly a shell for a demon she hadn't seen in him before until that moment.

She found arms encircling her, only to see her older brother towering over her with a soft, small and forced smile. Once again, she bawled her pain and sorrow, this time in the comfort of Tai's ever-loving embrace and on the cotton of his t-shirt.

"He's hurting", the older boy whispered into her ear, trying to soothe his little sister's tears with comforting words. "He laid off of you after the final battle because he knew he had no chance. Yet, still, in his heart, he wished that he had only one chance for you again." She only cried harder at his words, knowing that they were true. Davis had given up, only for her to find that she liked him back. And now, this happened. "Give him time. He'll come back. Don't worry. Japan will always be his home." He kissed her forehead, being as brotherly as he could right now in her hour of dire need. "He'll come back", he repeated in a softer voice, rubbing her back as he held her closely to him. "You'll have to be strong until then, little sister."

She nodded, not entirely believing the man's words. He had told her straight off that he didn't want to see her again. "I'll try", she whimpered into his t-shirt as she sobbed, her body shaking now as she forced her tears away. "I'll try."

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