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When Hermione got to her Head of House's office door, she threw it open without knocking. Luckily, her professor was there at her desk writing a letter. She was startled by Hermione's brash entrance, and consequently she jumped, her quill slipped on the parchment, and the letter was ruined.

She sighed as she crumpled up the letter. But when she looked up at Hermione's face, she knew something was terribly wrong. She didn't even have time to ask before her student began ranting.

"Moaning Myrtle saw me making a 'time of conception' a few days ago. Then, when she heard that Draco and I were an item, she flew around the school telling every living and dead being she saw that I was pregnant with Malfoy's baby!" She threw her hands up in the air and began to pace the room. "The Draco relationship is fake, as you obviously know. But how am I supposed to convince the entire student body that I am not carrying his child? And if they find out I'm carrying someone else's, they'll want to know who the father is. And if it somehow leaked that the father is Remus…" she paused as she choked back tears, "then an entire scandal will happen. The little trust the students' parents have in him, being a werewolf and all, will be shattered. I will be the knocked up 7th year girl. And Dumbledore could get in trouble for knowing… you could too! I just don't kno.."

McGonagall held up her hand to interrupt. "My dear. Do not for one second worry yourself over Dumbledore's or my own reputation; we will take that in stride if it ever becomes an issue. But if the Battle ends in our favor, people will be much too happy with us all, including you and Remus, to participate in that sort of gossip. And if it doesn't end in our favor…"

"Then there's nothing to worry about since most of us will be dead." Hermione finished with a shudder.

McGonagall looked at her and winced. "Precisely."

"Well what do we do in the meantime about the Draco rumors?"

Minerva thought for a moment. "We'll simply pretend it's all a lie. That you're not pregnant at all. Moaning Myrtle simply assumed the potion was for you, but in 'reality' you were just being yourself and practice a new potion. I'm positive that there are spells to create false negative pregnancy tests. It is the end of January, so by the end of school you'll be about 5 months along. And I'm also positive there are spells for concealing pregnancy; a partial invisibility spell. They work best in the first 4 months, but in the 5th month they at least will help; and your robes will conceal what little is noticeable. It will all be fine, Hermione. "

Hermione was so relieved to hear all of this that she ran around the desk and hugged her professor. She felt a bit awkward when she pulled away; hugging McGonagall or Dumbledore always had that affect on her.


"Professor," Hermione began slowly. "Is Snape, I mean, "Dumbledore" on the grounds?"

Minerva was confused by the random question, but replied "Why no, he's not been here for days. He said he had business to attend to 'with the Ministry.' I pretended to take him at his word, because that's what I would have done with the real Albus, as Snape well knows."

"Don't you see? That's why I got my voice back! Artimpassa said that I would lose the ability to speak when my words could be a danger to myself or Remus. And apparently, with Snape gone, me speaking isn't life threatening! So that means when he comes back, I'll lose it again… But that's ok, since now I understand. That was frustrating me to no end!" She actually smiled.

"Why of course, that makes perfect sense! Now I need to rewrite that letter. You go back to your classes. Ignore the students' gossip. Talk to the Gryffindor girls, convince them it's a lie and promise to take a test soon to prove it. I'll get those spells to you by tonight. The girls will see the negative results, and tell other people, and this will all be resolved in a few days."

"Alright. And thank you for all of your help." She waved as she exited the room.

"Of course dear." I only wish I could help you more.


Herbology was over, and so Hermione went straight to the Great Hall for a late lunch. She tried to ignore all of the stares and whispers as she walked by the tables to her usual spot beside Ron and Harry. She did a pretty good job at it too, but it was difficult. She wasn't used to being the source of gossip. And everyone, EVERYONE was in on the gossip. Even Harry and Ron were pulled in; that is to say, they were trying to tell people it wasn't true.

She plopped down with a sigh beside Harry and leaned her head on his shoulder. He patted her head. She sat up and they all three began to eat. Once they finished, they decided to go back to her rooms for privacy. Nobody said a word to them in the halls.

When they got there, she told them of her discussion with their Head of House. The boys were noticeably relieved, and seeing them calm helped to calm her.

"So, with that ordeal figured out, where do we stand?" Ron asked.

"I am positive that we don't have very much longer. Voldemort is very excited lately, and angry at times." Harry responded as he rubbed his scar. "And I think that we are close too… close to figuring this whole Tear thing out. We know so much more now than we did before Christmas break!"

"Now if only I knew how to use it to help you…" muttered Hermione. "UGH!" she sighed in exasperation and she lay her head down on the kitchen counter.

Ron, who was just as easily distracted by muggle items as ever, had picked up a magnifying glass and was examining everything on the counter. His hand, an apple, a fork, Hermione's hair, Hermione's necklace…

Hermione's necklace!

"Bloody hell!" He screamed as he leapt into the air. The other two looked at him like he was crazy.

"What are you… OW!" Hermione squealed as Ron yanked her up by her necklace. He held the Tear under the magnifying glass, and twisted it around and around in circles.

Harry caught on quickly. "It says something, doesn't it?"

"It sure does," Ron gulped.

The Trio, all bent tightly together over the necklace, all looked each other in the eyes.

"Well, what does it say?" Hermione prodded as she licked her lips nervously.

"It says: If you have followed me thus far my descendant, if you have read my message and know your responsibility, then by the light of the full moon I shall come to your aid the moment you join your true love, a Lupin, forever in the pains and joys of my power. Only after this ultimate sacrifice can he then remove the necklace. Only once the necklace is removed will I assist you. The ability to do this, and your conception, will be the ultimate proof to me that love exists in this world."

"It says all of that?" Hermione was confused. How had she never seen the writing before?

"It was, kind of swirling around in the Tear. Look yourself." And he handed her the magnifying glass.

She saw everything he did. When she put the glass down, she realized that the swirling of the color that she had always admired in the Tear had been the message all along. It had always been with her. And had it not been for Ron and his obsession with muggle things, she may never have seen it.

She threw her arms around him and kissed him all over his face.

"Woah…" he said as he pushed her off with a laugh, "I thought Remus didn't want you kissing your friends anymore?"

She slapped him playfully. Then, she noticed Harry's face. He was pale and staring at the ground.

"What's wrong, Harry?" Seeing his expression, Hermione's became somber… and she was scared.

"Didn't you listen to what the Tear says?"

"Yes, that because I'm pregnant, because Remus and I are in love and want her to help, and when he takes the necklace off of me, she will be here to help us. The goddess Artimpassa is going to help us win!" She was so relieved to finally have an answer, to finally understand how being Artimpassa's descendant and being in love with Remus was going to summon the goddess and help Harry beat Voldemort, that she had done a very un-Hermione like thing and overlooked a detail.

"Hermione, you're skipping a part. The part about a full moon, and ultimate sacrifice, and 'joining your true love forever in the pains and joys of her power'."


"SO? If it's a full moon the night of the battle, which it apparently will be since she said "by the light of the full moon," then what does that mean?"

"That we can see outside better?" Ron joked.

"No…" Realization dawned on Hermione.. "It means that Remus will be… transformed. But if he is supposed to remove the necklace from my neck, then…

Harry averted his eyes, because if he saw the expression on her face when she put the pieces together, he knew he would cry.

"Then he will be in wolf form. He'll use his teeth." Ron realized.

"And?" Harry said gently.

"And he'll bite me!" Her eyes grew huge. " I have to become a werewolf too! That's how we'll be joined under both love and the moon forever. And THAT is the reason I could die: Remus could lose control and kill me!" She started laughing and crying simultaneously.

"Remus… I…. love…. Him" she said between fits of laughs. "It's him. He could KILL me. REMI!" she began laughing uncontrollably.

Harry and Ron walked her to the couch. When she lay down, the laughter soon gave way to sobs that shook her entire body. After hours, she had exhausted herself. Ron and Harry were sitting on the floor in front of the couch, holding her hand and stroking her hair and back the entire time. The last thing she said before she fell asleep was "He doesn't even know about the baby…"

Once she was asleep, Harry realized something else. He whispered, "Ron. If Voldemort keeps Remus locked away until the battle, they're not going to give him any Wolfsbane that night. His mind won't be his own, and he'll.... he'll...."

"Not have any control over what he does." Ron finished for him. He gulped. Both boys stared at their beautiful friend on the couch in silence.

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