Hey, this is my first fic, EVER, so please be gentle.

Okay, so this is a Christmas story, cause you know they didn't actually give us one. This is actually just a prologue. This was actually inspired by the stories on this site, which i just 'stumbled' across. I love the idea of writing out any fantasy with the Winchesters. Anyway, any and all reviews are welcomed, criticisms too - cause how else will I learn. I already have the second chapter, but totally welcome ideas. Anyway, thanks!

Chapter 1

Sam's Friend

He had always wanted to be normal. He had tried at Stanford. He had tried for four years. But Sam was so sweet-looking and kind. He looked so innocent. He was always jumping at any chance to help someone. During their first mid-terms, his roommate Steve Holden had marveled at Sam's ability to research ability. To what Steve could only find one useful link, which only had about one good paragraph in it, Sam could find at least 10 links. Steve was never surprised to run into Sam in the library. Sam was always on top of things, researching and his ability to recall. Steve was more of a partygoer but Sam was always at the dorm. He started feeling bad about him being alone and stayed behind. He told Sam that his semester goal was to show Sam a good time.

After working him up for two weeks, Steve led a reluctant Sam to a party hosted by a frat. Sam wouldn't drink, but Steve binged. Steve was a pretty good looking guy, muscles and soft brown hair- the works Steve called it. The girls flocked to Steve and Sam thought back to Dean, his charmer brother. This would defiantly be Dean's scene. Just as Sam has decided it was best to leave, he saw her.

She was standing by the window with the chip bowl in hand. Her blond hair hung around her shoulders. Sam was mesmerized. She was talking to a friend of her's, but she felt his gaze. She looked up to a lanky, tall boy couldn't be eighteen. She nodded along to her friend's story. She had to go to him, she didn't know why.

Sam saw her catch his stare. He looked away. Damn, he thought. He wasn't sure if he meant 'Damn, she's hot', or 'Damn, she caught you.' No, he'd meant 'Damn, she's way out of my league.' He started to walk towards the door. However, a soft hand grabbed for his arm as he reached for his jacket.

"Going so soon," she said. He turned around to face the girl. Wow, she had a great voice, and he had been right - she was hot.

"Naw," he found himself saying. And that's how it started. Her name was Jessica Monroe and when he talked with her, he felt as if he'd known her forever. Maybe he had.

Steve looked across the room until he spotted Sam. Was he talking to a girl? - Steve thought. He smiled, reminding himself to tell Sam he owed him one. At that thought though, he chuckled, he owed Sam like twenty favors. Sam always helped him out - no matter what. He saw how Sam and the girl looked to be in their own world. You, Steve Holden, are a damn good friend.