Title: is this LOVE?

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Summary: For years Sakura has been avoiding her all time extra mean childhood bully Li Syaoran. But after her family falls into a deep money loss, Sakura does the unthinkable: she becomes a maid and serves under the all time powerful Li family. S&S R&R!

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Chapter three:

All that she could hear was the multiple tunes, rings, and loud annoying melodies that came from her alarm clock. Half asleep, she covered her ears with her large tickle-me-pink pillow and slumped back onto the bed mumbling the fouliest language in mankind history. Her head directed to the loudest alarm clock which she stared at the 3 most dreaded numbers ever.

7:35 AM.

It felt like a nightmare. The only time she would wake up at 7:30 was her cleaning duties once every month on the 7th and even so, she felt worse than usual.

'For heavens sake! Its Saterday! SATERDAY. Which means sleeping until noon, watching television with a bowl of cereal, and NO WORK WHATSOEVER!' Sakura angrily arose from her bed and stomped into the bathroom preparing to groom herself for what she called D-Day.

Without haste, Sakura slipped on her tennis shoes and sloppily tied her hair into 2 uneven pigtails giving no effort whatsoever to try and impress the house holds of the Li family.

Sakura turned the knob and opened the front door as the suns rays came surging around her giving her a bit of comfort and a tinge of happiness.

The weather was perfect. The sky was gleaming with the color of forget-me-nots surrounding and wisps of clouds that could hardly be seen. Still though, Sakura started to feel nervous as she made her way to the train station counting her steps and of course playing the memory from yesterday that repetitively ran through Sakura's head.

Sakura stared in horror and for only one moment she had felt her blood go cold. She searched deeply into his eyes hoping to find some kindness or some sympathy. His eyes diverted onto the floor as he slowly moved his hand.

"What the hell is this?" He spoke with a bit of amusement in his tone as he lifted the box that was drizzled in designs of flowers and feathers. Sakura could only look at him shocked that once again the cycle of torture would begin.

Sakura's cheeks began to flush deeply from embarassment. Snapping out of her thoughts, she handed the old man her subway coins and recieved back a pink slip.

"Hey idiot, do you know how to answer when someone is talking to you? Oh right I should've known...you're a Kinomoto and just like the rest of them you. are. as dumb. as. hell." He grinned at her with a triumphant smile as she frowned at him furiously.

'That BASTARD! My Instincts were correct, hes still the same spoiled, mean, awful guy that I had known when I was little! Okay, I thought maybe just maayyybee he would've learned something in the last eight years that I haven't seen him.'

Quietly Sakura stepped on the platform as she squirmed her way through the crowds for an empty seat.

Sakura wanted so badly to shove a telephone book right into his face. She wanted to tell him off stating how much she hated him and how mean and spoiled he was. But she restrained herself. She could neither defend herself nor speak up for her family.

She could lose her job if she had done so.

"AH well Kinomoto, since our conversations are like me talking to a wall, I will excuse myself. But yesterday I heard the weirdest thing...Am I hearing rumors or do hear that you will be working as our new maid?"

Sakura dropped her head as she nodded slowly. Soon she heard him breaking into giggles. Never had she felt so low and pitiful...damn him! Although he was cute when he smiled, him laughing over THIS was just absolutely rude.

"HA! God, you really are dumb. A maid! Its one of the lowest jobs a person could ever have!"

Already Sakura could feel her eyes water with a hot stinging sensation.

"Well I need this job for some cash so you know what? I really don't care what you think of me. Just stay away from me as far as possible."

Once more he grinned again. "Well you practically living in my house makes it quite hard for me to stay away from you eh? So why don't you just turn away before you make a fool out of yourself some more."

He stared at her for a moment muffling something beneath his breath and then took off flinging the tampon box behind his shoulders and landing between Sakura who stared blankly on the concrete ground.

Without noticed, the train came into a temporary stop. This was it. Stop 34. She pushed hard from the crowded area which contained mostly business men or teenagers probably spending their weekend time going out. Sakura felt a tinge of jealousy from the thought of 'quality fun time with friends during the weekends'.

What she was unaware of was the man who had stared intently on her wondering if she indeed was Kinomoto Sakura.

Sakura tapped ever-so-gently on the large ivory doors as it swung open revealing a large, plump woman. She pushed by Sakura, nearly knocking her off of her feet. The woman was surly angered as she screamed hotly as she made her way to the elevators.

She stared befuddled until momentarily a tall beautiful woman gleamed down at her with curious eyes.

Sakura felt embarrassed for not dressing up a little bit more as she looked down at her outfit hoping that somehow a magic godmother would come and transform her into a beautiful princess. Shah, right.

"May I presume that you are Kinomoto Sakura our new house maid that we have been eagerly expecting?" Her words were eloquently spoken and just the sound of her voice hyptnotized Sakura.

"I am very sorry, but I do not have the time to speak with you because I am running a tad late for my meeting, but here-" She quickly handed over a folded slip of paper to Sakura as she zoomed past her "The things that I want done are on there! My son will arrive home at 4 from his private tutoring! So sorry bye!"

Within a second, Sakura closed the door, confused at the fact that the women who she hardly knew carlessly left a stranger in their house. She opened the slip of paper as she checked all the things that Sakura could be able to manage:

1. Clean dishes...Check

2. Polish silverware (upper left drawer in the storage room)...check

3. Clean all 3 bathrooms...gross, but check.

4. Tidy up the place and mop the floors (Storage room again)...check.

5. Just clean anything that looks messy...check.

6. Cook lunch for my son by the time he comes home...oh god...

Sakura stared opened eyed with her jaws wide open. Reading repheatidly at the final request from her to do list.

She couldn't cook for crap and what was worse was facing once more to him serving to his EVERY desire. She felt her blood go cold and felt her happiness slowly crumbling down.

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