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Chapter Five

Chance Meeting

The home Davis had entered reminded him much of the interior decoration Ken and his parents had had, although there had been bits and pieces of the woman his best friend had married as well. All in all, the dark haired young man found this place as comfortable as it could have been, and a smile couldn't help but come to his lips at the feelings he received. Considering the fact that he felt as though he were intruding on someone's space, even if they had been good friends at one time, he did feel somewhat welcomed here.

Ken, who had walked in afterwards (due to the fact that he had to open and close the door behind his comrade in the famous digi-destined battle between them and Megamyotismon), took off his coat and hung it before entering, then turned towards his friend. "You'll want to keep a layer or two on while you're here, Davis." The other male smiled sheepishly, as if laughing at a joke only he knew about. "Trust me on this, pal."

While the former leader looked at his friend with a raised eyebrow, he did as he was told, returning his arms to his sides so not to take the jacket off. The autumn air chilled him as a small breeze drifted through the open cracks. He knew that he shouldn't doubt Ken after all that he had done with him, after defending the digital world from the true darkness that wanted very much to take control of both worlds, but he was still curious as to why he had to keep the jacket on that he had been given for his last birthday in Japan, the one that Kar… i…

Stubborn as always, he didn't keep to what he had been told to do. With a quick shrug, he pulled the coat from him as fast as he could, placing into his hands, as if questioning what he wanted to do. With a heart wrenching pain in his chest, the man with the bleached blonde bangs threw it into the nearby rubbish bin. Although the purple haired male gave him a strange look, even a harsh gaze one might bare as they acknowledged the truth behind an action or two, he forced on a smile, not letting him see that he just wanted to take hold of his coat and cry until there were no tears left in his eyes. Not wanting his friend to see the broken man within the shell, he had to pretend that he had no heart, that no part of him cried out for her, that he didn't give a rat's ass for the world around him.

He listened as the Japan-known soccer player sigh in annoyance, and he knew more than well enough why the man had done so. To his friend, no matter how much he might try to deny it, Davis Motomiya was still very much a child, pouting because he had been teased by the other boys.

"So, my friend, where's the Misses?" he said with a large grin on his lips, though his heart did seem to burn in pain as her memory surged through his every being. In return to his question, he had only received a saddened glare, which the Japanese-American only smiled brightly in return at. In this silent game of cat and mouse, he refused to be the loser, to be the one whom would break down first as the pain became unbearable.

Finally, he received his answer, and he understood that his wait for it was caused by his childish ways. "If you can find the room filled with icicles, you'll be able to find her." He turned around, slipping off his shoes before stepping inside- and the burgundy haired man only followed behind him, using only his feet to take off the sneakers that he wore.

But, before he could, he had felt something three feet tall smash into him, running away from a voice not too far away.

"Shinnichi-kun! Get back here this minute or I'll… I'll… I don't know what I'll do to you, but you'll regret it!" While Davis was moving his eyes down towards the object which was latched onto him (for an odd reason), he merely chuckled, listening how that voice he had once had to listen to so much was reverberating down the halls, right along with the clomping of feet down those same corridor. What he came face to face to was someone he hadn't expected to see, especially after he had treated Kari so horribly.

It was her son, the one he had seen in that wallet of hers.

Immediately, his stomach had begun to plummet into the black pit of nothingness, his eyes widened to show his surprise at this sight. This had been the reason he had used to refuse the woman that had thrown herself at his feet, and now he could do nothing more than resent the boy for reasons that he knew he shouldn't. It wasn't ethical, wasn't mature, to hate someone just because of something that had happened too many years ago, and he certainly wasn't being fair to the boy.

With a sigh, he pushed away his protective barriers around his heart, the ones that had wanted him to step away from the child as though he were the spawn of the devil, and put his large hands on his shoulders. Looking up, he gazed at the very pregnant young woman at the doorway who seemed to be standing there with a look on her face that could on be read as shock. He had left with a promise to never return, and yet he had broken it by coming back for a stupid soccer again. Davis offered the woman a smile, keeping his inner turmoil to himself as he did so, and raised a hand from the boy's shoulder to wave at her. "Hey ya, Yolei." He grinned a little larger, looking down to the boy that was now looking up at him with large and innocent eyes. "I'll take care of the munchkin here, 'kay?"

Numbly, the woman nodded at his request, placing a hand on her back as she leaned backwards, trying to balance herself as her babies were weighing her forward. She tried to find words as Davis tried to pry the boy's arms from around his leg, although it only seemed to become harder ever since the boy had seen whom he had run into.

The one that had broken the silence had been the one dubbed Shinnichi.

"Wow! I can't believe that you're actually here at Uncle Ken's place!" The dark haired man only raised his eyebrows at the child, giving a sideways questioning gaze towards both of his friends- although they seemed to only be excusing themselves with the lame (to Davis) excuse of her needing to lie down- only to look at the boy again when the happy couple had left him stranded in the front doorway. "Me and my mom are huge fans of yours, Mister Motomiya, sir!" the boy exclaimed excitedly, although there seemed to be a brief moment of confusing and depression clouding his eyes, and his arms around the soccer player's leg seemed to lessen their hold at that very moment. "'Cept she talks 'bout you and her in the old days and not your soccer skills, Mister Motomiya, sir." Shinnichi looked up at the man with wide eyes, innocence flowing out from his small body. How could one child seem so damn cute and innocent at the same time? "Umm… Mister Motomiya, sir-"

"You can call me Davis", he said finally, a small droplet of sweat falling down from the side of his head, wondering how this little kid could be such a hero-worshipper of his after listening to his mother. Didn't she tell him how he was a jerk? Didn't she tell him that Davis was nothing more than an annoying prick that deserved nothing more than a life sentence, or even death, in a state penitentiary? Apparently, he assumed now as he listened to the boy, she seemed to have forgotten those pieces of information…

"M-Mister Davis, sir…" the boy repeated with a small smile, although it seemed only faint compared to the large smile he had been greeted with. "Do you love my mom? She's always said she's loved you and me and everything, but the love she feels for you is different than mine. So… do ya?"

Davis only stared at the young child, not sure how to answer the boy. On one side of the coin, he could answer truthfully after he had spent most of his life denying it. On the other, he could continue lying to himself and everyone else.

This was getting to be an interesting trip back home to Japan…


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