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Katara sat on the cool sand watching the sun slowly set and turn the sky into a beautiful scene of reds, golds, pinks, and oranges.

She just sat there taking it all in. Although she felt as if something were missing, and as she tried to figure out what, she didn't even realize that Aang had sat down next to her.

Only when he placed his hand on hers did she notice he was there.

Katara breathed in the ocean air, finally realizing that Aang's hand was on hers. He had never done this before, after all Aang was her best friend, right.

Even as she thought this over and over, she felt Aang move a little closer to her.

As they sat there silently, Katara knew she liked Aang as more than a friend and; NO! Katara thought suddenly. Aang didn't feel the same way, did he, probably not. Besides she couldn't take a risk, she didn't want to get hurt, and plus she might lose her best friend, and…

Katara's thoughts were soon interrupted as she felt Aang move a little closer, and she could feel his gaze on her as she slowly turned to face him.

As soon as she saw his face, those chocolate brown eyes, the blue arrow on his head marking him as the last airbender, and his smile that that just made her heart melt. The same smile she had seen when she first saw him, all those months ago.

Aang looked into her eyes with a look she knew all too well. It was a look of nervousness and fear, and something she didn't recognize.

"What's wrong Aang?" Katara asked, now scared that something had happened.

Aang just stared at her, as he took in a deep breath before he finally spoke.

"Katara." Aang started, sounding nervous. "There's something I have to tell you, something I've wanted to tell you for a long time." He said sounding even more nervous with each new word.

"Aang, what is it?" Katara asked, confusion, and curiosity filling her brain.

"It's just." He started again, unable to finish his sentence.

"Aang, what is it, you know you can tell me."

"I know." Aang said, breaking her gaze to stare at the sand beneath them. As he started to shake just slightly out of nervousness.

"What Aang, what?" Katara asked once again. "You can tell me." She finished, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"It's just." He said once again, looking up at her again, into her eyes. As he took one last deep breath before he finally said, "I love you."

He broke her gaze once again, wishing the sand would swallow him. But to his surprise he felt Katara's hand move from his shoulder to his chin as she lifted his head to face her.

When suddenly Katara wasn't scared to take a risk anymore. As she looked into his eyes, unable to find words, when all she could do is lean forward and kiss him lightly on the lips, and say the only words that she think of. "I love you too." As she kissed once again, only harder this time, and he kissed her back, and they kissed until they were both out of breath.

As they separated, and Katara moved closer to him, and he wrapped his arm around her waist. And they sat there, her head on his chest, feeling his even breaths, as they looked out at the setting sun, and Katara knew that nothing was missing this time.

A.N. - Just for some who don't get it at the beginning Katara thought there was something missing in that moment, so at the end she realizes that Aang was missing and that nothing is missing in the moment with him.