Title: is this LOVE?

Disclaimer: I will say this maybe like only 3 times! I don'town Card Captors so don't sue me :P This story is entirely a fiction strory only for people with no life such as myself.

For years Sakura has been avoiding her all time extra mean childhood bully Li Syaoran. But after her family falls into a deep money loss, Sakura does the unthinkable: she becomes a maid and serves under the all time powerful Li family. S&S R&R!

Chapter one:

Okay okay don't panick. This is just one of those situations where it seems that everything is a bit out of hand but c'mon this is mum and dad we're talking about they can get through with it right? I mean how hard is it to just make up some money loss? They probably have some money left from the bank from that aunt Mariko gave them for their anniversary. Nothings going to go wrong and besides everything in the end balances out!

Sakura Kinomoto stood over her parents as they both glared at the dreaded pink slips that were scattered everwhere on the table. Her father now in his late 30's cupped both of his hands on his knees with his back slumped. Whenever he had made this posture it was one of those 'bad days'. His eyes were blood shot and he showed no emotion whatsoever. Sakura's mother on the other hand looked as though she was on the verge of breaking down. She repheatly rubbed her temple and went into the kitchen later coming out with two asprins and two cups of hot tea. Sakura nervously watched her mother in silence as she gracefully filled the cups with steaming herbal tea. After handing it to her husband she slumped back onto the cream leather sofas.

Sakura started to believe that if she quietly exited the room they wouldn't even notice her. As she started making her way to the stairs, her mothers voice broke the silence.

"Young lady, aren't you going to ask us whats going on?"

Sighing Sakura slowly turned around sitting herself right in front of her parents.

"Well umm...whats going on here? Are you guys short of money for the bills again?"

Both of them looked at each other with amused faces. Sighing, her mother looked at her and took her father's hand.

"Sakura...you are well informed that your parents are hard working and devoted to our jobs right?"

Of course they were! They were head members of their company oozing away their life and time for this job! They barely came home during the days and took no vacations at all.

"Well when you work in business, sometimes financial snags happen. Today we were informed that our only partner decided to switch into another blasted company that pays higher wages than what we have now. Because this happened, our company is deciding to close down since it isn't really making making enough investments and our only supporting aid has gone."

Sakura stared with her jaws wide open. She wasn't up for that kind of news. This was totally out of hand and completely different from those other times where they were just a little bit behind with their bills.

"But where will you two work at?" Sakura choked out.

Sakura's father smiled and gazed at her now with a calm gentle face.

"Sakura, do you still remember that family who owned that company complex downtown? Do you remember the Motosuwas?"

Sakura's face quickly became flushed as their names quickly came into her mind. They were a middle aged couple whom Sakura loved very much.

"Well they heard of what occured today and gave us a call right away and decided to hand us two spots as new members of their company."

Sakura sighed with relief and stretched her arms out high quickly forgetting the previous conflicts that occured. I mean why would her mother and father even bother to worry? They had already found a job and the Motosuwas were so kind! Sakura began to have flashbacks of her past, especially a flashback of her childhood crush.

Taka Motosuwa.

Before Sakuras mind led her astray, her mother interuppted.

"The thing is Sakura that although we are very grateful of such a wonderful offer, our salaries have been nearly cut in half. This is why your father and I have been thinking that maybe you should start helping us and look for a job as well. We think you are compatitble for this sort of work since you are almost seventeen now. And your grades are nearly perfect!"

Sakura froze. What in the world was happening? Why was everything moving so fast? Shouldn't parents encourage their children to finish school first and then worry about getting a job? Something inside of her wanted to burst out screaming and running straight into her room. Instead Sakura smiled on the outside and gave them the best impression of the greatsest daughter in the entire world.

"Alright I'll find a job"

Both of her parents faces lit up as Sakura felt sympathetic for them for even thinking they could depend on her. Her mother grabbed her hand and smiled brightly.

"You won't have to look for one dear! You see we were talking to the motosuwas about this earlier today too and they managed to find even you a job that pays very good money. They are willing to offer you 1200 yen(about $12.00 in US currency)per hour to be a house maid!"

Sakura felt as though two tons of rocks hadjust collapsed on her.

"Oh but Sakura you don't even have to worry about cleaning so much since they hardly make a mess in that house in the first place!"

:What the hell! They already searched for me and everything! I mean the pay was very good and all but a house maid?

"Well mother since I am DYING to begin this excellent offer, you must tell me how many hours I will be working and when I should arrive at the Motosuwa's!"

Nadeshco let out a small giggle.

"Silly Sakura! You won't be needed for the Motosuwas! In fact you know this family quite well when you were a small little girl! But they want you in as soon as possible since their previous maid had quitted a few days ago. Do you remember that young boy you used to play with when you were only in grade school? What was his name again...my I am very forgetful these days!"

"Oh yes now I can recall, the little boys name was Syaoran-chan right? And he was in the Li family! Oh yes I remember how he would always tease you of your short hair right? I heard he is a handsome young man now!"

"This is going to be just amazing with you now..."

Sakura froze in time feeling as though she fell right through the ninth ring of hell. She not only had to work as a torturous maid for as long as god who knows, but under the all time Li family. Consisting of the Li family was a boy who hovered over her worst nightmares.

The person she had feared for years finally caught up with her.

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