The next day, Eddy was walking through the snow, grumpy as usual. He never liked Christmas, and Quincy Claus failing didn't help. "Christmas. What a stupid time of the year."

Eddy walked up to Edd's house. On the door, he found a sticky note. It said: "Dear Eddy, Meet me at the theater! I have a wonderful idea for a scam! ---Edd"

"A scam? That's what I'm talking about! Maybe Christmas ain't so bad!" With money on his mind, Eddy started running to the theater. Johnny and Plank climbed down from a tree.

"Hey, Eddy!" called Johnny, "Could you give some money to the Save the Rainforest Foundation?"

"No way! The trees can save themselves!"

"But Plank has friends out there!"

"So you save them! Leave me out of this! Wood is overrated anyway, when we have plastic!" Eddy continued walking. Johnny, and Plank trailed behind him singing an irritating Christmas Carol, "Father Christmas." After a few verses, Eddy got fed up and threw some snowballs at them. The ball hit Johnny in the face. He dropped Plank, who fell on the road. A car hit him, sending him flying into the distance.

"PLANK!" screamed Johnny, running after him. Eddy growled and stomped into the theater. "Maybe I shouldn't have thrown that snowball," he thought. "Plank might be lost...well, who cares?"

The second he stepped foot inside, Edd rushed over to him. "Eddy! You got my note?"

"Yeah, sorry if I'm late. What's the scam?"

"We're putting on a play of a Christmas Carol!"

Ed, who was also there, started reading the book upside-down. Edd noticed. "Um, Ed? Why not read a version that's more suited to you? This version has Mr. Magoo. This one has the Muppets. And this one has Mickey Mouse. The plots are all the same. Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean old man who hates Christmas. He doesn't pay his employee, Bob Cratchit, and, one night..."

"Yeah, yeah, what do you need me for?"

"I would like you to play Scrooge, the skinflint who hates Christmas!"

Eddy smiled. "Wow, that actually sounds fun!"

"I'm glad you like it! Here are your props. I'll go put on my costume!" Edd handed Eddy his costume: A tophat and a cane. He then scampered off followed by Ed as Eddy puts on the costume. An important thought crossed his mind: "How does this story end?"

Eddy looked in each of the books, only to see that Scrooge liked Christmas at the end. "I can't LIKE Christmas!"

Eddy heard Jimmy outside the room singing carols. Eddy burst through the doorway and kicked him out. "God rest ye merry gentlemen

May nothing you dis--AAAAHHHH!"

Eddy looked at Jimmy unconscious on the floor. "I'm sick of Christmas! Besides, this play won't get any money! I've gotta hide or something! Yeah! I'll hide from Christmas! And everyone that likes it!...but I AM gonna keep this costume. Makes me look more rich."

Eddy looked out the window to see that night had fallen, even though it was only the afternoon. Weird things were going on. Light snow filled the sky as the whole world was silent, aside from the blowing wind. "Boy, it gets dark fast here. I can't abandon Double D...but I gotta! No more Christmas!" Then, with a hat on his head and a cane in his hand, Eddy burst out the door and rushed into the snow.

Eddy: I hate this stupid season

I hate all mankind

Makes you lose your reason

Makes you lose your mind

Next thing you know

I'll be dancing in snow

The spirit of Christmas I don't want to find

So I wish that the whole world would just let me be

'Cause the whole world just stinks

It has nothing to do...WITH ME!

Chorus: What a chilly evening

Still we're all aglow

Don't it feel like it might snow!

On that note (literally), Eddy let the snow surround him as he disappeared into the night.

This story was at first in a different section, but no one really looked at it. I'm hoping it will get more hits here.