Another Chance… (at love)

Chapter 1: No Longer A Titan

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Summary: The titans have been disband for 8 years! They have been leading their own lives for all this time. What happens when they meet again? Emotions run HIGH! And secrets are exposed. But will love be reunited? R/S, R/BB, Cy/Bee

"Hey baby you meeting me at my shoot?" Kori asked over the phone to her boyfriend. "Ya. I'll try to make it sweetheart; don't know if I can though." Her boyfriend yelled over the phone. "I have to go to the track and check on the progress on my car." Kori's boyfriend, Roy Harper was a professional racecar driver known as Speedy on the track. "Okay, hope you can be there, oh! I gotta go, my rides here love ya baby." Kori said into the phone after hearing an 'I love you' from her boyfriend.

Kori's limousine pulled up on the street ready to take her to her fashion shoot. Kori Anders had struggled endlessly to become the world wide success she was today. She was a model, singer, and an actress (because everyone wanted to have the famous Kori Anders on their set). Also she worked with Karen Beecher (Bee) as a fashion designer for evening gowns called Designes By Starfire.

"Hello Vincent, how are you this fine day?" "Lovely Miss Kori, and you?" her limo driver asked as he opened the door for her to step in. "Just fine thank you." "I just hope my boyfriend cares enough to see me at all today." Kori said in a whisper as she sat down on the leather seats in the back of the limo. "What was that miss.?" Asked Vincent as he turned around. "Nothing Vincent," Kori said as she signed in disappointment and began to stare out the window.

She loved Roy dearly, but he was just, so-busy. He never had time for her, but can you blame him really? He was a multimillionaire- a business man and a racecar driver, the best there was to be exact.

Kori had a three-hour drive to get to her shoot so she let her eyes slowly droop closed.

"I'm sorry Starfire, this is all that's left." Raven said in a disappointed tone as she looked down at the letter. "What! How could this be?" Starfire said is distress closed to tears. "I'm sorry Star, he's gone." Cyborg stated.

"Starfire, it's obvious that the team isn't going to hold up and stay together with one member missing. "Yes, I am aware friend Raven." "Well, in the world, as normal people, lets make an alliance, you protect me and I'll protect you." "Yes" Starfire said quietly dropping her head down.

"You piece of shit! You're worthless." A man said as he smacked her and she flew across the room. "Please," she said desperately, as she coughed up blood on the hard concrete floor. "You can't treat me like this." She didn't even remember how to use her starbolts anymore; she was a defenseless as any other girl on the street. "I can and I will, and if you let anyone in on our little secret, I'll kill you!" He screamed as he took out two pocketknives and dug it into her wrist and one into her thigh.

"OH!" Kori woke up with a jolt. Sweat coming down from her forehead. She pulled up her shirtsleeve. She rubbed her hand over the scar on her wrist and put a hand on her thigh. She looked at her wrist, it was a very large scar, and showed what she had been through. After the Teen Titans broke up, every thing seemed to go down hill.

Kori looked out the window at the large buildings of New York City passing by and wondered how she got from a Titan to a pole dancer in every bar in the city, to a famous role model for every female in New York State.

"We're here Miss Kori." "Thank you Vincent." She said as she climbed out of the car and headed towards the modeling agency.

  

"Mr. Grayson! Expect a ton of paperwork on your desk in the morning!" A secretary screamed as Richard Grayson got on the elevator leaving his office close to 5 hours earlier than he should have. He just had to get out of there. He had been at work since 5 A.M and it was now 5 P.M and he had had a restless night.

Richard still counseled his eyes from view all hours of the day by wearing dark sunglasses all the time. He had co-ownership of Wayne Enterprises. He lived in the lap of luxury as New York's number 1 Bachelor. He was a prince in the eyes of every woman in New York State. He worked in one of the many buildings as part of the Wayne Enterprises business, which he would one day inherit. He decided to work and live in New York as a spur of the moment choice. It, just felt right.

Richard was going to go and clear his mind. He was going to go to a bar in downtown New York and get drunk. First, he'd call Alfred to pick him up. He didn't want to be charged with D.W.I. (A/N Drinking While Intoxicated)

At least not again.

  

Raven sat at the pier, as she did everyday. Raven lived in a penthouse with an ocean view. After the Titans split, she started writing. She had a mystery novel and two poetry books published.

They were all huge successes and she had made millions. Raven Roth, as she was known as kept in touch withKori as promised in their alliance. Raven andKori had lived together in a small run down apartment. While Kori was a pole dancer, Raven was a waitress. Both were working up money to start their know lives.

It was rough and Raven had helped Koriget out of that relationship and pay for the numerous hospital bills.

Well, after all she did owe Star-Kori; after all she nearly died having that surgery for Raven. Raven always felt guilty for that. And that time they needed money, Kori never knew what she did to get it-and never would! Raven promised herself that a long time ago.

Well, that was behind them, they were both economically sound and happy. No selfish bastards walking in and out of their lives anymore. Everything was going right for once…right? Then why did she get this feeling like something was about to happen.

Raven shook the feeling and went back to work on writing her newest book, "The Hidden Destroyer." Though it was based on a true story, know one would ever know.

  

"Mr. Logan, your orders have arrived." "Thank You." Garfield Logan said as he tipped the worker and she went on her way.

Garfield Logan, former Teen Titan known as Beast Boy owned his own Vegetarian Restaurant. It was in the middle of down New York City. It was very popular, mainly because Kori Anders came in their often.

Garfield Logan made a very good amount of money and was able to have a special doctor administera surgergical medication that changed the pigment of his skin. Leaving him with a lovely olive-colored skin tone, which made many girls come in just to see him.

Garfield didn't have a girlfriend at the moment. Though he had been on many dates.

Just none of them felt...right.

He was waiting for just the right girl. The one he could spend the rest of his life with

He knew he'd find her somewhere, he just didn't know where...or when.

  

Cyborg, or Victor Stone, became a professional football couch for the NFL. (A/N Not good a sports here so sue me! Sorry :-/)

He was dating famous fashion designer Karen Beecher. She was partners with Kori Anders thus, Victor, Bee, Kori, Speedy, and Raven remained good friends.

Victor and Kori would have told Raven that they still remained in contact with Beast Boy but she told them that she never wanted to see that backstabbing son-of-a-bitch traitor ever again.


"Raven please re-consider," Kori urged as Raven began to stomp towards the door of Titans Tower.

"No!" Raven yelled practically shaking the towers foundation.

"What that bastard did to me was unforgivable. I never want to see Beast Boy ever again as long as I live."

And with that Raven walked out with Starfire right on her tail and neither ever went back to Titans Tower ever again.

After that Kori and Victor decided it best to never let Raven know that Garfield Logan was Beast Boy, or that he Garfield Logan existed.

  

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As you can see the ex-titans have some secrets that have been kept under wraps for years. Those and MAY others are to come and all will be exposed. Things are about to get a lot more complicated. These secrets are deadly and can and will KILL!